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  1. He has absolutely ZERO fight for the ball. I've never seen anything like it. GO UP AND DO SOMETHING MAN. Two plays in a row that led to this. If that ball was thrown to Roddy I am 100% POSITIVE he goes up and at least knocks it down.
  2. Good Lord..... Ryan has absolutely NO time compared to Eli Manning who could do his taxes in the pocket.
  3. How did these CBs make it in the NFL? Dimitrioff needs to let someone else handle the CB scouting...
  4. Does anybody else already get that feeling when the ball is up in the air that it will most definitely be caught by anyone who isnt a Falcons CB?
  5. We will try to run the ball on this drive and it isnt going to work vs. this Giants front 7. I predict another 3 and out. Maybe 1 first down at the most...
  6. Man... Grimes looks like a little kid doesnt he? He looks about 5'7.
  7. He is the best Qb on our roster, he showed what he could do last year, and we paid him many many moneys. He will continue to lead this team.
  8. If the Eagles lose today vs the Chargers and we beat the Giants next week we are in a good position for taking the wild card. I know its early in the season but the NFC East teams are the guys we need to lose.
  9. Lets draft Jimmy Clausen next year... very accurate QB.
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