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  1. Hahahahah I was kidding too man. I don't know how anyone could hate someone on the internet unless they were just that pathetic and it was their lift or something. I knew you weren't serious so I just threw that out there jokingly.
  2. I am not gloating about anything. I am laughing at your way of thinking. You most likely wish the Panthers would all die in a plane crash just because we won the division this year. Not because you think we play dirty, cheat, or have an arrogant/cocky organization. You're the joke, not your team. Speak for yourself! Not everyone on this board hates this particular poster, LOL. I am starting to actually feel sorry for what life you may live on the outside with all the uncalled for hate you have.
  3. Ohh. Our "vile" organization? What makes our organization so vile? The fact that we had a better record than your team in the division? Bahahahahaha what a joke...
  4. Lol, yea im shaking in my sketchers. I am on here because I enjoy trading good conversation with some of the members on this board. Is that a problem for you? I didn't expect you to see any light, you won't even take into consideration opinions of your own nation so I wouldn't expect you to change your ignorant ways just from my statement. I thought perhaps you would see how ridiculous you actually sound and cut your other board members a break for thinking differently than you.
  5. Its comical how much you worry about other teams because of your own team's failure. Then, you go and make a thread trying to get other fans to jump on your bandwagon and root for the Cardinals even though you have already discussed your reasons for not wanting the PANTHERS to win in every other thread where the subject was previously discussed. The Cardinals disrespected your franchise with the Dirty Bird dance, and also there was controversy over the Cardinals having inside information on your snap count. Yet, you would rather root for them to win simply because you wouldn't want to face a P
  6. I wish them luck in trying to jump our snap count. Jake specializes in hard counts to get the defense to jump offsides in order to have a free play down field to Smith. Arizona did a decent job holding us back in the last game until we began picking their defense apart and to away the lead. What they should be most focused on in this game is making sure their kicker's holder and handle a snap from the LS when the game is on the line. That was almost the reason they lost the game.
  7. If you guys were able to pick up Albert Haynesworth the Falcons would have the best and scariest D-Line in football.. Abraham, Jackson, Babineaux, and Haynesworth... Ahhhhh gives me shivers just thinking about it!
  8. I missed it during the game I guess. What the **** is the Dirty Bird dance? I tried to You Tube it and this was all I came up with. I sure hope you guys aren't considering Antrel doing this dance as a slap in the face. Lol. I sure wouldn't.
  9. Reggie Bush is a borderline bust?? If they would actually get a Punt/Kick return specialist to keep him from running head on into brick walls throughout the year he wouldn't be injure to some extent every year and could have a break out season in the backfield in New Orleans IMO.
  10. How is he less than a fan for pulling for a team in the same division after his team isn't able to continue in the post season??? How are the Panthers directly responsible for the Falcons not making the playoffs? Because of our success? Hahaha that's the dumbest statement I have heard all day (No Offense to your own intelligence). Everyone has an even opportunity to get into the playoffs. Actually if you look at our losses compared to your losses. We lost to Minnesota, Tampa Bay, Atlanta, and NY Giants (3/4 who were playoff teams this year). The Falcons lost to Tampa Bay, Carolina, Philadelphi
  11. It will be a tough game this upcoming weekend. However, we do have the home field advantage in the playoff atmosphere. I think we have seen the best Arizona could do defensively against us in our first meeting. We will be improved defensively if we can get both of our starting DTs healthy for the game which we haven't had for the past 3 games. We will have to apply pressure to the strong side against Warner forcing him to throw across the field, giving our DBs time to get back into position.
  12. Wow.. Pretty harsh. It would be tough to beat a ghost though.
  13. Yes there were worse.. I would like to apologize for them as well. It sucks having fans as bad as that who disgrace the team and other fans alike. I mean afterall it is just a game in the end. We are all civilized people and wouldn't bash each other like some do on the internet in real life. Well..... Unless you were a Philadelphia Eagles or Oakland Raiders fan. LOL.
  14. Hahaha.. Well look at it this way. At least we aren't the Bucaneers.
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