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  2. Lemme see if i can paint you a picture. Ummm, matt ryan has a dead arm and is back to doing nothing but throwing 5 yard dumps and slants. ummmm, weems decided to let a punt bounce on the 30 yard line and let it roll to the 5, ummmm thomas decoud has stone hands, and matt ryan has a dead arm.
  3. What a freaking joke. I've been looking forward to THIS?! Pathetic effort on both sides of the ball. Typical. Dead arm Matt, defense blows, play calling sucks again.
  4. Yep, same dinking and dunking offense as last year. Thanks for giving up 5 players for a guy we're just gonna throw a 5 yard slant route to. Freaking morons.
  5. Hard to do when your quarter back can barely throw the ball 15 yards. Weakest arm i've seen in a long time. Dumb decisions too, throwing the ball to gonzalez WHILE urlacher is blocking his freaking view of tony. What a joke.
  6. Giving up HUGE plays on 3rd and long. Matt ryan still has a dead arm. Explosive?! HAHAHAHA. Yeah, these 5 yard dump passes and 3 yard slants are very EXPLOSIVE! Gonna be a very long year. Getting stomped by the freaking bears.... jay cutler and the bears...
  7. You're insane if you think 10-6 will get us into the playoffs. You're even more insane to think that we could run the table the rest of the way. Matt Ryan will miss at least 2 more weeks, and i don't know if you actually watched the game buy chris redman looked like a 12 year old girl throwing the football. Mark my words, we will NOT have a winning season, it's as simple as that. Forget playoffs, we will finish .500 at best.
  8. Yep, Jenkins and Elam strike again with their terrible ability to do the little things like make chip shots and catch floater passes when you're wide open... I've seen michael jenkins miss some easy passes, but good lord a 12 year old would've made that catch... And elam...how many chip shots are you gonna miss before our genius front office lets you go?!?!?! I am absolutely livid, yeah our defense wasn't the best today, but we have to make the plays that are supposed to be a sure thing.
  9. Played ok, coverage was decent. Big problem he missed one pick in the endzone that a blind woman could have caught, and he missed another pick on the sidelines covering moss, ball hit his hands with no interruption from moss and he just let it bounce out of his hands. But i guess it's true, corner backs are guys who couldn't make it as receivers cause of their bad hands.
  10. yeah, those blazing 1 yard runs are awesome. Face it, he was lucky last year, he won't be any good this year. He has no explosiveness, no moves, he just has giant thighs and can sometimes push for an extra yard. You'll see, he'll have a terrible year and you'll all be calling for his head. Hurry up and heal Norwood.
  11. Sick of hearing the same old excuse, "oh the defense was just focused on stopping him so they put more pressure on him" BULLCRAP, he won't bounce outside, he relies too much on big holes rather than trying to make something out of a play. I wish norwood would take some advil and get out on the field cause i'm sick of watching turner. I'm also sick of the crappy play calling, little dump routes and terrible running plays. We need a better OC or we will continue to be a mediocre team who can't win the big games. I'm also sick of all the idiot analysts on espn and fox jinxing the falcons by picking them to upset good teams. They did it to us last year, everyone and their brother was picking us to destroy arizona at home in the playoffs, that pissed the card's off and made them play harder. Same with the patriots, everyone is calling them dead and it's the end of their dynasty, blah blah blah. Fires em' up and they whoop our A's.
  12. I'd like to see Norwood get a few carries, i have always loved his explosiveness.
  13. Not seeing the yac so far in this game. Matty is lookin awesome, just let him keep throwing the ball until turner can get it going.
  14. 3rd and long defense looks absolutely horrendous. How we give up three 3rd and long plays in a row are absolutely unacceptable. one for 10 yards, not the end of the world, but one for 17 yards, and another for 24 yards?! REALLY? Something has to be done.
  15. I sure hope not because i like norwood better than turner. I've always liked him, better than dunn too. He's faster and more explosive. If he hit the weights hard he'd be unstopable
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