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  1. You didnt know?Its a virus that presents him from turning his head!
  2. i dont know. not a huge fan of any of those guys. i think we should focus on the 2nd and 3rd levels of our team.maybe jerry can play, maybe he cant.id like to wait to see tho and blow some cashish on the secondary or lb corp
  3. i was with it, now im not.let stry something else , not peppers.nice salt reference tho
  4. FEMA is doing much worse things these days.D.camp style
  5. dudes....i love grimes.decoud look promising.coleman or moore,ok i get it.i dont know about owens.and i cant take houston anymore.we need another cb.a half assed shutdown that can be found in late 1.maybe im wrong.but i feel like it should be CB!
  6. i loooooved the freddie mac show.the theme song was teh hiiiiisht
  7. Falcon,ex falcon who gives a F???i mean really? keith is just a stone cold HILLBIlly,LETS FACE IT
  8. dude he popped a 60 yarder on matts first completion.you think he coulda mustered 40 more that game lmao
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