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  1. Ender the Outmaker never disappoints
  2. That Arauz for Boston is one ugly gentleman!
  3. You fall on your *** and then still throw the ball. His defense has sucked at 3rd the last two nights.
  4. Dawgs 34-17. Maybe not the dominant performance we wanted but considering everything that has gone on since March it is a good start
  5. What about Tommy Milone? LOL!
  6. Never mind. Gabriel has chewed them up. Go Knights!
  7. UCF gonna **** around and lose this game
  8. Proud of Wright yesterday. Hopefully he turns the corner and takes off. Hopefully Touki can do the same
  9. Yes, he may finally be starting to show some age as a pitcher
  10. Next 2 days may be pretty rough. Wright vs Scherzer. Maybe we can get Max’s pitch count up and get him out by the 5th or 6th and get into their bullpen. We know that Wright will give up 4 or 5 runs in his 3-4 innings. Touki on Monday. Not sure who they have pitching but we will need to score 7-8 to win
  11. I’m worried about some of these cancelled games. These teams get 1-2 positive cases and want to postpone the game. Come on! Ga Southern had 31 players out today and still played (some were out for discipline) granted it almost cost them the game but they still played
  12. I’m not so pissed about Bresee. His gf goes to Clemscum and he’s from Maryland. Murphy’s from Georgia and his Mom is a freaking UGA grad!
  13. Man ND is getting stifled by Duke’s defense. ND’s much hyped OL can’t bust a grape so far
  14. I’ve always felt Folty would be better as a reliever also. Closer type of stuff, but not good enough control
  15. Is there any reason why we can’t get in front early tonight instead of starting to hit around the 5th inning? I hope so!
  16. That would be awesome if Folty and Newk could give us something
  17. Can’t wait to see Brock in Athens with some talent around him. Stockton listed as 6’1” 220. More like 5’11” 220. Dude is good though and can make plays with his legs in HS but not sure if he will be able to do it in college
  18. This team has a lot of grit and keep battling but the inability to do Baseball 101 and get runners home from 3rd with less than one out is a death knell for the playoffs. Well that and they have 1 decent starter and he is hurt. I may just shut it down and just watch football going forward. No one here actually thinks this team will do anything in Post season right? I mean I enjoy baseball but it’s gonna be another season with no World Championship for the Braves
  19. Markakis Needs to opt back out! He’s been pathetic the last couple weeks . Not sure what happened. Came out scorching hot
  20. Maybe he will walk him ib
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