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  1. I think he get special teams snaps right off the bat. The FO had to have this guy on the radar- they had too many other options to end up with him.
  2. Really? I think Sark saw the light with him. Props where props are deserved. Coleman picked up the slack today. I'm sure this thread will die fast but Coleman did exactly what we needed him to do today. I loved it.
  3. Come now brother. We aren't a fraud. Matt Ryan is a winner. Sigh it's hard to justify that claim right now, but he got us to a SB. Period. Maybe we need a year like this to ignite it again. I don't have the answers we are all looking for but the talent is there. Man I hate this season!!! But I love my Birds!!!
  4. Yea I hear where you're coming from. And I want to pick at it and not make it such a drastic thing- but we almost dominated a SB with a team that was historically great. We haven't lost any major Players. So as i sip my beer- I 100% agree with you. Playoffs or complete bust. They should make a guide "the art of being a falcon fan". I'm over the loss- Untill I undoubtedly watch the highlights tomorrow.
  5. I noticed that too. The fumbles we're frustrating but tv didn't show just how much rain was falling. The close ups were crazy. But anyway, Matt's throws we're on point this game- the drops were just like... C'mon man! Sanu's TD grab was a thing of beauty! Sloppy wet game but def a game that we needed to win and we went out there and won it. I'll take it!
  6. Football game aren't won standing in front of a mic trying to please arm chair gm's. We get all caught up in our feelings which is ok because we are fans- it is what we do. I don't expect anything but coach talk. It's a long season and he can't stand up there and get all rex Ryan about it. When things get bumpy you don't start screaming Nd crying you go back to work and try to fix it. I'm standing with my team good or bad. Quinn and Co got us to the big game. It's not over till it's over IMO.
  7. You skipped a whole generation of passers. I'm not saying Matt is sniper out there, but he is better than the majority of passers out there when it comes to accuracy.
  8. Lol he has HOF numbers. We are trotting out college offense game plans. This thread fails.
  9. Don't worry we have the Pats away. Lol that's all I can say. My expectations aren't high right now.
  10. With two time out left. I get the play call but I don't at the same time. Free and Coleman were having a field day when they got into space. Run two vert routes and let the RBs run under that and try to make people miss. Once again we give a game away. It might be brutal next week.
  11. Anyone have some tweets or an Injury update today?! Thanks in advanced
  12. That's what I am saying. I thought we would make a move by now. Hopefully today or tomorrow.