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  1. Still pretty worried about her I'm in pretty good shape.
  2. I am risen. Monarch had me locked in his basement. Oh the things he subjected me to. I enjoyed it.
  3. Been a while! How you ****** doing? I see Snake is spamming the board again. I thought he was supposed to stay away from the board for two years after the elections. What happened with that? Has it been two years already? Take it sleazy, nerds.
  4. In my defense, my record last season was 10-5. Just not off to the best start this year. Jason has been getting incredibly unlucky so far this season. I think before this series, his BABIP was around .100. He seems to be heating up finally though.
  5. How about this start to the Braves season??? Sorry about today. I went to the game for my birthday. I'm 0-3 on my birthday now. I think I'm going to stop the birthday games.
  6. Stay away from my ******* blurays, *****! The **** is going on in here?!
  7. I appreciate it, but I'm not back. I just wanted to swing by and see if there was a meltdown to enjoy. While Snake's post was entertaining as ****, I was mostly disappointed. I'm not sticking around after today. You ladies be good.
  8. I can't wait to get my obamaphone and free insurance courtesy of the rich! This is the best November ever.
  9. I can say with certainty, based on living in Woodstock, GA....this is demonstrably false.
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