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  1. I have never gone to a game without a ticket and not been able to find one (usually for around face value or a little more). The most I have ever paid was in South Bend $300. Not sure if I'm coming this weekend or not to try and get one. I believe there will be some available close to kickoff for a decent price though as some of these folks trying to get $600-$700 per ticket may be still holding them at that time.
  2. Don’t think Acuna gets the 40-40. You can’t steal if you’re never on base. Looks tired
  3. Minter doesn't need to be in the game if the score is close until he again proves himself trustworthy. Doubt that happens this year.
  4. ****, that’s what they have been doing to opponents lately
  5. The demotion has worked wonders for Camargo
  6. Riley has got a lot of work to do this Winter to get his swing back. He is an effing auto out K machine. Honestly don’t think he is on post season roster
  7. He, Touki and Sobotka are my biggest disappointments as far as pitchers go.
  8. Glad for the series win, but winning games with only 3 or 4 hits finally caught up to them. Need Dansby to get his bat going for one thing, although I’m afraid he’s destined to be no more than a .250 hitter
  9. That would be awesome! I predict another homer for Acuna tonight as he flirts with 40/40
  10. Diaz has been complete garbage this year. And to think we were close to trading for him. Dodged a bullet
  11. Effing unbelievable! Had already got in my mind that we had. 7.5 game lead. Pathetic Mets
  12. Herring was limping noticeably as he went to the locker room at HT. Definitely didn’t look 100% to me
  13. Great win today! And thank you Mets!
  14. This just into the newsroom..,,Go Ga State Panthers!!!!