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  1. The only problem I have with Quinn (besides the Shanny fire) is the substitutions. We need to put our best 11 out there and the lack of 3 lber sets. I think the D has played decent until today.
  2. Worrilow made the play by catching a ball that was thrown directly to him. He didn't make any outstanding athletic play. He did what he should have done and caught the ball. Glad he made the play BUT his position needs to be upgraded asap.
  3. This guy is way to cute. He needs to go!
  4. ASSUMING the new GM hit on the picks which is a big assumption I wouldn't be opposed to it. I would rather build a great team than invest heavily into 2 good but not great players.
  5. The holding penalty was bad but I agree No Gimmicks you run the ball right there because time off the clock is more important than a fg. After you had one bad thing happen you don't compound it by throwing the ball which could result in an incomplete pass and no time off the clock. I would have preferred a kneel to throwing the ball. All I know is less time equals more pressure on our opponent and you never know what would happen.
  6. Actually doesn't make sense to call the timeout. They were still piled up and additional time would have ran off if we didn't call the timeout... it would have made the Lions hurry with whatever decision they made. If they spiked the ball it would have been hurried...if they rushed out the FG unit it would have been hurried. Either could have led to penalties or Lions' mistakes but the FG attempt would have been from further out no matter which they did. Calling the timeout led to the Lions getting 4 plays in 25 seconds (running play that led to defensive holding and 5 additional yards, kneel, spike and then the FG attempt). As usual we did our best to not put pressure on the other team.
  7. Right there with you. I was physically ill after I left the dome after the NFCG in 2012 and I decided I was too vested in this team. Pretty sure I am done with year.
  8. I was a Nolan fan but I must admit I am tired of him and the whole regimen. This one play sums up my frustration with the D coordinator. On the draw play that started around the 6 the personnel on the field was 4 DL(all DEs- Goodman, Osi, Mass and I believe Kroy), 1 LB (Worrilow) and 6 DBs ( 3 corners and 3 safeties). I said before the play they are going to run it because of the personnel and BAM TD. I have watched this for 3 games now. Stop getting cute and play the best 11. We don't have the talent to do this type of stuff and even if we did you don't do it there. The coaching staff appears clueless. Frustrating!
  9. Decoud has always been horrible. He made the pro bowl because he had 6 ints and they went off stats but if they watched every snap like we do they would know he didn't warrant pro bowl contention. I have never seen a player take the angles he does and do the negative things that don't show up in stats. He is poor in coverage, loses contain when he should force plays inside, miss tackles in the most futile manner ever(I never seen a pro player continually missing tackles at the ankles) and try and jump around contact instead of influencing plays with some physical play(even when the blockers are receivers). I can't figure out how this guy is on the field.
  10. This is amazing. I don't think Blalock is even avg. Even with Sam Baker this line isn't better. You let guys like Clabo(would have played better here) and Dahl go and have this for your line. Still not sold on our young defense though.
  11. I will play. I don't hate TD but I think he is overrated. His 2008 draft was by far his best but it is average at best. Ryan is the only slightly above average to good player from that draft. His 2009 draft gave you only 2 avg football players in Moore and Jerry(avg means they should be on a roster not necessarily starters). His 2010 draft maybe 2 avg again Peters and Weatherspoon. His 2011 draft a good player in Julio and an avg player in Rodgers. His 2012 draft has been horrible no avg players. The 2013 draft looks like 2 avg players again in Alford and Trufant. Even in his decent draft picks can be scrutinized because of what he gave up to get them. Now if you want to look at free agency you can say Gonzo and Turner(held on to him 2 yrs too long) were good but that is it. You also have to look at what he re-signed in Baker, Moore and Decoud and didn't re-sign in Dahl, Clabo, Abraham and Grimes. Like I said I don't hate him but I believe he doesn't warrant high praise and I lean more on the side of not trusting him to fix the lines on this team.
  12. One can only hope and pray but I thought this before and they re-upped him
  13. The fact this guy is still on the field is one of the issues I have with this regimen.
  14. Hey guys. I apologize for using the message board for my own therapy session but this loss has really stuck with me. I think it is because I was at the dome screaming my head off trying to will this team to a win. Here is my opinion of what happened: Mike Nolan needs more talent. He threw the kitchen sink at the 49ers but we just lack talent. He did exactly what I told my friends we should. He mixed 3 DT's, 3 safeties, 3 DE's and nickel including Owens to get as much speed on the field as possible. The only problem I have with Nolan is when they started carving up the zone then we should have adjusted and went to man. I know why they were concerned with man to man coverage but zone wasn't working so try more man coverage. The last 2 play calls in the red zone drove me crazy. I have complained for years about that roll out play and why Koetter called it in that situation I will never know. Ryan is not a run threat so why roll him out. You take half the field out of play and you are already playing in a condensed area. Then to take a shot at Roddy that short on the 4th play was puzzling. Whether he was interfered with or not I just don't like that. I would have rather taken 2 shots at Gonzo with anyone on that D trying to guard him. **** I would rather taken a jump ball with Julio. I really think that roll out play is bothering me even more than the interception and fumble. I think the importance of that play would dictate using your best play call and I don't see how anyone can determine that play was the best call. Anyway, I appreciate the ability to vent... this one hurts. I am a lifetime fan and just can't shake this loss.
  15. I agree that Turner didn't cost us the game but I really don't understand how anyone can argue that he is beyond ineffective. We all watch games every week were running backs gain yards on plays that aren't blocked correctly and then we watch Turner run up the backs of lineman all game. He is ineffective in the run and passing game. He should be replaced sooner than later. We need a versatile home run threat back there to compliment our other weapons.
  16. Matt is quickly becoming an elite qb however that win is more on Roddy for competing for that ball than Matt. Matt will get all the credit and blame because he is the qb but Roddy really made that comeback.
  17. B Not in love with the FB pick but I understand it. I am happy with the other picks. I hope they all pan out especially the oline picks. This is a position we have neglected for way too long.
  18. I rarely make comments like this but you sir are an idiot. A kid has a right to walk to a store buy candy and tea and walk safely home without being stalked/followed regardless of his race. The 911 operator told him they didn't need him to continue following him and he did. Not sure what you expect a 17 yr old CHILD to do (especially in this time with weirdos) when a GROWN man is following him. Who was really acting like the criminal?
  19. Exactly...the way Atlanta played this year(mostly zone) wr's could have been passed to other parts of the zone and could have been other players responsibilities. These stats don't speak to Grimes or Robinson's abilities.
  20. Not really sure what you mean exactly but I agree we need a vertical threat at TE. This team really could use starters up and down both lines and quality depth behind that.
  21. 3-4 or 4-3 we need to get faster and more violent. I would rather us hit some people in the mouth and get off the field on 3rd down.
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