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  1. It was the end of the 1st Quarter. The Falcons were lined up and ready to run a play meaning the refs were just gonna let that call go, but time ran out and the 1st Q ended so they had time to discuss it.
  2. If you were expecting alford to be a shut down corner on the other side of trufant, I don't know what to tell ya. My expectations were for him to get give up a handful of plays but also get an interception here and there, ala Asante Samuel.
  3. Who said this. This might be one of the the most useless fact I've seen. Our opponents are a combined 0-4 bc they lost half their freaking games to us.
  4. Ok I loved this last draft as much as the next guy but we're gonna have to slow our roll. The season hasn't even started yet, so we havent hit on anything as far as im concerned. For all we know, the lights could come on for collins and he could be the best player out of this draft.
  5. that cheered me up a bit, and carolina lost as well
  6. Today was my first time going to training camp and it was pretty awesome I gotta say, I appreciate even more what you do. I barely noticed any of the things you picked up on while watching. Good job man.
  7. well this was an unexpected suprise I dont usually post here, but I read the forums almost everyday thanks guys and go falcons
  8. well, out D usually plays good after the O ****s up hopefully thats the case now
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