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  1. So you're saying the talent level disparity between Ryan/Redman and Abraham/Sidbury is equivalent to Blalock/Valdez, Johnson, Reynolds, etc.? Interesting theory. And if you don't think a QB or RE is more important than a guard, well then, I really can't help you. And you may want to keep in mind the Bucs salary cap situation as compared to ours. Who do you think has the luxury of paying more to an above average guard (which Joseph and Blalock both are)
  2. I guess we'll find out next year then when it comes to re-up/add.
  3. Because a LG is as important as QB and the #1 pass rusher, right? Come on. And tell me there's no a major difference between Ryan's and Abraham's quality of play as compared to Blalock? I was all for bringing Blalock back. I don't ever recall saying I didn't, or that he was even a bad player. But it's just too much for a team that is pushing the cap.
  4. So let me get this straight. You have to be a pro to evaluate players and criticize moves? What's the point of this board then?
  5. When you've acquired depth, yes. You get the comp pick, you plug in your depth, and then you allocate the resources elsewhere. ie Re Up someone really good like Lofton instead of an above average guard.
  6. Do you still believe he's got untapped potential at 27? I think that's really the only way you can justify this kind of deal.
  7. I'm sorry to those who I "offended" with this, but a cash strapped team (who has done a good job of acquiring OL depth) just cannot afford to spend this much on a player who has had one good season mixed in with a bunch of bad ones.
  8. And check out how he graded before last year.
  9. Terrible job by Dimitroff. Last year was the first year he was a good football player. Disgusting contract.
  10. Thanks, I was looking for something like this. Looks like we should be able to bring back Blalock. Hopefully with some restructuring, or tweaking in the Edwards/Clabo deals, we can fit a nickel corner as well.
  11. So basically, we have no room to sign anyone else?
  12. Just curious if anyone knows about how much we are looking at? I've seen people calling for Zach Miller, Blalock, a nickel corner, re up Grimes and Weems, etc. I just can't imagine we have that much room left...
  13. I think Jenkins will be back, unless someone vastly overpays him out of desperation. He was just making too much money for his new role.
  14. It only makes sense if the Giants are giving him away. We need draft picks. Our roster is getting pricey.
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