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  1. This thread smh it was one preseason game. The HOF preseason game at that. lol
  2. Just puts things in perspective man. Well done Falcons.
  3. Football aside. This kid I am rooting for.
  4. He can play all LBs spots. Glad he is back. Under rated in my mind when you consider Duke R is still in front of him.
  5. His caliber?! I know you meant it as a good thing but he is and will always be considered in the top 5 WR of all time. Like c'mon he is the best WR the falcons ever had and is 1a or 1b of his generation. However this is all IMO.
  6. I understand that money talks- BUT as an employee it has to feel great to be wanted that much by the owner. I'm not saying I'm giving a discount on my services but I'm def in my agents ear- saying get a deal done. They want me and I want to be here because they actually believe in me. My two cents
  7. Using your same logic I rather pick Vic's replacement and us tag Grady this year and pay him next off season. Rather than paying Vic next season. That's right now- Maybe Vic balls out this season, but i would put my money on Grady showing again that he deserves that money over Vic.
  8. Stays hurt? He missed three games in four years going into last season. Injuries happen my man- look around the NFL.
  9. Wish this was Reddit so I could down vote
  10. Yeah this would be a good idea if you are really targeting Dex. Finding a trade partner isn't as easy as just saying it though
  11. I don't think he is there at our 2nd pick. So I think it's a Neal type of pick. Was Neal taken to high? Eh maybe. But he would not have been there at our second pick. If we want him at 14 then take him. I wouldn't be mad but just have a plan and I'm sure we do.
  12. Yep this I like Ed but we are paying Grady to do what ED does best. Grady is proven. I'd rather take a tackle or a DE with our first pick. Unless Ed is supposed to be a Grady replacement.
  13. I forgot the Mularkey aspect.. you're right though.
  14. Did not think I'd like him but by the end I did. Real good speed for a guy his size. Fluid feet- soild Vision and decent enough hands to keep the D honest. He would be a soild rb3.
  15. Wait he plays FS right?!