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  1. He's a smart kid will take sometime but once his head stops spinning and he starts to learn everything than his confidence will come out (like it did today) and u will see this kid shine
  2. http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=tzxBg44OH4o&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DtzxBg44OH4o%26feature%3Dyoutu.be
  3. Very nice best mock I have seen. I'm not sure some if the guys will b there but would love it if they were and we took them like Goodwin. Didn't Alford have a off the field issue?
  4. No way we would take green over Arthur brown who we have met with and is a much better and polished player and actually worth a 1st round pick. One thing we know about TD is he likes players with high motors jenkins from Georgia is def not one of those guys
  5. Bet earl thomas is still cleaning the "quizz" out of his face haha http://m.deadspin.com/5975892/jacquizz-rodgers-will-quizz-on-your-face-according-to-his-t+shirt
  6. Randall Cunningham?? Might want to fix that but other than that nice write up
  7. The key to this game depends on the health of Asante and Moore. Eli will not throw at Asante. Not to say he is scared of him but he has admitted its to dangerous to test him. Won't b surprised if they take a deep shot on him however like everyone does once. That's where Moore will b waiting for the layout hit or int. Like most of u I'm not real worried about our D. We have seen dirk put together great game plans and I believe he will do so again this week. Like someone else said I expect it to b similar to the way we played the eagles. I live in Ny and have to listen to and deal with the medi
  8. Brent didnt block me but miko did. Aparently their was someone really harrassing them from what i understand so they both deleted that person and anyone following them. Im not following that person so not sure y she deleted me. Btw i followed u @BrandonJ2383
  9. Mularkey is the reason Harry Douglas isnt in the solid contributer section
  10. How come every team has a superstar modeling their uniforms but we have Justin Blalock representing us?? Yea have a fat guy model ur new jersey that will make it look real good...
  11. Would love to get a Trumain Johnson or Boykin with our second pick although idt its as big a need as some of these guys who do these mocks think. Would love Branch but no way he makes it to 55. While i agree our biggest needs r on the D im still praying fleener some how falls to us
  12. Roddy wont b happy he was pushing the falcons to resign Weems last night on twitter after we signed back HD. Sad to see Weems go cause i believe he really could have been a good weapon on this team and more then just a special team ace. To me the Bears signing him really doesnt make any sence
  13. Very possible it wont b announced till later or a few days by the media. Like i said this guy is that good sometimes. This time i hope he is wrong tho
  14. BREAKING NFL NEWS**Source: The Buccaneers have agreed in principle on a deal with (LB) Lofton (Media will get this later) #IBN Lets roll
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