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  1. William Moore looks bad on every play. Warrilow has his moments but Willy Mo is hot garbage
  2. I just re-watched the Tampa Bay game.. he played well except for the last throw. Nick Williams didnt come back for the ball on one 3rd down throw too that would have extended the drive and prevented them from getting the ball back
  3. I mean what's exciting about this team? Is there a bright future? I think not
  4. Too much money tied up in Ryan. We wouldn't be able to sign any players. We are Screwed.
  5. I was hoping Stafford would stink it up enough to possible make a straight up Ryan for Stafford trade
  6. i aid "dont flame me" LOL dont be mean you big ole meany head
  7. we are the ones that would have to throw in an extra pick.. Matty Ice in his 9th year
  8. Just hypothetical . Stafford could hit Julio deep . A LOT
  9. I was also thinking The Broncos for a #1 pick but seems as though they have found their QB now
  10. Stafford and Matty Ice.. Dont flame me, but after this season a straight trade. Matty for Stafford.
  11. FYI.. complaining about your teams performance isnt "Jumping Ship" . thats almost as dumb as people that whine about "Fake Fans'
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