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  1. I know its a pipe dream but that would be huge- one wouldn't cost us anything and the other would cost a draft pick or two for a one year rental... that's the only hard part to swallow.
  2. Without takk they will focus on Grady. Vic hasn't shown alot so they will probably let Vic go one on one and just try to shut down Grady. Hopefully we get creative... But not cute about how we attack brees.
  3. And maybe get devondre Campbell involved too
  4. And you add what they added to the run game. That is winning football right there.
  5. And hopefully I haven't killed this thread. If I had. My bad. I didn't mean too. I think there is some merit into trading Free and keeping Coleman. Injury wise and contract wise I can see the benefits. But I also don't see us getting a trade partner this season- right now with Free. I still think we rest him. For a week and he comes roaring back. The kid has always had a chip on his shoulder.
  6. You know the rest of the a board who started to to ignore your crying as* by page 2 of this thread. Your a terrible poster. Notice I didn't say fan because I still hold you as better than a saints fan. But that's it. I haven't tried to insult you. I'm just calling you out For what you are. I've said some dumb sh*t but I've also owned up to it. I mean it's all there for everyone to see. I never expected better from you. You are a troll. I don't care how long you think. You've been a fan. You're still a shi**y a** fan.
  7. As your sentences get shorter the more I realize that I doing right by us. Joke or not. I'll be here. I know you're agenda. And it pisses me off. Thats not in my feelings- it's more in my fanhood. You a joke man. A small joke at that. Small. Learn to love the team and not some w*t dream you have over a player. Tip of the cap for you
  8. There isn't a soul on these boards copying you lol you a joke man. You being original is Vanilla Ice making Ice Ice Baby. #yaboring #goaway #iguessthiscounts
  9. Na man you're response to everyone is looking the same. Maybe you should take the hint. Goofball for life. I love my contribution. I bet Quinn would look dope with some hair. #urlacherlooksgreat #ifthehastagfits #youajoke #weseeyou #illbeherenexttimetoo #heythatsnew
  10. When you say something original let me know. Go through my threads and it's not just reposting articles other people have made. I give my two cents and take the time to make a contribution to these boards. You? You're a joke fam. Always have been. Goofball 2.0 I give you a c- on that- better than being you anytime. look I can use emojis too. #youajoke #cmonman
  11. He was and is my all time favorite Falcon. I know their were much better backs than him, but he was just my guy on and off the field. He could do it all- but stay healthy. A knock a lot of "could have been" running backs get. I still rock my red Norwood jersey the most. When I run into other falcon fans with it on- its always a fun convo.
  12. lol you're a joke man. Always have been. I didn't even read this whole thread first- but went back and saw how many people calling you out. You're a poser and look how fast you got into your feelings- I mean dang. People on here felt so bad for you they started to ignore you. If calling out someone like you is acting like a female- then cool #womanpower #youajoke lol... aww shucks LOL "This ish got me in my feelings...Gotta be real with it, yup"
  13. Dude STFU you wanted this posted so bad so that you could go to bed happy and dream of 26 pickling you up for your prom. You have such an agenda that when you say anything even close to good about Freeman it is so obviously forced so you don't look like the Coleman fan boy you are. I was wondering when you'd take your mask off and be real. So at least you have that going for you. #weallseeyou The contract point in the OP is relevant. But for goodness sake. It's week one. Your saying Ito and Hill are good depth- wtf man?! I can see why alot of people on this board are leaving this thread alone. You guy are out of your mind right now. It's week one- get your big boy pants on.
  14. Truth! but IMO that should not be the thought when game planning. We have to scheme to his strengths. We can't try to fit Riley(a circle) into Deion Jones (a square) spot.