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  1. I think by now, everybody knows I'm in favor of tall, powerful and nasty DTs like Henderson,Stroud and Haynesworth.

    Who are the biggest strongest guys like that in college right now? I'm not talking necessarily about guys that are coming out this year, though you can list those too, but who are the freshmen, sophomores or juniors that fit that physical profile?

    I'm not saying we pick them up based on their physical ability alone, but I want to know so I can investigate them a bit.

    Anybody got any candidates?

    mount cody at alabama

  2. he is saying that PS doesn't mean shi*...you are talking about Harris and your backup is that he did well in the PS...

    if that was the case the combine don't mean ****. I know good players when i see them. I bet you don't even play football lil man. have you ever played, prob. not

  3. I am only 17 about to be 18 and I bet I know way more than you....Mr. fan for 31 yrs...

    not even if you lived 31 yrs lil man. I played ss at westlake high school from 89-93 and later went to west georgia to play ss. Eric Willis. I'm sure if you do research you will find old newspaper clippings of me. or go to the gym at westlake and view my whole career on the wall and in the trophy case

  4. The guy will be 33 before the 2009 season starts. Sorry, but I don't want to get older. Great if we were one or two pieces away from a Super Bowl, but not a good move give as much as we need to fill on D.

    He is 31 not 33.

  5. Does anybody besides myself think he would be a huge pick up. He can take over for brooking. He can cover really well in passing sit. and is no sloutch in run defense. He was benched last year and still lead his team in tackles.

  6. I guess that was why he always scored a TD on us and make big catches on us every time we played Philly.or maybe thats why Milloy got so mad at the guy for making big grabs all over him to the point were he had to cheap shot the guy.Dude get real.

    That was basically his season against us in that year. you get real and check the overall stats on him. not just against us. I'll bet you will be the first to want him to go after 4 games.

  7. And what did Peelle finish the season with? 159. I'd say someone who can average 400 yds a season is an upgrade over one who finishes with 159.

    Look who you comparing him to. We need a crumpler type not another peele. I'd rather go with peele and hartsock to fortify the run game. than to waste the money on smith

  8. I have been shocked before but if we spend money on L.J. Smith it would

    surprise me. He has laid an egg in Philly and they don't want him around to

    remind them of their mistake in drafting him in the first round. He is a reclamation

    project. We just signed Peele and we have Hartsock to block. We are going to

    focus on defense in the draft and draft a top notch tight end next year imo.

    That would work better than signing a loser like smith. These people don't know football. They just want to sign anybody for the sake of doing so.

  9. You're ridiculous. The only free agent IN the market you'd have to gameplan for this season is Albert Haynesworth.

    Just because you don't have to gameplan around the guy doesn't mean he can't help us. If Justin Peele, of all the TE's in the world can be productive, Smith definately can.

    Get a clue.

    So you don't have to gamplan for tj housh. man shut yo mouth we need a threat at tight end heehaw not just a body you moron.

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