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  1. As much as I like having Jones we gave up the world...
  2. More like, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes first playoff win, then comes the lombardi trophy
  3. So we should hit up Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman?
  4. This makes me feel a little better about our loss to GB, especially if this continues.
  5. Yeah I loved the pro bowl skills challenges, and the HOF/veteran player football game etc
  6. What are you talking about, pinpoint timing passing has been the bread and butter of Ryan's pro career. Why do you think White caught so many **** passes this year.
  7. White had his best year, Ryan had his best year, most players on the defense like Grimes, Moore and etc had their best years. Spoon was a rookie, Jerry and HD are still recovering from serious knee injuries. Honestly man, you are a troll and anyone who can't see it is ********. Want proof. -1985 rep, which means you should be banned right now. Too bad mods around here don't do anything... Honestly man... REAL Falcons fans know that we will improve next year, we have a harder schedule and played over our talent level last year so the record might not indicate that but we will be better. If y
  8. I would love for us to bring Megatron home, but the Lions will probably ask for too much. The Cards basically want a whole new offense for Fitz which is ridiculous but at least he can opt out of his contract.
  9. Dude, just give it up, everyone here see's your agenda you ******** troll.
  10. Oh my god, it's just the **** Pro Bowl. Trolls around here need to give it a rest. We don't care about your agenda! You don't like Matt Ryan? Good for you we don't need to hear it every post.
  11. Did someone seriously say Ryan had a better defense when they played Green Bay? lol Man this thread went from a pleasant discussion about our present QB chatting it up with our old QB in the Pro Bowl to the same old **** that is all over this forum. People take this stuff way too seriously talking in all caps like they are screaming at the computer. Can we get some more mods on this forum that can make sure threads actually stay on topic? Tired of Vick sucks this, Vick rules that. It makes me cringe everytime I come on here and I know a lot of people are sick of it. Threads have titles for a r
  12. You kidding me right? Ben Rapistberger gets **** all the time. You really expect to go to a Falcons message board and not expect Vick's old fanbase to bash him to **** and hold him to a different standard? Some people will never move on, as I quoted in my last post.
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