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  1. You're missing the point. My only point was they were relying on the history in the game to determine decision making for the last 6 min. Just because the rams were in a rut doesn't mean they couldn't have scored two TDs in the last minute. They were one of the highest scoring teams this year for God's sake. The decision to go for 2 has to be made in a vacuum. It's just an insurance policy. It's not bashing the ATL defense. It's just preparing for the worst.
  2. Just because you don't believe something will happen, doesn't mean you don't prepare for the worst case scenario. Do you buy car or health insurance? Homeowners insurance? Do you hedge your bets when you're at the track? You're really relying on the momentum argument as a defense? At this point (page 10) im never going to convince people of this super simple concept so I'm going to go start drinking for the dawgs tonight.
  3. Ok. So you know LA is going for two TDs regardless to either win or tie the game and you still want to go for 1 anyways. Got it.
  4. Why didn't NE show up in the first half of the Super Bowl? If instead it's the Patriots instead of the Rams, does that change your decision? I can't express enough that his decision has no bearing on how the defense is playing. The rams are going for 2 TDs no matter what. So knowing that piece information, why would you not go for 2 just to at least force a tie if they DO accomplish their goal? You'd rather win or lose the game in regular time regardless? That's insanity.
  5. I have a great Spades analogy that I think would solidify my point but I don't think many people play. I just hope DQ IS thinking. But a part of me just thinks he never thought of it. He probably saw he was up 13 pts and was comfortable being up two possessions. We're just lucky that explosive offense didn't show up in the last 5 min.
  6. The whole point of having a head coach is to go through what-ifs and hypotheticals during the game. What is the score and how much time is left and what is the worst case scenario and how do I account for that. Not going for 2 is simply the wrong decision. We can have debates on playcalling and other nebulous areas (since those are more complex and have more debatable elements) but this is just a no-brainer. Just because we won the game does not mean that going for 1 is the right decision. Whether we were up 10, 11, 12, 13, or 14 points we were going to play the same way regardless. Most likely a prevent defense and if we got the ball back we would try to burn the clock and waste their timeouts. And guess what, with under 6 minutes to play, the Rams are planning to going for 2 TDs REGARDLESS of the lead. There's just not enough time for 2 FGs and 1 TD even with 3 full timeouts (unless we repeated our SB woes and stopped the clock with incomplete passes).
  7. Again, going for two does not mean you don't trust your defense. It was a zero-risk decision. If he trusts his defense, then he should be fine with the possibility of failing the 2pt conversion, which would be two score game regardless.
  8. He went for it on 4th and inches and there was risk that Matt could have slipped and had a turnover on downs, putting LA in a good spot. He didn't got for 2pts, 2 yards away, even though there was no risk considering Rams needed two TDs to win in less than 5 min. DQ needs to know the value of risk between the two situations. If you're ok with him going for it on 4th down, you should be OK with him going for two to make it 2 TDs.
  9. Everyone on the field was slipping. Using that same argument, could any of the DBs (who are trying to make sharp cuts to react to routes) have slipped and given up a the score? Or we could just run it. This is where you say, "well what if we don't get it?", and where I say, for the 40th time, that a 12 point game and 13 point game are no different with less than 6 min left.
  10. The point, which you clearly missed, is that you don't make judgements based on a small set of data. Being scared that the defense will pick off Ryan or make Freeman fumble for a return 2 point conversion is madness. Do you not take flights because a plane once crashed?
  11. My honest opinion is that DQ just had a brain fart and didn't even think about a 2pt conversion. I actually think he was so excited that we scored a redzone TD that he instinctively just sent on the FG team without thinking. What's getting lost in all of this "criticism" is that....We all love DQ and just WANT him to do well. Changing and entire culture to a positive one and instilling a defense similar to SEA is extremely difficult...probably the hardest thing a coach can undertake. He's a great guy...And part of my criticism is that I want his hard work to get paid off...Which can be totally undone by these minor lapses in judgement.
  12. Do you also bet on black at the roulette table when the previous 4 numbers were black?
  13. Almost. No matter the scenario, once LA scores a TD, our offense more than likely is just going to try and burn clock. Getting a field goal is not a primary goal. The goal is to get 1st downs and run clock. Even if we get to the Ram's half of the field, we're still going to try to run out the clock.
  14. Mcveigh was probably thrilled when we went for the extra point. His team just needs to score two TDs and give as a three-and-out and they win the game.
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