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  1. LOL, yeah that reminded me of when Florida fans paid an airplane to fly over Sanford Stadium in the 90's during the only GA FL game to be played in Athens. They trounced us in the game and the sign behind the plane said, "Gators for Goff" . had to laugh at that!
  2. There are plenty of affordable tix on Stub Hub and Vivid. The cheapest ones are on the Gayturd side of the stadium. I saw Georgia side end zone tickets for around $80. Face is $70. Florida side tickets are going for around face for upper deck. Of course there is the StubHub fee and possible shipping fees also. Probably many for sale at the game. I got mine from a friend yesterday who decided not to go. Section 441. I haven't seen us beat them in person since 1989, so hopefully i break that streak this year!
  3. So sorry to hear about this. Prayers sent.
  4. I expect we will get UT's best shot. I'm not buying into the rumors that this team has quit on Beotch Jones. Having said that, I think we are able to run the ball successfully, play good defense, and continue the great ST work. Dawgs 27 Vols 20
  5. I think the Turds are in for a long year and I also think they will bite the bullet and run him out of there after this season.
  6. The ND game was by far my best road trip as a Dawg fan. Super fans (even students) who were polite and asking if we needed anything all day long. Courteous before, during and after the game as well. McEars should try and copy how they run a gameday there as far as taking care of the fans. Pristine campus with lots of history and incredible architecture. Wish we down South would keep things as neat and clean as they seem to do in many areas up North. Game was incredible. Godwin's catch was right in front of me. Still not sure how good we are. ND is an average team imo. Got to cut down penalties for sure. Fromm did fine for a Frosh starting his first game on the road at ND. OL is still a work in progress and will probably limit our success this year.
  7. I'd look for 3-4 OL to transfer after the season as they are passed over by younger guys for playing time.
  8. You are right. We have lost so many games to them where I thought we were the better team going into the game. They have beaten us the last 3 years with a pitiful offense. Going forward, that won't be the case, they are going to be able to put up some points.
  9. Don't look now, but the Gayturds are gonna be a handful in the next few years. Got Jacob Copeland yesterday at WR and will also add WR Anthony Schwartz. They are getting back that killer speed at WR that they had for many years and with Corral and his rocket arm throwing it down the field. Just saying, they are going to be a challenge for us.
  10. I've heard there are some concerns about his character as well.
  11. We may have to go after some juco help at DT. Just don't understand why we can't get a couple of studs for 2018. If we don't get Sandidge, I guess it will be a project in Walthour and who knows who else.
  12. What is everyone's thoughts on DL recruits John Mincey and Kingsley Engbare going to Arky and Sakerlina, respectively? I'm guessing our coaches are going after bigger fish.
  13. Not sure where I saw or heard that, but I'm pretty sure it is accurate. Yes, his son is Kenyatta Jr. who is committed to FSUa as a safety. I believe Watson wanted an analyst job and Kirby wasn't interested. We also didn't offer his son until after he had committed to FSU. It seems as of late that we are trying to get back in with his son as well as the other 19 kids who are committed or leaning to FSU
  14. I have heard that Fields' Dad has become good friends with Kenyatta Watson, hence the push to FSU. My gut tells me it will be FSU. Hope I am wrong.
  15. Apparently, Mom is a Sakerlina grad so that's where a lot of love for them comes from