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  1. AB needs to know what to do with this dumpster fire. The question is, who is at fault? Since the season is over, we should do an experiment to see if Shannahan is killing the team. Fire Shannahan now and let Ryan run the offense for the rest of the season. That should galvanize the team and improve the offense. If they lose and play like crap the rest of the way, then Arthur Blank needs to fire everyone in the offseason. Fire Thomas Dimitroff, Scott Pioli, Rich McKay, Dan Quinn, His entire Staff, Matt Ryan, and most of the players on both lines. Then start over. People will say this is extreme. But we don't have another year to see if this just "needs some more time" to work. While turnarounds don't always happen in a year, there should be real improvement. This season is arguably worse than the last two. Do NOT let it continue for another year. Take drastic action to see if there is anything to salvage. If not, we should start over immediately!
  2. My Bad! I definitely did not see the article earlier today, much less yesterday (or your thread). But, then again, I am not an "Insider"...
  3. Ron Jaworski just did an Insider Article ranking all 32 NFL quarterbacks. Matt Ryan is #4 on his list. I tend to agree with his assessment, except that Tom Brady should easily be #1. Is anyone able to post the full article? The teaser link is below: http://insider.espn....ing-league-best
  4. Koetter is starting to look like a liability. Now that people have film on his offense, they are all over us. And don't get me started on the use of Turner or the missing no huddle offense...
  5. The commentators are beyond ridiculous. I have never been unable to listen to a commentator, even when they are biased. But this is ridiculous. How can anyone be that impressed by Cam Newton? May have to get audio from the radio. Just ridiculous....
  6. I have a couple games that I cannot attend, and I would like my tickets to go to a Falcons fan. I apologize up-front because they are expensive. However, let me know if you are interested. I have 2 seats in Section 222, row 4, seats 13-14. I am selling tickets to the Arizona game (11/18) and the Saints Thursday night game (11/29). These are Verizon club seats in the section on the 50 YDL, row 4. I will include a free parking pass for the Red Deck below Falcons Landing, which has a private red carpet entrance for club ticket holders. I will take $525 for the Cardinals game and $675 for the Saints game. The tickets with the license fee cost mee $700 per game, so I am selling these at a loss even though I know they are expensive. Let me know if you are interested. I can take payment by PayPal and will mail the tickets and parking pass to you. Go Falcons!
  7. I think I enjoy the Saints losing more than I enjoy the Falcons winning. When the Falcons win, I start worrying about the next week. When the Saints lose, I get to enjoy it for months. Just fantastic! I love it. Love it. Love it. Suck it Brees!!!!!!!
  8. We didn't just lose a hard fought playoff game....we got blown out by an average team. There is this debate on the boards about whether we should be happy to make the playoffs or whether we should expect more and demand a Superbowl victory. Both sides are missing the point. Yes, only one team can win the Superbowl and, therefore, it is silly to say anything but a SB win is a failure. Yes, the losing seasons of the past are worse than what we have now, but that viewpoint ignores the most glaring thing about our recent playoff losses: we were not even remotely competitive. The Steelers lost yesterday and have to be terribly disappointed. But, upon further reflection, the Steelers have nothing to be embarassed about. They had injuries that limited them, and they came up against a QB who was really hot that day. But, even then, they fought back to tie the game. They played hard, and the game could have gone either way. Sure, they are disappointed, but you can expect losses in tight games sometimes in the playoffs. It is the nature of the NFL. My problem with the last two playoff games for the Falcons is they were annihilated. It's not like it was a hard fought game between two great teams that could have gone either way. We didn't show up, didn't look prepared, didn't fight against adversity, and didn't score a SINGLE point on offense. That is not a tough loss. That is an embarassment! So, the truth is, both sides of this debate are right about their points, but both are also wrong as applied to this situation. Winning seasons matter, and you can't win the Superbowl every year. However, you CAN at least show up and play in the postseason. I don't know what the answers are, but I do know that the status quo is unacceptable. As a season ticket holder, I want to know what I am being asked to buy next year. Because, if this is it, I am done. I will still be a fan. But this performance cannot possibly justify the enormous expense I incur year in and year out. It is time for something better.
  9. If Lions could have stopped the Saints and refs 2 more times, they would have won.
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