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  1. Can someone please tell me what the hhell deangelo hall does at the end of a pick. Where he gets on his knees and acts like he just saved the world. Act like you've been there before, seriously... Chevis, Kroy, Curtis, JPW, Franks, and C. Peters looked great tonight, very excited
  2. right. the nfl.com would probably be my last option. im really looking for a way to watch it live on the internet any suggestions
  3. in case i cant find anything local showing the falcons game, does anyone have any internet solutions thanks
  4. thanks for the list, ill try to find one. thanks for all the help
  5. well thanks for your help, i do drive however, ive bugged the **** out of my folks and they wont budge. 300$ is just for sunday ticked, we would have to switch from comcast to directv which is even more last year, i usually found some way to find the game on the internet and watched it on the laptop in horrible clarity, but i was content seeing what looked like big 33 bursting through the hole or ryan finding white for a 3rd down reception. im looking for a way to do that, i just dont know what sites or str ee ms work anymore this season. thank you for your help, whenfalconswin
  6. I dont have directv and absolutely wont miss this game. can anyone in the falcon community help me out pm's are appreciated. thanks to all.
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