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  1. I wear the same blue jeans the same red Jessie Tuggle jersey I drink out of my own glass at my sports bar we havnt lost yet this season when I've done all this. Lets go falcons
  2. I'm from the philly area and the bar was crazy last night. great game eagles cant wait to see you guys in the championship game. GO FALCONS
  3. From New Castle aka THE CASTLE in the first state Delaware been a fan since 89 we dont have a home team yea philly and b-more are 30 mins each way but I dont live in PA or MD. Go FALCONS
  4. Amen people always ask me why am I a falcon fan blah blah blah you should pick a real team blah blah blah. I love my team.
  5. New Castle DE 5mins from delaware memorial bridge
  6. just bring back up top so everybody can see
  7. thats high school not the nfl you couldnt clean his shoes
  8. Whats going on my fine feathered friends. Whats everybody doing for sundays game? I've got a great place for everybody to get together to watch the game. Beers are real cheap food is real cheap lots of big tv's. I've got 4-5 people there with me every weekend want to know if any other falcon fans would like to come watch us clinch(panthers ARE going to lose no doubt) the NFC SOUTH. Well hope some of you want to come watch the greates team play with us. Mod please dont move theres no traffic any where else thanks
  9. I think we can beat any NFC team but them AFC teams are little scary. DoubleTrouble good deal on your 14 blocks are we going to see you in the WNBA??
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