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  1. Since he rotates, WHo goes in on run plays and is he any good?
  2. Can you pass that along to the Smith? It would help us out greatly. I think the same thrash is being spewed by both sides of this game. Peopl eare talking about Roddy white go off for 170 yards Truth be told it will be a bar fight.
  3. I have realized that most NFL fans are in the same boat. They love a team they aren't sure why but watching them makes you feel better and you are glad when they are on. The Porn and racial slurs are over the line. I welcome all ATL posters to avoid the thrash and go to Purplepride.org if you wish to speal to a group of educated Vikings fans. I think I may stick around here well after the game.
  4. You would think after all the pain, we woul dcome together instead of make things worst. Did I mention goign 12-4 an dgetting blown out by the GM in the championsip game 41-0?
  5. Most of these guys are fair wheather fans. They only show up when the team is winning. A true Min fan would tell you that you never put all your money on a bet on purple. Look at the 1998 game. Randy Moss drops the game sealing TD. Our Coach decides to run the ball vs. passing Our best Defensive player goes out for the season Our perfect kicker misses a gimmie kick You guys go the lenght of the field to tie the game up. Thinks about all that had to happen outside of you guys playing well for us to lose that game. That is just a long line of bumbles by the Vikes. They are like the girlfirend that cheats on you, promises to be faithful and then cheats again on you the day you forgive her. I'm not here to talk **** because I know my team blow your team out or get blown out in this game. Chances are, it coems down to 3-5 points.
  6. We ahve shut down most of the star WRs we played this year. Andre Johnson Steve Smith Matt Jones Jennings Harrison Wayne Byrant ETC...You may not agree but we are good at taking away the run and a teams best receiveing threat. Food for thought, please do the dishes.
  7. That sucks, They should atleast make it clever. Sorry it happened like that. I hate your team this week but i like a few of the people I have met here.
  8. Very nice and very respectful. I was expecting to see him eating the vikings remains. Nice to see it was a balanced cartoon.
  9. I wake up and there are nothing but **** the Vikings threads. Did some Vikes fans run amoke last night. I can't find a thread that they did it in? Everyone is scream screw the Vikings fan. I thought a few of us were atleast decent.
  10. Gants fans are going to say the same thing about you guys next week BTW!
  11. I like you gus I may stay after the game to help console you guys. Don't worry the playoffs are overrated. Your favorite players rather be golfing and we all know they rather go to the probooo..... :unsure: .. Too soon?
  12. Kevin Williams, Ej henderson? McKinnie Both teams have blown their share of draft picks. He-who-must-not-be-mentioned to say the least
  13. Not really, I will take 3 sacks for the Win. I can care less how many sacks Allen gets, aslong as he does his job and we win the game. JA can have 15 sacks, I care most about a W.
  14. Both of your guys ar worng. Strenght of schedule is the dumbest thing ever. In the NFL it's all about who gets hot. It has everything to do with when you pla a team. We blew out the Giants last year 41 - 13. I can assur eyou that it wasn't the same Giants team that beat NE in the Superbowl. Which team was the real Giants? Both!. We happen to play them when they are off their games. If half of the teams that beat DET played them now, they would lose some of those games. It's all about when you play a team.
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