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  1. I was at the game. A-a-ron whined and cried and wimpered to the refs after EVERY **** PLAY... I lost a lot of respect for him. Not his finest hour, but one that made my day.
  2. Just got the answer to my question via Facebook: The Atlanta Falcons ticket office recently conducted a random drawing for Super Bowl tickets among all Season Ticket Accounts. This random drawing was conducted to fairly distribute the Super Bowl ticket allotment provided to us for Super Bowl LI at NRG Stadium in Houston, TX on February 5th. The selection process was based on account seniority, and was conducted early Sunday morning. If your account was chosen as a winner, you will receive an email as well as a phone call to your contact information on account prior to the close of busines
  3. I was just wondering if anyone had gotten an email from the Falcons about the Super Bowl. I know in the past teams STHs were put in a lottery. I also noticed this excerpt from an ESPN article: "On Location Experiences received 9,000 tickets to sell with the stipulation that 1,500 had to be earmarked for fans of each team that's playing. The company offered fans of the four remaining teams playing in their conference championship game the chance to buy tickets before the Super Bowl matchups were set by reserving seats. Credit cards were automatically being charged on Sunday fo
  4. Grew up in NJ and became a Falcons fan when I moved here for a job 15yrs ago. I have my Atlanta Falcons vanity plate on the front of my car and I wear an Atlanta Falcons STH lanyard around my neck at work daily. Season Ticket Holder for 10 years, living just north of Atlanta in Roswell, GA. I got 2 boys, age 4 and 6, and will be getting a third seat when the new stadium is built, for the youngest one.
  5. ESPN states we have the hardest schedule in the NFC. With the release of the 2013 NFL schedule, fans are rushing to see when their teams will be facing their rivals next season. The biggest question: Will my team make the playoffs? Strength of schedule has an enormous effect on playoff hopes, so we at numberFire.com have peered into the strength of each team's 2013 slate to see which team has the easiest and hardest path to the playoffs. In order to do this, we projected out the 2013 season with the newly released schedule and compared that to thousands of randomly generated schedules. By look
  6. I am a STH, and just got this in my email: Dear Basketballjones72, I speak on behalf of the entire Falcons organization in thanking you for the commitment and support you offered us this season. You were an integral part of an exciting year for your team, our fans and the entire community. We made history together by hosting our first NFC Championship game. The outcome of the game was not what any of us hoped for, but we are still proud of the hard work, dedication and performance of our players and coaches. We’re also proud and appreciative of your passion throughout the season – and especial
  7. http://insider.espn....francisco-49ers The 1972 Miami Dolphins won all 17 games they played that year but they could never defeat a perception problem. According to pro-football-reference.com, the unbeaten Dolphins were considered a pick 'em selection for their AFC divisional and title games and were underdogs against the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII. The reasons for this lack of respect stemmed from Miami being seen as a team that racked up its unbeaten record against weak competition and it was assumed the Dolphins would falter once they squared off against playoff-caliber opponents
  8. I'm in Section 113, and the due behind me was wiping his eyes after the game winning FG. I can't blame the guy...STH for 9 years and I swear someone was cutting onions in the row below us. Maybe he had something in his eye.
  9. SECTION 113 ROW 21 is in the house! Look for me in the aisle, repping my Bartkowski jersey. I get asked about where I got it at least once a game. Shout outs to the guy in the front row of our section who's always wearing his leather throwback helmet and Falcons logo gloves.
  10. I love this stat, because it's just like saying the Falcons haven't won a playoff game in the last 3 years....means nothing EXCEPT a fine jab to all the 49ers fans who are coming out of the woodwork.
  11. Become a Season Ticket Holder...or at the very least, get to know one. STHers we able to buy tickets to this game 3 weeks ago. Finally, go to www.seatgeek.com They have more listing than just stubhub.
  12. GIF's of 'Quizz running over Earl Thomas: http://cdn.bleacherr....gif?1358113726 http://cdn.bleacherr....gif?1358113786 I'm sure somebody can make them active.
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