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  1. Is it just me or does it seem like the offense went into a slump when Hankeson went out against the Saints at the half of that game. I know he has a problem with drops, but he was able to get separation consistently. I think he was our x-factor on offense and gave us another threat outside if Julio. I think the offense will go back to being one of the best in the league when he comes back.
  2. I think we should be ranked ahead of the Cardinals they haven't been looking that good lately either.
  3. I think we are in a great position to improve our lines. We have a nice bit of cap room and we're picking early in the draft. We could sign an impact player for the o-line or d-line. Then we could turn around and do the same in the draft. Which areas to address first is the major question. How do you guys think this will shape out?
  4. Their cap situation is horrible. If he gets on the market I think we have to at least attempt to get him.
  5. I think this would be a great move for us. It would be a tremendous upgrade on offense and it would help us beat the Saints twice a year. Imagine an offense with Graham, Roddy, Julio Quizz, Douglas, etc. Even with this move we would have room to sign a FA on the offensive line.
  6. These were 3 of the 4 teams remaining before the divisional round of the playoffs in the NFC. All of these teams have had tough schedules throughout the first 3 weeks and they have also dealt with injuries. All of these teams will make the playoffs. We could even win the division although we are 1-2 right now. When we will against the Pats next week we'll be 2-2 and we should beat the Jets to go 3-2 heading into our bye which will allow us to get healthy. Coming off the bye we have Tampa at home, and then the Cards and the Panthers on the road. If we are the team we think we are we should be 6-2 heading into the game against the Seahawks. I posted this because its early in the season and despite these disappointing loses we will be in the playoff picture when late in the season.
  7. Jamal Charles will have a field day like last time.
  8. Oh ok so do you think he's going to start over Kroy?
  9. If we got him to stop the read-option will he play OLB on some snaps or will he just line up as a DE
  10. So he's not going to be a traditional DE?
  11. I agree Goodman would have been there for our 2nd pick of the 4th.
  12. If we don't get a TE than I think we should get a DT or LB in the 2nd round. We'll have a nice amount of cap room next year so we could even sign a TE like Grahm.
  13. With that being said do you guys think we take Ertz 2nd round or go DT/ LB 2nd round and get a TE in the 4th?
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