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  1. This 100% The fact they even made it to the NFL is the success. All the blood, sweat, and tears they had to put in has finally paid off.
  2. So where can I find the $100 in the one $50 jerseys? I haven't looked yet so I know that this is a dumb question but obviously you already know where to find them so thanks in advance!
  3. The album that everyone needs AND wants.
  4. My fiance won't even consider trying the Popeyes sandwich. I never remember to try it untill we end up arguing about it. AND I already had dinner or I'd go drive thru. Maybe tomorrow! what is the sauce they put on it?! That is my only hang up.
  5. All I could think of was... " How you gonna hate from outside the club- you can't even get in hehe"
  6. Watched the latest episode of BuzzFeed unsolved did ya ?! Lol love me some Shane!
  7. On the way to work today I was listening to some sport talk radio. I'm in VA so they were discussing the Skins and what they should prioritize in FA. Most of the talk was about Austin Hooper or a corner-back. They pivot to Trent Williams and what they could get for him. A guy calls in and says the guy the Skins really need to move is Brandon Scherff. The talking heads all said he was going to be franchised for 16 mill as he is looking for a long term deal that WAS doesn't seem to want to do. Maybe you see where I am going with this- Tru is a 15 mill cap hit this season and 29. Brandon Scherff is a year younger. I would love the straight up trade- as the Skins don't have anyone worth a lick at corner(IMO). If pulled off I would be down to give that money to Brandon Scherff. It gives the Skins a few years to groom a CB1 to replace Tru, but also gives them a very capable corner on and off the field (they have very little money tied up in their D- they have like 66 mil in cap space- pre franchise tag of Scherff). We get a vet OG to hold down our left side Oline and we draft a new corner (say Jaylon Johnson out of Utah). Now as I type this I don't want to get rid of Tru, but I don't want to march out another rookie guard this season. This way we get my goal without completely erasing our already small cap space. Thoughts? flame suit is on lol
  8. The five best rappers in the world... Dy-lan, Dy-lan, Dy-lan, Dy-lan, and Dy-lan
  9. How is this not a ban?!? Nothing to do with the birds but putting it here regardless?!?
  10. Stupid for even posting this. Really guy.
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