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  1. Good thing Grady Jarrett wasn't one of the players on the stage when they asked the question about what you would take if your house burnt down...
  2. I agree with first 2 rounds but not after that. Round 1 - Pass Rusher Round 2 - Guard Round 3 - FS Round 4 - RB Round 5,6,7 - OT, DT, and CB (in no particular order)
  3. Ooops meant to say Jets will go pass rusher here, if not they might go OL or possibly CB
  4. Why Shelton? He fits more of a 3-4 space eater role as a DT and Quinn has stated that we are going back to 4-3
  5. Probably Amari Cooper if he isn't taken at 4 and slips to 8 Or if any of the 3 top pass rushers are there teams will probably try and trade up with us.
  6. Best case scenario. - 2 QBs are taken - Winston and Mariota go 1 & 2 - Jags take DE Leonard Williams whom is projected by some to go to Titans if they don't like Mariota - Oakland at 4 goes WR Amari Cooper - Jets go OL or CB here - Bears at 7 go DT Danny Shelton We then get our pick from 2 of the remaining top 3 pass rushers of the draft (assuming Redskins take one of them at 5)
  7. keyword here, "could"... If they love a guy like they did with Julio, they might be willing to move up. Especially with a guy like Fowler that you can build around. With almost every team ahead of us having a need for a pass rusher. Our top 3 targeted pass rushing draftees could go fast. 2. If Tennesse isn't convinced of Mariota I see them going Leonard williams but also having a slight possibility of going one of our 3 pass rushers 3. Jags will 100% take one of the 3 guys we want. Probably Gregory or Ray here. 4. Raiders will most likely go WR Amari Cooper here but the next scenario would be
  8. If Fowler, Shane Ray, and Gregory are gone, I would definitely want to trade back.
  9. With Dante Fowler shooting up draft boards recently, do you think if TD and Quinn fall in love with him, they go and trade up to get him? We have a lot of holes but Fowler does seem like one of the guys in this draft that you can't miss on while there are question marks surrounding parts of the games of the other top rated pass rushers. Titans at number 2 might be looking to trade down if they don't want to take a Winston is taken by the bucs and don't want to take Mariota.
  10. Thanks alot. Sure would prefer Sheard over Tyson Jackson -_-
  11. Does anyone on the boards have a PFF sub and can post the detailed ratings these two players got last year? I was curious because I've watched some highlights of these two and I feel they could both bring some good things to our defense.
  12. Could we even afford him? With us basically verbally committing to resigning Julio over the past couple days. It seems unlikely that we would have the $$ space to even consider signing a play of his caliber.. What would it take (i.e. cuts/restructures)?
  13. This is interesting and I guess we should of expected this more so than him bringing someone in with a different philosophy. He probably wants a a guy that is on the same page as him so he can still have a say with how the defense is run, his scheme to be implemented, and a collaborative effort in which types of defensive players to look for.
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