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  1. I've done this with Chicken. I call it "Pam Anderson" chicken, lol
  2. It's a big grill, here's a pic of it assembled next to my scooter for scale.
  3. BTW, I just ordered that Pitboss, lol! $321.00 after taxes. Ain't bad at all! ***EDIT*** Well, it turns out they sold it to me w/o having it in stock! Tried to pass off the cheaper Camp Chef instead. Really ticked me off. The lady said they overrode the computer to enter it in. I couldn't believe that they thought I'd just take it and not notice! I told her it would be like my buying a 10 speed online and showing up to the store to pick it up and them trying to send me off with a kids bike. So, that got refunded. The good news is that I found it at another Walmart for $260.00 out the door! I called and made sure they had it before ordering. The bad news is that I have to drive from one side of I-20 to the other, lol. Conyers to Lithia Springs. Oh well.
  4. After doing a little investigating, I see that the Cabella's brand pellet grill is actually made by Camp Chef. They make great products so I think you'll be happy with it. A great bargain on a pellet grill is the Pitboss 700FB. Wally World has it for $300.00 if you pick up in store. That's a helluva deal! It lets you Flame Broil food also, nice feature. The Cabella's is nicer but that PB can't be beat for cooking space per $$$$.
  5. I don't know which one they have but I can tell you that you'll love it! I have had 2, down to 1 but most likely will be buying another one (bigger). They have become a lot more popular in the last couple of years and due to that, the cost of pellets have come WAY down. I say go for it!
  6. I am torn on it. I like "gaining" that extra hour of sleep but then you get used to it and BAM, it's gets taken away and you're dragging arse to get acclimated to the new time again, lol!
  7. I think Dwight has issues, don't get me wrong. I just don't like that we brought him here, KNOWING that and then ship him out after one season. Compared to what we have, yes I do believe cutting him was a premature move. That's just my opinion though. The reality is that I see both sides of the coin so I can see how some are glad he is gone. From what I've read (true or not) some of the players have said they were glad he's out so I have to defer to the people in the front office for making the move as they know far more about things such as this than I do so I will just sit back, be a fan. You know as well as I do though, players ALWAYS show out against the team they just left. That's just how it goes.
  8. Jake is okay, not great. He has his moments. He hasn't really progressed since his rookie season. Back then I thought he was raw and was going to develop into something special. That "Matthews" pedigree just hasn't come to fruition yet and I doubt he'll get much better than he is right now. At least he's better than Sam Baker!
  9. Dwight got 20 and 15 boards. Yeah, glad they traded him.
  10. I will admit that I didn't click the source link, lol. The main premise of my post was that there's no need getting upset over stuff. Let people be people, even if it means they are foolish (in your eyes). I don't get upset over internet stuff like I used to, it's wasted energy. I give everyone an "A" and expect them to be cool, it's up to them to keep that "A" but I do know going into it that people will let you down, so I just roll with it. I can only control me and what I do and I TRY to put my best foot forward but I am human so I have my days like everyone else where I am not at my best. Just my two cents, I don't mean any harm or disrespect. Have a good day everyone!
  11. Just curious as to why you're going off on him like that @MACK4ttACK? I've seen far worse stuff posted than that, without even having support. From what I can tell, there's a link to support what he posted. Whether it's true or not, I don't know. I guess we'll see come November the 4th. Just to clarify, I usually don't talk politics or religion on here because it's a no win situation. We all have different beliefs and that's cool with me. I don't get mad if someone doesn't see things like I do, you can't be mad at someone when they don't agree with you and then like them when they do. That makes no sense to me. This isn't an attack on you Mack, I genuinely am curious about the hostility, maybe there's something I missed? I'll admit I'm not on here often so forgive me if this stems from something else I'm not privy to. Be cool to one another, we only are here for a moment. No need to get mad, none of us are getting out alive :P
  12. I agree! He HATES giving ANY props to the Falcons. I love it when he's forced to acknowledge how well they're playing.
  13. LOL, yeah I like that music too. Joe Satriani - Flying In a Blue Dream. I thought it fit that aquarium well with all of the blue. Almost makes me want to get another aquarium.......almost.
  14. I used to have an aquarium. This is one that I was given when a friend of mine moved to Arizona. I kept it a while then gave it away. I then had a smaller one, ended up giving that to my sister then swore them off entirely!
  15. I think the guy is a tool but with that said, it is a photograph, not a moving picture so it is possible that his hand was on the way up to her back. I highly doubt it as there is no reason Taylor Swift would have to just claim something like this, so I fully believe her. On the flip side of things, look at her arm, she very easily could be mistaken for grabbing HIS ***.