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  1. LOL! That cracked me up. I'm not going to take a picture of a pizza box! Google it.
  2. Looks great man, I'm happy for you!
  3. Pressed the easy button my friend, had Mellow Mushroom delivered
  4. This had fallen to page 3 so here's a little bump. This was part of what we had on Labor Day.[
  5. This may sound funny, but I think Vanilla would beat the crap out of them both, lol.
  6. WOW!!! 9 years!! I have spent entirely too much time on the internet. That post seems like it was maybe a year or two old at most!
  7. LOL. I keep hearing that but in reality I didn't, it was a semi-rolling in first gear stop (didn't want to put my feet down). The camera shot pulls ahead and around the corner before I actually turned, making it look like I have zero respect for traffic laws when in reality I do have a little
  8. I find it bizarre that here we are, on a forum designed for and paid for by a team that we are fans of and there are members here that are "fans" who seem to take every opportunity to bash their team's QB. Matt has been the best thing to ever happen to our team. Yes, I said ever. He arrived in the middle of our team's lowest point and took the team and put it on his back, we've enjoyed MASSIVE success under his tenure and yet there are people that won't give him the credit where it's due. He is absolutely a franchise QB. Show me any other QB in the league who has been handed what he inherited, been through as many OCs and has done what he's done. There has been ZERO drama with him, he's been a model teammate and has represented his team with nothing but class. His numbers have been fantastic. Could he have more TDs? Yes, but he only throws the ball, he can't catch it too. In the grand scheme of it all, I wouldn't trade Matt for anyone else. He's my QB and I personally think he's excellent and WILL get us back to the Super Bowl and win it. THIS YEAR. So, while some of you "fans" seem determined to see the glass as half empty, I'll continue to be thankful that we have who we have. Flame on
  9. Ochochino??
  10. That's why he had an alarm set up in the hallway so he knew when people were coming to his room? That's why he had sleepovers with kids? I don't think it was as innocent as you think but can only hope.
  11. I'll find out August 30th. A customer of mine gave me his seats for that game, he doesn't do preseason, lol. They are in the 300 section as well.
  12. I am unaware of that brand but the price sounds great! I have a Samsung 65" 4K that I like but wish I'd gone bigger, lol.
  13. That dude REALLY likes Italian dressing.
  14. Worrilow! LOL It kinda bugs me he has a ring.