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  1. Took the words right out of my mouth. I remember wanting him so bad and then we signed milloy.
  2. if that was the case the combine don't mean ****. I know good players when i see them. I bet you don't even play football lil man. have you ever played, prob. not
  3. not even if you lived 31 yrs lil man. I played ss at westlake high school from 89-93 and later went to west georgia to play ss. Eric Willis. I'm sure if you do research you will find old newspaper clippings of me. or go to the gym at westlake and view my whole career on the wall and in the trophy case
  4. whats so bad about Harris. have you ever seen him get burned or ran over in the preseason or regular season. No you probally don't know much about him at all because you are not a student of the game you just talk
  5. He was behind milloy his first year and hurt last year. If a player flys around and hit people in preseason I'm sure he can do it in the regular season as well.
  6. I'm just sayn the dude is everywhere during the preseason. do you guys not watch those games.
  7. Antoine Harris has always been a beast in the preseason. And he will earn the job period. The only way he won't. Is if we move coleman over to SS and sign another FS. Just my opinion. God bless the castaways!
  8. He is plenty athletic enough to play olb
  9. your topics aren't all that great either
  10. Does anybody besides myself think he would be a huge pick up. He can take over for brooking. He can cover really well in passing sit. and is no sloutch in run defense. He was benched last year and still lead his team in tackles.
  11. That was basically his season against us in that year. you get real and check the overall stats on him. not just against us. I'll bet you will be the first to want him to go after 4 games.
  12. he called me out my name first i mean if we gone talk football thats one thing. But don't call me classless when the instigator isn't called something worse.
  13. Look who you comparing him to. We need a crumpler type not another peele. I'd rather go with peele and hartsock to fortify the run game. than to waste the money on smith
  14. Cause everybody wants him like he tony gonzales or some **** body
  15. That would work better than signing a loser like smith. These people don't know football. They just want to sign anybody for the sake of doing so.
  16. So you don't have to gamplan for tj housh. man shut yo mouth we need a threat at tight end heehaw not just a body you moron.
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