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  1. well if he is gone, then he will get a nice golden parachute because he has 2 years left on his contract from what I hear...but that would be awesome if true!
  2. I doubt he would come in as an asst coach, but would love to have Propst as an analyst in a few years when he retires from coaching. The dude knows football.
  3. Courtney Kupets new Gymastics coach. McCheapity the Gator plant strikes again.
  4. Confirmed yesterday with a prominenet UGA baseball booster that McCheapity's current plan is to bring back Stricklin with a new staff. Unbelievable. I hope Morehead has the stones to step in and fire his arse along with Stricklin.
  5. Most nerds could care less about sports and giving money to support them. Many GT grads are from other countries and return to India or Bangladesh, etc after they are done.
  6. Just as I suspected, an RA ratted him out. Not condoning what he did, but come on, this is part of why we don't win anything. Notify a coach and let him give him internal discipline. http://georgia.247sports.com/Bolt/Details-of-Elijah-Holyfields-Monday-arrest-52576906?utm_source=247Sports Newsletter&utm_medium=Newsletter&utm_campaign=170501_113050_Georgia Bulldogs&utm_content=Link&liveconnect=A1-EF-31-01-FE-AE-7B-50-0D-0D-49-26-56-06-8D-3B170501_113050GeorgiaBulldogs
  7. Yes, I agree. I think there is a degree of arrogance about CKS that he needs to get under control. I guess he thought we would get Adam Anderson without the other 2 kids because we are UGA. I agree one of the 3 probably will never contribute, but it would be worth it to get Anderson and Chatman imo. Swallow your pride and offer the other 2 kids. And see what happens.
  8. Regarding Watson, If CKS hasn't hired him to even an analyst position then that should tell us all we need to know about how toxic he is. There has got to be a lot of smoke around him if we didn't hire him as an analyst. Stuff will probably come out and these kids will not want to be associated with him. Wouldn't surprise me if the NCAA doesn't get involved at some point.
  9. It's going to be interesting to see how the 2019 class plays out. If it would have meant getting all of these guys, Pappoe, Sheffield, McCullough, Simpson, etc you would have thought that Kirby would have offered a scholly to Kenyatta Watson II just to get all of these guys even if they weren't interested in Watson. On one hand, I applaud Kirby for not being willing to be held hostage by Watson, Sr. by offering his son a Cootieship. On the other hand, jeez that is a lot of talent we are letting leave the state. Silver lining, if FSU takes all of these guys, then there must be some 4 and 5 stars in their own state that they won't have room for. We will probably get those guys instead. It may not be a bad swap in the end
  10. Think he meant JF, Justin Fields.
  11. I like the offensive changes, especially the ability to audible into a different play, but the RPO scares me with only 2 healthy QB's, neither of whom are runners. I'd like to see more of the Wild Dawg formation personally and more pistol formation.
  12. Wouldn't it be nice if someday, other schools were playing catchup to our facilities. I read today where a 2019 DE recruit from Kentucky was quoted as saying he couldn't believe how small our weight room is. Sadly, none of this will change until McCheapity is gone.
  13. Seems like Darnell Jeffries is trending toward Clemscum. We better not let the top DT go out of state again!
  14. I wish we would go after Buzz Williams at Va Tech. Doubt he would come, but I really like him. Get him at the right school and he could win big.
  15. I can't imagine us not offering the brother also.