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  1. Yeah, I thought it was a little soon as well. Time will tell
  2. I was thinking the same thing.
  3. Awful hire imo
  4. Pryor Most Likely Edwards Carroll Most Likely
  5. Sounds like Zach Evans is trending towards the Turds. Would hate to have to face him for the next 3 years, but there is also the chance that he blows up their lockeroom in a bad way. Will be interesting to watch.
  6. I have had a vision (I'm part Cherokee so I'm entitled to those!) and we are going to win 2 of the next 4 Nattys. Starting in 2020 as Newman outduels Sunshine and we beat Clemscum for the first one!
  7. I agree. For my whole life (56 years) Clemscum has been our beotch. If you look at the head to head record, its not even close. 42-18-4. They are on a roll now and to their credit they have recruited very well, but they are taking advantage of Miami, FSU, UNC, and VT being down for the past few years. With that situation, they are given an almost automatic berth in the playoffs every year. Get to be one of the 4 every year and you are gonna win a few Nattys. I have a feeling that we will win 2 of the next 4 championships starting with 2020. Newman outduels Lawrence in the Championship game and Dawgs back on top!
  8. I hope Robinson gets a multi-year contract if he makes that move. More stability with Coach O for sure.
  9. You got that right!
  10. I agree with this lineup. Have heard they think Hill will be better at OG. Just saw where Big Ben got engaged in LV over the weekend. Hopefully with a new wife and maybe kids on the horizon, the light will come on for him and he will realize that he can have a career in the NFL if he wants it and that he needs a big SR season if he wants to get drafted high. Not sure he likes football enough to do it, but I sure hope so.
  11. Yes, he has a big upside imo. Will be able to help out as soon as 2021 after a redshirt year. I'm excited to see what he can do and hopefully he can get on the field some in 4 games this year.
  12. Zykievous Walker. What happened with him? Did we slowplay him in the hope that we would get Burch? Hate to see him at the Barn. They think he can be another Marlon Davidson for them.
  13. He does a great job imo. Listen to him every week on the Bill King show out of Nashville. A friend says he is good on Dawgnation as well, but I haven't listened.
  14. I really like Branch and he falls into the type of DB that Kirby has always sought. Basically a cover safety (cb skills with safety size)
  15. I guess we will try him as an OL first, but also plays DT as well. It will be really interesting to see how these last few lower-rated recruits turn out for the Dawgs (McConkey, Kinnie, and possibly Branch)
  16. Yeah I'm sure that everything is cool. Kirby wouldn't have let Jackson come to UGA if he had any concerns such as this. And, after this season it probably won't even be a consideration as Muschamp probably won't be there in 2021.
  17. I know that Will and Kirby are friends and Will knows Kirby will take good care of his son, but shouldn't there be worries about Jackson leaking game plan type of info to his Dad? Especially with Dad in a make or break season.
  18. Think we add at least 1 more db. Maybe Daran Branch
  19. Saw where Bell just got a cb pick for Marshal Thundering Turds so he may be out. Guessing it will be McConkey and Joseph to finish the class then. And, if Evans goes to Juco as a placement, hopefully it will be for one year like we did with Devante Wyatt and Tramel Walthour.
  20. I’m fine with Edwards but I’ll be pissed if Evans ends up at UTurd with Crooked Pruitt
  21. Jones SVP McConkey Bell Lundy Evans Bam! Go Dawgs!