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  1. sorta off topic but whos knows what happened in front of taco mac closed down with giant pool of blood, cops security everywhere,
  2. yep wanted the saturday game also ,anyway just gotta get this one first
  3. for some reason i just cannot get over that lose,we could have been in the drivers seat,im working on the 120 hr rule.
  4. my playoff parties are pretty awesome,food,friends,family,fans,fun,fermented stuff!
  5. correct me if im wrong but isnt the pro bowl after the super bowl this year, back to original format
  6. i got my matty ice jersey and my gold charm and necklace cool!
  7. hes got the younger roddy white syndrome **** snap back
  8. freaking,gosh darn absofreakinlutely,spine tingling!
  9. i think i shed a tear,im ready to hit 52 myself probally my last but whatever GO YOU MIGHTY BIRDS!
  10. lets go birds im walking out my door for the yellow lot!woohoo
  11. its cool nole fan dont worry bout all the comments on here just come and have fun.youll have a blast sec 339 have fun!
  12. i know that but who ever did the promo on the homepage didnt
  13. hey webmaster the game is on cbs not fox per homepage,small oversite just blew my mind cause dvr is set on cbs
  14. sorry jedi i see now where you said it was and i trust your comments
  15. well i hope its sold out cause i cant go,anybody know for sure?
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