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  1. See, I was with you until the Obama part. This discussion isn't about him.
  2. TV is abolutely perfectly censored for children. Now, I'm going to watch the episode of Law and Order: SVU where the prisoner gets raped.
  3. Where in the **** did I put words in your mouth? Seriously, man...you have some sort of odd complex where you believe everyone that disagrees with you is a lib and every time your position is summarized, it's putting words in your mouth. I am against Government censorship. Period. It's not about beating off easier, as you've reiterated five thousand times in this thread. It's about the Government overreaching it's power. Because I believe, once you open that door, it's going to be **** hard to close it. Again, where do you stop once you start censoring things that kids can get their hands on?
  4. You do realize that I've been arguing that it's the parents job and not the government's in this whole thread, right?
  5. BTW, your whole argument was that they could access it places you couldn't watch them (friends, school, etc). So your rating system argument is irrelevant.
  6. You should've posted that from one of your alts.
  7. If the government's job is to censor things that we deem dangerous to our children, where does it stop? Where do you draw the line? Movies? Video Games? Music? Guns? Books? Personally, I prefer to live in a free country. One where the government isn't censoring things. But maybe that's just me...I'm not a bed wetting libtard.
  8. You mean putting words in people's mouths like saying the issue is the inability to jerk off easily enough? Hypocrite.
  9. You know what's awesome? Bringing politics into everything. Be sure to remind me when you start posting funny things. I can't wait.
  10. Romney 2012 Becomes First Political Campaign to Buy a Twitter Trending Topic http://gizmodo.com/5939123/romney-2012-becomes-first-political-campaign-to-buy-a-twitter-trending-topic
  11. My monopoly board just told me I'm going to die...
  12. I really hope the government censors the internet so our kids are safe from seeing T&A and becoming serial killers. Plus they'll have more time to beat and murder hookers on Grand Theft Auto. i can tell you one thing. We're definitely not against it because we don't want the government to censor the internet. It's all because we can't stop fapping long enough to worry about getting through filters. ****, I've already rubbed one out 6 times today. I don't have time to verify my age for some **** government comput....wait.....*FAP FAP FAP FAP*...what was I saying? But please, Steve. Tell us
  13. Have you ever tried it? I didn't think so.
  14. To be fair, I didn't think you were...but Steve definitely was.
  15. I have to believe Tommy Hanson is still hurt. Just bionic man his whole right arm in the offseason
  16. Full disclosure: I don't believe in ghosts or any of that nonsense. BUT, let's say for the sake of argument I did believe they existed. I have a hard time believing they're just hanging around watching you tie the belt around your neck and masturbate...unable to make contact until you buy a board game from toys r us that's mass produced in the Phillipines.
  17. Ouiji Boards are not real channels to spirits. It's a ******* board game made by Hasbro.
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