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  1. abraham is a drunk

  2. agree. The first of many Katrina Ref calls on the day
  3. They are playing in Chattanooga in a week or so
  4. I been diggin this song by Santigold lately... remnds me of that 90's chick named RES and a little of Morcheeba
  5. The class detroys you.. I use kettlebells in the gym some so i thought I would be able to handle it.. But i almost wanted to quit.. BUt, the gym that has the classes, Studio Lotus, has Pliltes as well and a TON OF SUPER HOT CHICKS.. OMG the place is unreal.. I was like the only guy.. its an untapped goldmine
  6. Anybody ever done a KettleBell class? looked easy.. NO.. i did the class and thought i was gonna puke half way through
  7. do you work out?

  8. Anyone here ever tried Kettlebells? looks interesting.