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  1. You Falcon fans are so whiny, how much fun would this board be if fans of the opposing team didn't come here to stir up the pot a little bit? This whole board would just be one big a$$-kissing fest.
  2. I for one, will be serving crow. It'll go great with the Falcon fan's tears on Monday
  3. I briefly rooted for the Falcons when they upset the Bears in the last 11 seconds of that game. That was a intense game, I gotta hand it to them.
  4. God, people like you are the worst kind of posters. "Hurr hurr hurr, everything that people say that disagrees with me is unintelligent, and therefore they are ******** Viqueens fans" You just suck. How about instead of constantly insulting peoples intelligence, you actually make a relevant point. I'm currently attending the University of Minnesota, where did you go to school smarty pants? Pseudo-intellectuals like you make me sick.
  5. Wow, Reggie Wayne got wide open.-- Did all the work for Manning. Watch, tomorrow ESPN and Sports Center are going to be talking about how great Peyton Manning is.
  6. Haha, atleast the Metrodome sells out. Georgia Dome's attendance is pathetic-- I haven't seen so many empty seats since the last Georgia-Tech Graduation Ceremony. :lol: :lol:
  7. You have obviously not seen Jared Allen play a SINGLE TIME. Watch highlights atleast, he picks up double teams, and sometimes even triple teams.-- Which is why his presence allowed Hali to have a few successful seasons with him, and without Jared Allen, Hali has only picked up 3 sacks all year. Heck, even Jared Allen picking up the double team allowed Kevin Williams to pick up 8.5 sacks this season.
  8. JA is the most feared DE in the league. I agree ! J-ared A-llen is the most feared in the league, finally.. we're seeing eye to eye. Yeah, Abraham can't play whistle to whistle like Jared Allen, I agree.--Also I'd like to see Abraham play with a dislocated shoulder/ Torn ACL. ****, he barely plays 50% of the snaps. Lets put all the stats together: Jared Allen: 14.5 Sacks, 48 Tackles, 3 FF, Two safeties. John Abraham- 15.5 sacks, 33 tackles, 3 FF--- Thats it.
  9. Yeah? and How many does he have without Jared Allen. 3 sacks.. thats it. For the whole season.
  10. Ah, so Jared has 6 sacks for the year.. something tells me you might be leaving something out--considering he has 14.5 for the season--despite playing with a dislocated shoulder and a torn ACL these past few games, Not to mention Jared Allen has two safeties. . Stupid Homer.-- Also unlike Abraham, Jared Allen isn't nonexistent against the run. Abraham is just an over-hyped, one-dimensional defensive- with his pathetic 33 tackles.
  11. I hate the Cowboys.. freakin' Yankees of the NFL. Its pretty hard to resist hating any team that call themselves "America's Team"
  12. God I'm sick of all this talk about Abraham, he isn't that great. The guy picked up most of his sacks off of the feeble offensive lines of the Lions, Chiefs, Raiders, The guy was almost a complete nonfactor against Philly,Chargers, Denver, Chicago, and Green Bay. He was even a nonfactor on the road against his Division Rivals. ( 0 Sacks @ Saints, 0 sacks @ Carolina, 1 sack @ TB. He only picked up 3 against TB at home because their scrambling QB Garcia was injured. Abraham sucks, he is WAY overrated, and the numbers show that. So you can all stop stroking him.. freakin' homers. Which is why h
  13. I'd stick with the CB leading the league in tackles. Winfield has been getting consistently snubbed the last 4 years, I'm sure even the Falcons know how that feels.
  14. Vikings Opponents W/L: GB- 5-9 IND- 10-4 CAR- 11-3 TEN- 12-2 NO- 7-7 DET- 0-14 CHI- 8-6 HOU- 7-7 TB- 9-5 JAC- 5-9 ARI- 8-6 Total: 82-72 Atlanta's Opponents W/L: DET- 0-14 TB- 9-5 KC- 2-12 CAR- 11-3 GB- 5-9 CHI- 8-6 PHI- 8-5-1 OAK- 3-11 NO- 7-7 DEN- 8-6 SD- 6-8 Total: 67-86-1 Oh look, our schedule is much harder than yours!.. Unlike you, numbers don't lie. Foot.Mouth.
  15. Impressive, he managed to light it up on worst Run-defenses in the league---at home. He has yet to put up impressive numbers against a top 10 Run D team, let alone a top 5. In the Carolina and TB games you posted, notice a pattern? He gets shut down on the road, but runs for 100+ in Georgia with division rivals. (Got shut down in the Superdome too) But he has consistently been awful on away games, unless he is running against the bottom 26th Run Defenses. Not impressive, at all. I agree with you guys, Ryan has a great passing game, and its definitely something for us to worry about. Then a
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