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    I love football.Watching reality T.V and writing music.
  1. Vick has only gotten in trouble an been charged one time little dude.you have no proof to support your argument.WTF does maturity have to do with gambling nothing at all littleman.So i guess everyone who goes to the casino is immature.GTFOH!
  2. Once again smart guy,WTF does grammar on the message boards matter you are a lame.He is suspended indefinitely right now so when in fact Goodell does reinstate him.We will get something for him..Chump
  3. Actually Rodger Goodell is actually a huge Vick fan he said it in an interview when the incident happened.Thats why he waited so long to suspend him.He will be reinstated.I mean Ray lewis an Pacman jones have been charged with murder before.Killing a human...lol and not only that .Vick is a first time offender.So it aint like he is constantly in trouble,ya know.Vick will get another chance trust me.Do you have any idea how many chances Goodell has given Pacman?lol I LOST COUNT!
  4. You are gross dude an i would never type something of that nature you have been reported.
  5. First off i've read this non sense about what if we can trade or what if we cant.Anyone who has been a Falcon fan knows that Vick puts azzez in seats.He is the most exciting player in the NFL hands down.Some say well he will get suspended.HE HAS BEEN SUSPENDED ALMOST 2YEARS.It wouldnt make sense to suspend him again.DUH! Some people seem to forget who Vick is.Teams will give lots of money to get him.For one he is ONLY A FIRST TIME OFFENDER AND HE KILLED SOME DOGS BOO HOO who gives a ISH.They eat dogs and cats in China like some people hunt ,shoot an eat deers over here no difference.But the point im trying to make is there shouldnt even be a question will a team trade for him. THAT IS MICHEAL VICK HE HAS PLAYED FOR US AN WAS THE FACE OF THE NFL! Thats just weird for anyone to even question that.YOU THINK TEAMS CARE ABOUT PETA.NOBODY CARES ABOUT THEM ! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TEAMS NEED A QB IN THE LEAGUE RIGHT NOW?HUH?DO YA? AND WHEN THEY LET VICK BACK IN THE NFL HE WONT BE SUSPENDED.SOME PEOPLE COME UP WITH THE STRANGEST THINGS I SWEAR.I think i read a couple of posts where a certain kind of people said they want vick to get life in prison an die over some dag on dogs.How in the heck could you value an animal over a human being anyone who thinks that is just stupid.An then they wish death on him over animals an say they are christians,GTFOH! an we eat animals everyday fish,chicken,shrimp.Im sure those animals we eat wanted their lives also. But anyway a team will pick him up he has only been charged with one crime his entire carreer.The airport incident where he lossed them as a sponsor and when the facts came back that it wasnt weed.He wasnt charged.Unlike Phelps it took him a week to lose one endorsement..lol and they had proof on him on a photo an he also has a D.U.I on his record.Guess what happened to him???NOTHING they suspended him for 3mos and they even said he only will miss one meet thats not even important.Because he really doesn't have no major meets in 3mos.So all he lost was a sponsor and they have a photo of him thats B.S. Hmmmm if you try to say he flipped off fans.It was because he was defending one of his teamates that a fan was bashing.Jake Plummer did the same thing an it wasnt on ESPN for 3mos either. They talked about his for like a day an it was over.But anyway Vick has never caused us trouble except for the dog incident as a matter of fact this is his first time being suspended.So people take those facts into consideration when you wanna know if he will get traded.
  6. Ok this is just someone who is really bored! THIS IS A POINTLESS THREAD.Why would we get T.J when we have great depth at wide receiver.Tj is only good because of Chad.I dont think he is Number 1 receiver anyway.Just like Peerlless price was good because of Mosley.Just like Boldquin is good because of Fitzgerald none of those guys in my opinion are number 1 receivers.That just had another threat on the field with them.Our receivers are better IMHO. Stop making nonsense threads dude.
  7. Never bashed any of our players.Well except Brooking HE SUCKS.I actually say Roddy is good in this title and throughout this post i proved people wrong on why he is not and elite receiver.But i like i said earlier he is a hard worker and i think he may be one next season because he gets better every season.And next season will be his contract year.Thats usually when players turn into freaks of nature.Because they wanna make it known why they are worth a big contract.Roddy is good and i think he will be very well respected and make that known next season.
  8. Thanks man.You cant tell that other georigiaban dude nothing even if he prove him wrong he still thinks Roddy White is the best receiver in the league and thinks Roddy is better than Fitz and Andre.This dude is out of his mind and knows nothing about football.I mean its good hes a fan.But dude doesnt know how ******** that makes him look saying Roddy is better than Fitz.I mean this dude is saying LT is still elite.And aint nothing changed with the Chargers except Turner left and They have another back up also he is even better than LT so stop making excuses because LT sucks and you Fail once again georgiaban
  9. Dude you are out of your mind ?if you honestly believe that.Roddy is no where near FitZ Gerald'S LEVEL dude.The difference is Fitz make plays on the ball at its highest point,he has good body control,and leap ability to go up and snatch the ball out of the air,he has great hands unlike Roddy,well we can say Roddy has Ok hands.Fitz Catches the ball using his body to keep it away from defenders.And he doesnt DROP EASY PASSES LIKE RODDY SOMETIMES DOES AS A MATTER A FACT.I DONT THINK I EVER SEEN HIM DROP ONE.So for you to say Roddy would do the same thing on that AZ offense that is just crazy.
  10. Someone please read this guys post.LOL he makes no sense.He says Andre is better than Roddy because Roddy had back to back 1000 yard seaons.Dude you said Roddy is better than Andre.I mean seriously dude you need go back and read your posts.Roddy is no where near that guys level son.I hate to break it to you but,Andre has waaay better hands and body control than Roddy.He catches balls in double coverage better than Roddy has more receiving yards than Roddy and he doesnt have a Micheal Jenkins helping son.As a matter a fact Andre finished the regular season with 1575 yards dude.You have no idea what you are talking about littleman.He had more yards than Fitz.But alot of people didnt know that.He also can make one handed circus catches in the endzone.Which we still have yet to see Roddy do.As far as LT goes he is past his prime.he WAS elite.But no longer is.That young boy the chargers got is outdoing LT.So it aint their O-line and Philip wouldnt have had the type of year he had.So theres no excuse for LT.Easy the problem is him.You fail dude.
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