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  1. This guy has averaged maybe 400 yrds a season eclipsing 600 twice and the other four he was under 400 he averages maybe 25-30 receptions a year. and the past two years after his best two years he has been hurt. He drops passes and doesn't block well. How in the HHHHHHHHHH will this help ryan. get serious! next year you will be begging to cut him for salary cap space.

    P.s I bet his sorry butt Wouldn't have beat Brooking for that 3rd and 16.

    Thats all i got to say about L>j smith

  2. Thankfully you guys aren't running this team Cause Though he might be a slight upgrade over our tightends, He does not pose a threat at all. He is no one a defense has to game plan for. He won't even play 50% of the snaps what are you guys talking about. I'd rather spend a draft pick to let one grow with ryan for the next 7 yrs. Not one who drops passes in the endzone and is a two year guy at best before most of you want him cut for salary cap reasons.

  3. Lest we forget TD is a draft guru. He will get us some talent in the draft that will be falcons for a long time. No

    signing FA's that are past their prime to (Make a splash) He is being very methodical in his approach to FA. He is a

    Guy that will pluck some stars out of this draft that will shine a long time for us at a cheaper value. We won't break the bank for

    anyone and i love the approach save the money for our guys once they earn it and sign them to a long term deal. Rich Mckay

    made the big splashes and we still don't have back to back winning seasons. Relax compadres: We are ahead of the curve in the "PROCESS"

    This team is being built for long term winning. Not a one year run. I think we will get two good mid level players in the FA process and We will be

    Very impressed with our draft choices this year. Whoever they might be. I have faith in TD.

  4. What is everybody getting so hyped about a nobody. This guy is garbage. I would have rather traded for winslow. Are we that desperate to

    sign anybody that we sign anybody that will take our money. The guy is not a threat, doesn't score much, drops too many passes, doesn't block all that great, Gets hurt alot (even on madden) :lol: L.j Smith is not the answer at TE. my fellow bird lovers.

  5. i was just on espn insider and saw nothing........somewhere earlier today said we were one of like three teams requesting Antonio Smith to visit....

    Last report I saw had Antonio in Houston to visit the Texans - also that the Cardinals would like to re-sign him.......

    does not sound too promising if you ask me....

    go back on there and read again

  6. Per Espn insider The Pats still classify Hall as a shutdown corner and he is their top target heading into free agency.

    In other insider news Haynesworth is high on the giants radar as well as redskins and is quoted in saying it's not only

    about the money but also about proving to his coaches, teamates, and fans that he is worth every bit the money he gets. Rex Grossman is

    also linked with detroit as possible culpepper backup. Guess stafford won't be top pick after all.

  7. The Frontrunner for Him is the redskins, They are also very interested in chris canty. Personally this makes me sick to my stomach

    Cause i know snyder will sign him to a huge contract. They will automatically become super bowl favorites. In other reports on espn insider,

    Jeff Saturday wants to play for pittsburg and marvin harrison wants to play in philly.

  8. u people always try to correct poepls splleing wft tha splleign is irrevelnat u knwo waht im saynig thakns fro redaing foxwrth wnot gte thta mcuh mnoey .......................................... enjoy

    u people always try to correct poepls splleing wft tha splleign is irrevelnat u knwo waht im saynig thakns fro redaing foxwrth wnot gte thta mcuh mnoey .......................................... enjoy

  9. First of all, they will all reqiure too much money!!!!!!!! My opinion is,this is what we should do

    or at least something to this effect. Cut Brooking, Wiener and don't resign milloy. Move coleman

    over to SS. He is a very good tackler. we should then sign a FS who can play centerfield I really like

    Danieal manning who would fit great in our scheme. If not him our first pick in the draft should be for a ballhawking

    free safety I would like to make a run at peppers, However i think his signing a big contract would result in

    a lackadasical effort on the field. We should try to grab alex brown. And why isn't anyone talking about tommy harris

    chicago will definately tag one of the two Likely (Harris) we should get alex brown fast. Then sign DT terrell sands 6'7 340 and move j. anderson inside and let him battle with babs to start. My linebacker of choice would be calvin pace to replace brooking and draft a fast olb to back up corey wire. If i had to pick a Corner to go for it would be hands down dunta robinson followed by phillip buchanon. However,

    I don't think CB is our biggest concern on Defense our line is the biggest weakness followed by safety ( we desperately need a playmaking safety, (we have n't had one since Scott Case) Our strength on defense in 08 was suppose to be the linebackers However aside from lofton and wire (later in the year) the lb corps didn't make any game changing plays none ,zilch , zero. We need an infusion of ballhawks to balance our defense. P.s Chris houston will be a stud this year. He has all the tools and now he is up to speed with the nfl. Him along with d. foxworth and chevis jackson along with von hutchinson and maybe a middle rounder cb out of this year's draft will be good enough if we get the right lineman..............Pressure creates int's and good coverage produces sacks

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