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  1. William Moore looks bad on every play. Warrilow has his moments but Willy Mo is hot garbage
  2. I just re-watched the Tampa Bay game.. he played well except for the last throw. Nick Williams didnt come back for the ball on one 3rd down throw too that would have extended the drive and prevented them from getting the ball back
  3. I mean what's exciting about this team? Is there a bright future? I think not
  4. Too much money tied up in Ryan. We wouldn't be able to sign any players. We are Screwed.
  5. I was hoping Stafford would stink it up enough to possible make a straight up Ryan for Stafford trade
  6. i aid "dont flame me" LOL dont be mean you big ole meany head
  7. we are the ones that would have to throw in an extra pick.. Matty Ice in his 9th year
  8. Just hypothetical . Stafford could hit Julio deep . A LOT
  9. I was also thinking The Broncos for a #1 pick but seems as though they have found their QB now
  10. Stafford and Matty Ice.. Dont flame me, but after this season a straight trade. Matty for Stafford.
  11. FYI.. complaining about your teams performance isnt "Jumping Ship" . thats almost as dumb as people that whine about "Fake Fans'
  12. he couldn't even heave the ball 60 yards on the Hail Mary with a running start ., i think i threw 50 in Punt, Pass and Kick when is was 12. Something is up with him.. He's injured or something.. he has thrown so many "worm burners" this year .. See,s like he starts evert game with a few Worm Burners. he has regressed.. thats a fact . Im actually somewhat jealous of Tampa Bay's QB situation now..
  13. Holy crap i saw Beasley get basically tackled a few times in that game.. the Refs REALLY were favoring the Skins and i NEVER say stuff like that
  14. To me Grady Jarrett is the one that gets the MOST penetration on pass rush.. EVERY TIME
  15. Ya know who has 20K to blow on a seat license? Corporations.. its also a tax write-off as a business expense.. They are supposed to give them to clients.. Ya know what that means?? Bet theres lots of empty ones at every game. LOL
  16. Thats why i questioned us picking Jalen Collins.. But maybe the fact Alford is ballin means he can develop ? I would have much rather used that pick on a TE or OL but it is what it is.. Anyway.. Alford is really playing well. Oh and that interference call was TOTAL BS.. he had his head turned and was gping for the ball. Total BS call.. AND the holding call on TRU was total BS as well. I mean he didnt even touch the guy. Refs tried and tried to take this one from us.
  17. The crowd woke up in the 4th. They were mostly a golf clap crowd till then.. THIS is why a URGE people to get there early.. When people get there mid 1st qtr or right at kickoff , it takes a while to get fired up. If idiots would just show up and get their fannies in the seats like 10 minutes before the kickoff that would e HUGE..and DONT blame traffic, security, church or the Gay pride parade or your wife has to PEE ,, LEAVE YOUR HOUSE EARLY, or ride the **** train... the players would run out to a full house and that would help the team get fired up as well. GET THERE BEFORE THE KICKOFF ...CLOWNS !!!
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