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  1. I really think we are the worst team in the NFL. Say whatever you want about the preseason, but we have backed it up in the regular season. Let this sink in for a bit. I have a few questions though that also defy belief. #1 - How many years have we gone not being able to stop 3rd and long? #2 - How many years have we gone struggling to get sacks? #3 - Why is it that every other NFL team has people wide open at least sometimes but we have people draped all over our WR EVERY TIME? #4 - Is it a weak QB arm and the inability to throw certain passes (deep out) (back shoulder passes) (fades in the endzone) (deep balls without throwing it through the roof) that defenses know they only have to run blitz and defend short to medium routes to stop both the run and most of our passes??? #5 - Why I would start ANY opposing team's RB or TE on fantasy football against our defense? #6 - Why ALL backup and rookie QB's feast on our defense not just this year but every year? Hmmm. There has to be some wisdom behind these questions that point to something that can be addressed by coaches and the front office. It can't be this easy...
  2. I'm as big of a Falcons fan as anyone and relish in their defeat, (actually it helped my healing process begin after the UGA/Falcons losses), BUT....even I have to admit he got there early and if he would have hit him when he arrived it would have definitely been a pass interference call and a FG attempt from the 25. He let him pass and the dude made an epic catch and recovery that will go down in history. Tough break for him, but that's the breaks. I'm just glad the guy was able to make it happen!
  3. I think this is appropriate for our Falcons.
  4. I had to talk a BUNCH at work yesterday and thought to myself...."I better shut up and start conserving my voice for the game." Even fans have pregame prep!
  5. Here is a jpg to share with everyone on opposing message boards, EPSN, Facebook, etc. It shows a bunch of our 4th quarter scores BEFORE the garbage time TD's against our prevent defense. Most folks don't get it. Our defense is MUCH better than the rankings show and the whole world is about to find out!
  6. Also, our defense has played the #2, #3, and #9 ranked offenses in the league. Is this the reason we have been struggling or is it the reason that they are ranked so high??? LOL
  7. You are right. I'm one of those folks. I don't think Ryan has been the same since he was driven in the turf.
  8. He is. Im not saying Ryan is the best, but he is definitely worse under Shannahan. I also believed, (Before the Season), that we should have kept Koetter.
  9. Well. As I posted earlier and got bashed for it, one of the major benefits of Shannahan's offense is that it doesn't require elite and expensive OL. What a great opportunity to hide our defunct OL.... His offense gets great yards and does a great job of creating stud fantasy RB's and a stud fantasy WR. The problem is it requires a quarterback with an elite arm, quick instincts, and mobility. None of which Ryan has. It doesn't require a QB who excels at spreading the field to find the open receiver and using the no-huddle. (Which Ryan excels at) It doesn't require a good #2 WR and makes stars out of cheap TE's. In reality, its really an offensive scheme that's cheap to put together. (Unless you already have 165 million invested in just two players)
  10. I spent an hour last night trying to explain this same point.
  11. I promise you that I'm right in that Shannahan and Ryan will not ever mesh. Not in personality or scheme. Both can be successful apart. One has millions of $$ tied up for the next several years and one doesn't. Even if we all agree that it's time to move on from Ryan, you can't deny this fact. That means the scheme has to change more than likely.
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