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  1. I must admit after last year, I told myself I was going to find a new team to cheer for. It seemed every one was gone from the team that i was so

    passionate about. It was like the franchise were cursed. I was frustrated. I was tired of defending my team to people who actually were right in their observation of us. We were going to be awful! I even disagreed with the Matt Ryan pick. Which I deemed as the final straw. Even though I said I was going to go with another team. I found myself sitting there anticipating that first game against the lions in which we completely set the tone. Turner, impressed. Ryan impressed. The team seemed more of a cohesive unit. After that game I realized I could never go against my home team and I was gone ride this thing out. after seeing growth from game to game and watching what my dad called the next peyton manning (Matt Ryan) evolve has been a bit of redemption. Glad we didn't keep that other matt guy! My dad would go on to say that this team would become the next great dynasty after the big chicago win. My father 70 yrs old and never cheered for another team his whole life since the first ever falcons game, passed away nov.30 this year. I know he is smiling upon them as they push on to the playoffs! How could i ever cheer for another team. falcon fan to i die. It is a great feeling to have everybody respect in regards to our team. Go Falcons!

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