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  1. I haven't looked at the kid from UVA but Herbert out of VA Tech is interesting. Super productive runner. Has low key speed and good vision. In the right system I think he could be a really good Pro. Wouldn't be mad if we drafted him at all.
  2. What? How are they not a direct answer to the OPs point? The thread was about Matt Ryan and if he is to blame for the L's. Those random tweets not only show that he played well in spite of being coached by the worse OC in the NFL, but that he has never really been the problem here. Every single OC Matt Ryan has had went on to be a head coach somewhere- even the fired one. He has put up HOF numbers- period. That can not be debated. Stats are FACTS. Now if you want to get into "feels" then sure anyone can make an argument for him not being worthy of the HOF.
  3. No. He needs to get rid of his 7 step long developing plays. They do not work with our Online. Teams see them coming everytime. It wasn't untill the second half of the season where Dirk quit doing it and our offense just looked better. Facts
  4. You really think Julio doesn't deserve to be in the same sentence as Jerry?! You have bumped your dang head. Julio is already easily mentioned in the same sentence as Moss (outside of his rookie and his Pats year they almost went perfect- it's not hard to compare) or TO - you forgot Megatron btw. Stop being a hater.
  5. False. If we were at square one we would have drafted a replacement. We didn't. Takk has the dog in him. His will is there- I hope we see a pissed off yet focused Takk. That guy would be dangerous
  6. Takk at 255 all day everyday. Dude is strong and put that strength in a lighter frame... Watch out. He has lived off of pure whoop a**. If he can get technically sound the dude will beast out. I think he will be ready this season. 💪
  7. Number 3 on MY fav of all time(that I have watched with my own eyes). Remember I said MYYY fav. Lol 1. Jerious Norwood 2. Matty Ice 3. Roddy White 4. Julio Jones 5. Warrick Dunn
  8. This 100% The fact they even made it to the NFL is the success. All the blood, sweat, and tears they had to put in has finally paid off.
  9. So where can I find the $100 in the one $50 jerseys? I haven't looked yet so I know that this is a dumb question but obviously you already know where to find them so thanks in advance!
  10. The album that everyone needs AND wants.
  11. My fiance won't even consider trying the Popeyes sandwich. I never remember to try it untill we end up arguing about it. AND I already had dinner or I'd go drive thru. Maybe tomorrow! what is the sauce they put on it?! That is my only hang up.
  12. All I could think of was... " How you gonna hate from outside the club- you can't even get in hehe"
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