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  1. I am not cooking a dayum thing today, lol. At some point I'll have some friends over and throwdown but it ain't today. My wife will cook me some pancakes in a bit. Then I gotta pressure wash some outdoor chairs for her. Then she'll go grab a pizza or something for the game. Tonight we're having grilled pork chops with whatever sides we come up with. Just looking to chill today, a Falcons and Braves win would be great!
  2. Man, I got to be honest. My life has been pretty much the same old grind for it seems like forever, nothing new under the sun. I don't come on here much during the off season and even when I do, I mostly lurk.
  3. Lou my boy! Long time brotha! What have you been up to?
  4. I will have to try it sometime. I was listening to 92.9 the game and a guy on there was talking about it, said he put it on his sandwich as a condiment, lol. I think they are looking to 1 up Popeyes who is stealing CFAs thunder with their new chicken sandwiches, which are KILLER!
  5. Who are they? I know about Mac & Cheese, this Mack dude seems sketchy if you ask me.
  6. New York Patriots you say? Tell me more.
  7. Who the **** is Chang Tsung? Is that Shang's little brother?
  8. Been here since 2008 but a lot of those you mentioned are still around.
  9. HAHAHA! Thanks! I got into making sourdough about 2 months ago, I ordered some wild yeast that's from an island off of Italy and cultivated a "starter" that I have to feed about every 10-14 days to keep it active and it makes killer pizza dough. It's the only thing growing in there so we're good, lol
  10. Since WFW quoted me, I figured I'd post a little pizza I made recently. I made a dough from Ischia wild yeast from a sourdough starter I have growing in the fridge. I made some San Marzano sauce. Topped with some hand grated mozz and fresh mozz and fresh basil, a little evoo and parm. I made about 5 of these, there are never leftovers, lol.
  11. If the water meter can be found then so can the water line. If it's metal, it can be charged with electricity (12v) and can be found easily with a utility locator. If it's a plastic water line, it will have to be cut and a fish tape ran through it and then the fishtape will need to be charged and found in the same manor as a metal pipe. Alternately (and harder) you find the meter and dig up the existing pipe and follow it.
  12. Let me stray from the subject briefly. I have to say that the seats in this car are pure ****. They look like leather but do not feel like leather. Why? Because they're NOT leather! They're freakin' vinyl for the most part. Leatherette if you will. BMW gave them a fancy name, calling them SENSATEC, lol. I can't believe that a BMW would have vinyl. Apparently they don't typically put leather in cars under $50K. Ridiculous! At any rate, that's not where the fun ends. The seats in Z4s are known to have issues with the back of the seat popping off. Again, insane. So rather than try and do seat surgery on the driver's side seat (passenger side was fine) I decided to just put seat covers over them. The ones I went with actually look more like leather than the "SENSATEC" and have fabric in the middle. They consist of 5 pieces per seat. A back section with a pocket, a slip over section, the seat portion, a head rest cover and a neck pillow. This solution keeps the seat back on and is a VAST improvement in looks to boot. If anyone is interested, these are universal fit for sport seats and also can be ordered as a front and back seat combo if you have an SUV or truck. Comparison to the passenger seat which hasn't been covered yet Various shots So....if you have a car with ****** seats like this Z4 has and you want to make them look decent, go to and look at the Rixxu seat covers. I recommend them highly! These were $93.00 plus taxes, $100.00 w/ free shipping. Great deal in my opinion.
  13. WOW! That's insane! What motor was in that car? I hope it's not what's in my wife's car. Hers is a 3.0i N52 I think it is.
  14. Lol. I'm sure you'll be fine. Cars are built better these days. I bought my wife a Nissan Pulsar NX. It looked cool but it was a flaming piece of poop! It blew a motor.
  15. Can't go wrong with either. That is good mileage for a 2011. The Z4 I just got is 13 years old with 88,000 so that's something good going for it I guess, lol. My brother's GF just bought a 2014 Acura RDX with 102,000 on it. That's about average these days though I think.