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  1. Just got finished watching a very entertaining NHL playoff game so checked to see how bad the Braves got beat. **** them SAMF. So glad I’m not watching them this season
  2. For everyone hoping the Hawks keep winning. You do realize that they are an Atlanta and State of Georgia team? The Loserville Curse will get them soon enough. Probably this series.
  3. For everyone who wanted Martin as the closer. Today was your answer.
  4. I think Chris Martin is best in the role that he is in. If they thought he was the best closer, then he would already be there. Let's keep him there since he is effective. No, no and no to Puke Jackson being the closer. He is best in low-leverage situations. Same for Newcombe. Matzek has the stuff to be a closer, but don't think he will be moved to that role. Dude had the yips and couldn't throw strikes a few years ago and he was out of the league for several years because of it. He needs to stay where he is also. Minter has the stuff and temperament imo, but you never know wh
  5. SAMF Will Smith! Get him out of the closer job. And make Smyly our LH version of Tomlin.
  6. I’ll still probably go to at least one game as I just love the atmosphere of a baseball game. Tickets will be cheap in August and September when we are way out of the playoffs
  7. Exactly. I have only watched 2 Braves games this year as I refuse to watch an underachieving team until they are at least .500 record. I doubt I watch any games the rest of the year as I doubt they see .500 again
  8. I feel sorry for the poor slobs paying out big bucks in tickets, concessions and parking to watch this absolute garbage product. You couldn’t pay me to go to Truist right now. I’m actually watching NHL playoffs right now. Don’t really have a team but much more entertaining and satisfying than watching the Braves flounder like a bunch of puscatores!
  9. It would not surprise me. As inept offensively as we are, the thing to watch might be a possible Bauer no hitter on Sunday
  10. This team sucks and is an absolute disgrace right now. This series will be an easy Dodger sweep.
  11. Shewmake is off to an awful start at Mississippi. Batting a cool .100 so far. Wonder if they bump him down to Rome soon if he doesn’t improve ?
  12. Honestly, I’m not sure it matters because with the way we are hitting, I doubt we score again tonight. Lucky to win last night with only 6 hits. One hit so far tonight...pathetic
  13. ****, you know Snitker is screwing up if Bowman calls him out.
  14. Braves bring up Camargo to take Ozunas roster spot. Hopefully this is only temporary. AA working the trade market
  15. Yep, we need to win the Natty this year as it will be harder to do so going forward with massive roster shake-ups affecting most every team as well as the poor team chemistry from the star player's making thousands on NIL and the reserves making little to none. They have truly opened a Pandora's Box which threatens the game that we all love.
  16. I'd like to think that Acuna's walk-off will jump start this team on a long winning streak, but they are just as likely to get swept at home by the lousy Pirates.
  17. Fire ****ker now!
  18. I’d be okay with bringing up Arcia from Gwinnett (where he is absolutely raking) send worthless Camargo back there and let Arcia get some PT at SS. Maybe Dansby needs more rest and maybe a little competition?
  19. Until this team starts to hit better and manufacture runs instead of waiting around to hit a HR, it won’t matter how the pitching does. Freddie .220 Ozuna .219. Albies .239 Dansby .218 and getting very little from CF or C position. The pitching will stabilize I believe but it’s concerning to be this far into the season and have so many players hitting in the low .200s
  20. Just checked the score. They should have known putting Puke in a high leverage situation but hey 1 run ain’t winning many games. I’m sure we will go down meekly in the bottom of the 9th
  21. Hope you are right. We typically don’t play well in those 12:00 home games. Need Morton to pitch like Morton
  22. Get his sorry *** out of there
  23. Grand Slam coming
  24. At least he didn’t strike out
  25. Camargo will leave Pache stranded at 2B.
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