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  1. Can we throw you in with that deal? Yea? Done ❤✌
  2. You guys are sad. You all like each other's posts. Like really?! Lol Troll it up nerds. Troll it up✌❤
  3. Just admit when you're wrong and move on. Why is it so hard for people on this board?! You have to be right some how lol
  4. Everyone you don't like is about to fall off. It's a guarantee that you poke your head out when someone under performs but if it goes right. You start back stepping or spinning a good thing into whatever backwards thoughts you have. Go back in your cave. Deuces ✌
  5. dude its the practice sqaud. Ollison was active Sunday. lol at some of you. It's called insurance man- something happens to our top three- he has someone in the locker room learning the play book already.
  6. You are a sad person my guy. Can't be happy about anything. It must really suck to be... You. byeeeeee
  7. Some of y'all are a bunch of tools-kicking a guy when he is down is never cool.
  8. Facts. The end of the season will be whatever it is. What they can control is how they perform today. And today they got a W. Head high and enjoy it. F**k the rest and esp FTS.
  9. Dude every thread you turn everything into a negative. What is he suppose to do when reporters ask him questions? just nod? We get it- you're upset with the team and its ruined your life. Now go get your big boy pants on.
  10. I sadly disagree. I loved Smitty but the roster he left Quinn was not very good.
  11. How do you even get on these boards. You and your fellow trolls are not wanted here. Get it through your thick skulls. The saints board would love to have you.
  12. They sure do you little bit*h. Fu*k the saints and fu*k you too. Go be a fan somewhere else! Byeeeeee
  13. Just realized I was watching a replay game and that interview might have been apart of that broadcast my bad if so
  14. I just saw the clip on NFL Network but I couldn't hear it. Is there any of our amazing posters who saw it and have the ability to post the interview Kurt did about Matt. Please post it here. I'm interested in what Kurt says because he is a QBs QB. He been through it all- the highs and the lows. I'd like to see his take on Ice.
  15. These are the same people. Below and above. Proof? They are both trolls so who cares. Caponine probably has a spot on the Saints board so I'm not far off.
  16. C'mon man your better than aligning yourself with caponine. The guy is a joke and a troll. The worst part is that he doesn't even know he is a troll. He thinks his garbage threads and his loaded posts are actual truths and not just his opinion. Agree with him? Cool. But c'mon man dude is a troll now. Wasn't always but he is sadly now one. But w.e. I'ma head out. Go Dirty Birds! ✌
  17. Have a good time and enjoy being with your son regardless what our birds do. You get to see the Falcons play and see them with your son- for his birthday! I hope the birds win too, but don't let it distract from why you're there. My bad i'll get off my soap box. Have fun at the game!
  18. He didn't say anything. He was rooting against the Saints Sunday night using emojis. This has already been discussed in another thread and debunked in same thread with takk responding to people like the OP getting things twisted for clout. Was ANOTHER thread needed just so you could get your feelings out there? There are 15 threads that this could have been in. We don't need more heads spreading this depression. Geez man pick yourself up and chill out. The season is long and you either ride together or GTFO. Instead of pointing fingers and saying aw shucks we suck. Get back to
  19. Lol you're a tool my guy. Im sure you stare in the mirror and tell yourself that you really stuck it to those message board peeps. You are just too easy to know when your trolling *** is going to be out and about. You are the definition of a trolls troll- should count for something, right?
  20. Of course you do. WE ALL KNOW YOU DO. Geez. It sucks that you don't go away. Go be a 49er fan.
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