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  1. Looks like Hill will be getting some touches. I wonder if that means Hardy will be returning kicks today... Or is that already known- haven't been on the boards that much this week.
  2. Creating this thread and having the title be what it is... Is THE definition of trolling. Lol did you wake up today and decide to derr? Geez. If you're going to troll- man up to it.
  3. Where is your proof on this. I'm not saying it isn't. I'm just not ready to say it is either. Posts like yours are just sad and not needed. Granted it's just YOUR opinion and we all are allowed to have one regardless. But man it says alot about you. Just my two cents guy.
  4. So many no body's in this thread. Byeeeee
  5. yea i remember when it was happening in real time and saw julio turn the corner- I said to myself, "they won't catch him... THEY WON'T CATCH HIM!" LOL
  6. The only time I see the O get sloppy is when a blitz is called against them. They also handled it better this week than week one, so that's encouraging When Philly was in zone Matt was picking them apart for the most part- he missed a couple of throws when not under pressure.
  7. The second I read that. I thought of the Miami wild cat game. Miami in fact torched them that entire day with the same base formation. Just saying.
  8. It's so easy to make a post like this because you have ONE game tape on it. Which is fresh in all of our minds so we buy into what your saying because if next week he doesn't give up sh*t then it's him doing his job. You are lazy. Just like the other guy. He had a bad showing. It happens man. If you played a sport then you know as an athlete that sometimes your game just isn't there even when you feel prepared to the T. Jake has showed me enough in his career to get the pass. He is a technician. He prides himself in being the left tackle for this team. Y'all can go kick rocks.
  9. Are the Vikings 21 points good at this point in a game?! Sure. But WTF Atlanta.
  10. Yup Smith has his head down and hit him. Period. I'm Quinn is acting passive on the side lines. Get some rage in you man. The refs are blowing this game.
  11. Go cheer for another team you piece of poop. All you do is troll. That is it. It wouldn't matter who our back is and you would want him to fail. You are actually enjoying this. Sad man.
  12. This was my favorite part. Allen really is the leader of the defense and when the leader of the defense gives the kicker this kind of props - man they is really telling. Respect is earned and not given. Glad to have Money Matt back. Can't wait to see the first one he kicks and yell MONEY as it sails through. This season is feeling special. Enjoy this season Dirty Bird Nation!
  13. I don't think the browns would give up two first round picks in the same draft to move up to 8. I think it be a first this draft and a first next year. Which I would still take. But yea it be great to have two first rounders this year.
  14. I know I know- don't feed 'em... but its the offseason and unlike other people I'm not putting all my falcon gear in a box till a new CBA :P Yard, who do you think the Sucs are going to draft round one?
  15. If he was playing for a big contract money or whatever it was His sack count went up after getting suspended. Either way, to me it shows an ability to bounce back and succeed. I just wonder how much he is looking for and how much that would tie up in our DEs. Anyone know?
  16. This is just FYI. In 2007 Ray Edwards was suspended four games for violating the NFL’s policy on steroid use. Not saying that this matters, simply adding to discussion. Falcon filter might play a role, but his stats (link #2) only show a drop off of his tackels. His yearly sack production actually rises after the failed test season of 2007. In case anyone was wondering it was the last four games of the '07 season that he missed.I am posting it because I did not hear about it when it happened to begin with. Discuss -_- link on failed test link of carreer stats
  17. this thread is dumb and pointless....
  18. I'll be quick and too the point. Steve Slaton. Yea i know pass right, but once i started to think about i couldnt get the thought out of my head. he can do it all and would be a great rotation with our current backs. he is on a squad who has Foster, Ward, and Tate(but he got put on IR in preseason i think). He is going into his last year of his rookie deal and its pretty cheap. I know the front office said we were keeping all the running backs but we all know that slaton is better than our number 4 and 5 running back whoever they are(they only had 11 carries this year). He was picked in the th
  19. the problem witht the denver IS NOT THE OFFENSE IT IS THE DEFFENSE! kyle orton was leading the league in passing and they had a WR that was in front of Roddy in REC most of the year. they have a good offense they just had a really bad Deffense, they cant stop the run or pass. period. If anything I think they need a Deffesive minded guy to take over as HC.
  20. And to throw all you Smart phone users a bone! You can also vote on your phone by going straight to the NFL.com link I provided in the first post or you can: Text: Pro Bowl to 69635 and that will get NFL.com to send the ballots to your phone where you can vote all you want!
  21. We need to get our guys names out. We have #84 and #88 leading but I think Abe should def make it(he leads all DE in sacks and is 3 ahead of peppers) and one of our olineman should make it, so go vote whenever you come on this board, it really takes like 5 min of your time(if that) So do your fan base a favor- show up and vote. Our players are doing there job now lets do ours! make it a personal goal to do everyday till the voting stops! our guys deserve to go AND they have earned it! P.s. I wore my matt ryan jersey to the mall yesturday and wore it proudly and not to just rub it in all the re
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