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  1. I love how if you don't criticise every breath the man takes, he's your hero.
  2. But yeah, it's that same thing as a "glamour magazine script"....whatever the **** that is.
  3. He doesn't like it because Obama did it. The idea is irrelevant.
  4. I like the idea of answering questions real-time in a forum like that. But of course you hate it.
  5. It's a ******* board game. Not the ******* Hope Diamond.
  6. "You **** libtards and your love of bloated government!" "Censor my internet please!"
  7. When is the rational discussion part of the show going to start?
  8. Deisel - 13.96 posts per day falcon_bob - 5.19 posts per day Tell me again how slow my days must be.
  9. Newsflash: we don't need to see the title to determine we don't care.
  10. Is it as bad as repeatedly posting political **** in a thread when you've been asked repeatedly not to? I'd look in a mirror before I call anyone juvenile. Hypocrite.
  11. I think anyone with an ounce of intelligence could realize I posted that as a joke to prove a point. My apologies if I damaged your delicate sensibilities. How is that relevant to my point?
  12. What is it with you and wanting people to watch YouTube videos? You have money invested in the ads or something?
  13. Steve is a fan of NY's ban on soft drinks over 16 oz. Kids could buy a 64 oz soda in seconds...can't monitor them 24/7. We don't want a nation of amped up fatties looking at porn and murderin' folk. Thanks government!
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