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  1. and yet everything you said is... and lol I'm glad I'm not in that type of mood that early in the day. Cheer up man its just football right?
  2. Haha as an ATL fan. The dude pitching for the braves looks like Matty's Madden character. Lol let's go Hawks! Let's go Braves! Let's f*cking go Falcons!!! Also Happy Memorial Day!!!!! The most important part of this day.
  3. They still aren't actively shopping Julio. They said they will take the calls more seriously since he has requested a trade. Now you are totally speculating if they asked him for a pay cut. Maybe you should ask 'em. This right here. I made a thread about how butt hurt I'd be if was gone. But I got to thinking. Our front office has done just about everything he has asked of them. To me he is looking more like a diva by the day. We jumped everytime he said jump. Just saying. From the outside looking in- that is what it looks like. IMO!
  4. How is it rumors and speculation?! They have said from the jump that they open to trading IF the price is right. They have said they have taken calls about Julio Jones. They have said what it is and there isn't anything else to say. Julio asked for a trade and they said well listen to the calls now because you want us too.
  5. Same and to put up the numbers he has over his career.... its crazy. The man doesn't get enough credit.
  6. You are changing your stance. Pitts will be important to the team. The Fact is that right now if Julio is on the field- he is our best option at beating his coverage. Whatever it is. Pitts might be a unicorn right now but Julio is a HOF player. Pitts hasn't taken a snap yet. Don't be so quick to don the next michael jordan. When MJ is still on the team. Sure if we get the right draft picks every player including coaches will be traded. Thats a lame crutch to lean on. Darby is rookie playing against UDFAs. Julio would look like G-O-D out there. Just saying.
  7. You think our last pick in the draft is going to be the nail in the coffin for Julio?!? Lol Sir you have bumped your head. I think you need some milk😉 he needs to make an NFL team first.
  8. Oh faq you for making me even have to think what you meant!! Lol jk cheers🍻
  9. Yea ya'll are probably right. These are the numbers I got when I looked up his contract on spotrac.com. The only way we save anything this year is with a trade post june 1. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/atlanta-falcons/dante-fowler-jr-16727/ PRE-6/1 RELEASE PRE-6/1 RELEASE2021 Dead Cap: $15,333,3342021 Cap Savings: $-4,666,668 PRE-6/1 TRADE2021 Dead Cap: $9,333,3342021 Cap Savings: $1,333,332 POST-6/1 RELEASE2021 Dead Cap: $10,666,6662022 Dead Cap: $4,666,6682021 Cap Savings: $0 POST-6/1 TRADE2021 Dead Cap: $4,666,6662022 Dead Cap: $
  10. Interesting. Fowler was Quinns last attempt at getting a pass rush. Flower is not Smith's guy. I can see them letting him go post June 1 or a trade to Dallas for a late pick next year. That 14 mill could be used. Am I reading that right?
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