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  1. My god brother, sorry I didn't see this sooner. Hope your watching over our Cowboys from heaven. RIP man.
  2. Its not really a bad move, we are rumored to be moving to a 4-3 D and Rob Ryan wouldn't be a fit here. The Ryan family for the most part is a both of blow hards
  3. Please punk these Seahawks. I hope someone levels Shermans *** and wakes him up. Also, I heard my cowboy buddy on here Pencilpusher passed away. Is that true?!?
  4. I'm glad they're leaving the farm. Finally will see some walker action. Hopefully Sophia mom will kill herself, so I don't have to hear her crying all the time about her ******** dead kid.
  5. He is on waivers, so I doubt the Bears have any shot at him with their current record. I think Seahawks claims him. Or even the Redskins.
  6. Packers are gonna have to find a run game sometime soon.
  7. I hope they find her as a walker and blow her head off. Then dismember her body and feed it to the walkers in the barn.
  8. Show is turning into garbage with the Sophia search.
  9. Once again the Giants fall apart in the 2nd half of the season.
  10. 6-8 weeks. Your looking at maybe being back by playoff time. Forte can carry the load and people underrated Hanie who was pretty close to taking that team to the SB.
  11. You could be the Buccies and fail on 2 onside kicks. Which IMO cost them that game. Pathetic play calling by a coach who oddly looks a lot like Radio.
  12. I hope not. This was clearly staged and wasn't that funny.
  13. Actually no. The media does have some level of caring about the Falcons. But that is only because of the crap talker Roddy White is. Usually comes back to bite him in the butt. But other than that and the dog killer QB you had before. And I bet you do care what the media thinks. Every fan does regardless of what they say. If they saying you suck, people would come on this board saying they don't know football.
  14. He will say...Vick play style is different than Romo, he relies on his scrambling ability to create mismatches.
  15. Pretty much it Van. I think Falcon fans are just jealous the media could careless about the Falcons. Unless they have a dog killing QB.
  16. I'm glad. I feel bad for picking on the slower people. 37 year old, pot smoker
  17. I'm sure your mother is so proud of a pot smoking son.
  18. I bet you do. After you got owned in that other thread and deleted all your post.
  19. You could probably cut your Punter and just have Ryan throw up a deep ball for your Punts.
  20. Another ignorant Falcon fan. Ya'll come out in bunches. I have met/seen very few intelligent Falcon fans on here.
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