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  1. Yes I am bleeding purple and gold like the vikings will be on Sunday and after the game I will be living in PAINSVILLE because of the loss.
  2. And yet you have totally believed for hours that I am a viking fan something you couldn't pull off for 2 minutes. That's right dumbass I am a true falcons fan to the core. I thought a little reverse trolling was needed. Falcons fans > Vikings fans. You sir have been pwned. *takes a bow.
  3. We would definitely trade big for Ryan and yes AP for sure. Ryan can make a less talented rb more effective all by himself. We would be stupid not to try and get him. A strong qb is what we are missing.
  4. How is that? By constantly reminding you that you failed. Failed here, failed as a fan, and probably failed at life. If you were going to pretend to be a fan of another team at least be smart about it.
  5. Sorry but this is a little more personal to me. Where did he go? His mother call him up from the basement for dinner?
  6. You are blocked from further PMs. You made your bed now lie in it in public. I think you are pathetic and using your time this way embarrasses all vikings fans. You make me want to be a falcon fan.
  7. I doubt I have made any friends. You can't blame them for giving you grief when you made a total @ss out of yourself. What honesty did you expect? For them to agree with you? You were insulting their team and saying they will lose this week. If one of their fans did that on our board we'd poach them for eternity. You are an embarrassment and you are kidding yourself if you think you will ever overcome it.
  8. Stop reminding me! My boss gathered all the religious people today to pray and my boss is far from religious.
  9. You called them overrated (which I don't get since Vikings are favored to win), called Ryan a one-trick pony, and decided they would be a cake-walk? AND you expected them to believe you were a falcons fan and agree with you?
  10. So you thought that on a falcons boards they would agree with you putting down their team if they thought you were one of their own? How embarrassing. I wish they thought you were a cowboy's fan.
  11. Did you really come over here and pretend to be a falcon's fan? Wow that seems wrong on every level. Why would you do something like that?
  12. We need to unload Jackson as fast as possible and go get ourselves a Ryan. This project crap is going to give me a heart attack.
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