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  1. I think I heard that Martell will be eligible to play in 2019
  2. The Turds are so delusional. Mullen is a cartoon character and I'm not worried about them beating or outrecruiting us as long as CKS is at UGA and Cousin Eddie is coach of the Gayturds.
  3. Saban always seems to promote from within if possible. That way, even though you lose coaches, you keep a certain level of continuity. Kirby appears to be doing likewise. Wouldn't surprise me to see an analyst like Rambo get the DB job.
  4. Wouldn't be surprised if CKS interviews Marquand Manuel. Kirby and DQ are tight. I think DQ was forced to fire Manuel by Blank.
  5. I predict Haselwood will be in the Portal this time next year. Will say he needs to get closer to sick family member. Will end up at the Barn. Scam Newton influence
  6. Would like to think we have a chance in this game, but my gut thinks we may get blown out. Would love to beat the crook Pearl. Maybe we can win it for Crean and his Mom
  7. I agree. Hartley can recruit Georgia and S Florida so would like to see who CKS will get. Maybe trying for a QB coach. Just a guess
  8. I’ve known Hartley’s Dad for a long time. Todd got an offer from Jimbo a few weeks ago but returned to Miami when Richt got him a better deal at Miami. Not sure if Jimbo still has an opening. Would think we could get him back at UGA if we want him
  9. Enos wanted to bring in his own guys for an offensive staff, Kirby wasn't going to do that. So, Enos to Miami.
  10. Yep. I’ll never forget when he said on the radio that Frank Beamer was headed to UGA as head football coach
  11. Buck is a DGD but he is an idiot
  12. I have a friend who is a big booster and gets to attend practices. He says that Chaney has told him that he doesn’t think Kirby likes him. FWIW
  13. Devante Wyatt played well also
  14. I hope Machado and Harper both go to the AL and stay out of the NL East.