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  1. As UGA hoops fans, we don’t expect our team to win championships, but they should at least be competitive! No excuse in being this freaking bad especially in a state teeming with basketball talent.
  2. Any word on Gilbert? No news is bad news imo.
  3. Roll Tide! Could never pull for UF in any sport at any time. I hope it is a blowout. Bama has always been my number 2 team behind the Dawgs. I have close family who are Bama alums and fans, plus my GF is a Bama fan.
  4. It kills me that we have been a more consistent program than LSU the last 20 years, yet even with that and turmoil at times they have won 3 natties in that time frame with 3 different coaches. SMH
  5. Yeah, I haven't heard anything about Washington leaving, just wondering since he only has 2 catches. Truthfully, I have watched him and he hasn't gotten a whole lot of separation at times from coverage. Monster blocker though.
  6. No inside info, but wouldn’t surprise me to see Washington head back out West.
  7. Don’t think so. Wasn’t he ejected in first half of game?
  8. Rumors on Bama boards that they are getting Maason Smith.
  9. LOL 0% chance The Turds lose to both UT and LSU, but miracles do happen!
  10. Smh these kids want to take their ball and go home if they don’t start as a Freshman. Not sure this is the case but sounds like it.
  11. Well if it’s a six team expanded playoff this year and we aren’t in it and the Gayturds are, then you can count me as a no vote!
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