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  1. **** i wish you were mines i would give you a nice back an footrub and suck your toes ma.I am a very handsome dude.If you ever wanna chat hit me up. -flyfalconfan
  2. Well my dad went to GW for law and they used to have a decent basketball program but now I guess they're rebuilding...but no football. Who do you think I am?
  3. Sweeet dude. Those are some nice schools. Good luck getting in. When you graduate you can be Ookie's public defendent since he won't have anymore money.
  4. Well not this year. I have a few years to build my post count hahahah. I wouldn't put that though. Are you seriously applying to law schools?
  5. Bo Scaife's name reminds me of some kind of disease. I'm in 100% agreement on Bart Scott. He's an idiot too.
  6. I agree that Dawkins probably wouldn't want to move and we're NOT getting him but the difference between a SS and FS in are scheme isn't huge. We'd prefer two free safeties.
  7. May he join a threesome with Marshall Faulk and Robbie Alomar in ****.
  8. Polio is too good for him. I hope he sleeps with Robbie Alomar.
  9. Did it hit him in the helmet while his back was turned?
  10. So 1.4 wouldn't work for Clabo if we couldn't re-sign him? Screw Dahl lol...but I wouldn't be against him returning.
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