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  1. As y'all know by now, I like Italian food. Last night I made a Sicilian style pizza using spicy pepperoni and hot Italian sausage. I made the dough and sauce from scratch and it was killer. The sauce was spicy as well, lots of garlic with some oregano, basil and crushed red pepper flakes and some honey to balance it out. Cooked in a sheet pan with olive oil that basically fries the dough as it bakes. I've made all kinds of pizzas in the past but never a Sicilian but I can tell you that will change! This will be made again.
  2. Congrats!
  3. ****, I hate to hear that. From what I've read, in the encore he sang a song with some telling lyrics. He sang Led Zepplin's "In My Time of Dying" In my time of dying, want nobody to mournAll I want for you to do is take my body homeWell, well, well, so I can die easy [X2]Jesus, gonna make up my dyin' bed.Meet me, Jesus, meet me. Meet me in the middle of the airIf my wings should fail me, Lord. Please meet me with another pairWell, well, well, so I can die easy [X2]Jesus, gonna make up.. somebody, somebody...Jesus gonna make up... Jesus gonna make you my dyin' bedOh, Saint Peter, at the gates of heaven... Won't you let me inI never did no harm. I never did no wrongOh, Gabriel, let me blow your horn. Let me blow your hornOh, I never did, did no harm.I've only been this young once. I never thought I'd do anybody no wrongNo, not once.Oh, I did somebody some good. Somebody some good...Oh, did somebody some good. I must have did somebody some good...Oh, I believe I didI see the smiling facesI know I must have left some tracesAnd I see them in the streetsAnd I see them in the fieldAnd I hear them shouting under my feetAnd I know it's got to be realOh, Lord, deliver meAll the wrong I've doneYou can deliver me, LordI only wanted to have some fun.Hear the angels marchin', hear the' marchin', hear them marchin',hear them marchin', the' marchin'Oh my Jesus... [repeat]Oh, don't you make it my dyin', dyin', dyin'...[Studio Chatter:] "That's gonna be the one, isn't it? ""Come have a listen, then. "Oh yes, thank you." This is just beyond sad
  4. I was/am a huge grunge fan. The Seattle scene was huge in the early 90s and all those bands were like brothers. Immense talent in all of them. @notthatcool, you were talking about PJ. That first album, Ten, was like therapy to me back then. I was delving into the world of an OTR truck driver and was gone a lot from home. I was terribly homesick. I used to play the crap out of that album. Kept me sane. I then began to follow SG more closely and Temple of the Dog and of course Nirvana before those guys. Made a lasting impression on me. Audioslave was like a second coming for Chris, I REALLY dug their sound and songwriting. @JDaveG, you mention his religion above. I think "Like a Stone" covers that well. A very haunting melody and the singing is just chilling to listen to. He had so much power and soul. He WILL be missed. I feel for his friends and family. I have heard interviews with him and he did seem to be just a regular Joe, an average guy. Loved his wife and kids. It just goes to show that you never really know what people are going through behind the scenes.
  6. The whole thing is solved, you can't solve 3 sides without solving the whole cube. If you could, it would be 1000x harder than solving the whole thing, lol
  7. Agreed. AKA X2
  8. They still make'em Andrews, they're just called Broil King Kegs these days. Great grill but that little Akorn Kamado at Lowe's and HD is a great beginner Kamado for sure!
  9. Leon, I don't argue on the internet any more, I've learned that it's a no win situation, lol. I've heard of people using charcoal in their electric smokers and swear by it. I've said my reason as to why it can't happen due to lack of actual fire but if it works for you then so be it While I'm here, let me show what a fake smoke ring (curing salt trick) looks like compared to an honest to goodness smoke ring. Let me dig into my archives, lol......hang tight! Okay, here's a brisket smoked on my Smokin-It #3 Not bad for a fake smoke ring eh? Here's one cooked with hickory & oak logs (stick burner) Ok, now I've gone and made MYSELF hungry!
  10. Indeed my good man. Indeed! I actually cut those into smaller portions and put them in foodsaver baggies with a little more meat sauce, vacuum sealed and froze 6 single serve meals. I came home a little bit ago and took one out and plopped it into a pot of simmering water to thaw and reheat. Man, was it good! I actually have another one in the pot, made it for my wife but I think she's not going to eat it so you know I can't let it go to waste, lol!
  11. Well, let's see what I can add to this. I have years of experience cooking on a WIDE variety of different cookers. Does it make me a know it all? Not hardly, I just have opinions on what I think worked well for me and what didn't. Starting off, on a budget that you have gives you plenty of options actually. You can either go on the cheaper end and buy an entry level Kamado like JDave said and get an Akorn. The food that comes off an Akron is just as good as what is cooked on a Big Green Egg, Primo, Kamado Joe, Keg or any other kamado. If you don't want to delve that much into managing a fire, which it's actually pretty easy once you learn vent settings or even easier if you use some sort of automatic temperature controller (ATC) like an Auber or Guru or Pitmaster IQ. If you want to delve into pellet grills, those are great as well, I've owned 2 of them. In my opinion I don't think they excel at doing larger cuts of meat like butts and briskets but absolutely kick *** on chicken (whole or wings), and ribs. I also use my Traeger for making ABTs (Atomic Buffalo Turds). The downside is pellets are a little costly but are getting cheaper as pellet grills are really growing in popularity. Pellet grills are still NOT a good option for an overnight unattended cook. Pellets have been known to ignite in the hopper and it would suck to have those ignite at once and burn your grill/house up! So where does that leave us as far as looking for a newbie friendly cooker, easy to use, set it and forget it? As said above, it's an electric smoker. Keep in mind it is a purpose built cooker and will ONLY be a smoker. It is not multi faceted like a Kamado. You can't grill or bake with it. Just smoke. But you DID ask about a SMOKER, so electric will be your best bet so now let's spend your money and find you a QUALITY electric smoker shall we? You could, if you wanted, buy a Masterbuilt smoker from Lowes or Home Depot but I would strongly advise against buying one of those. A lot of people get testy when I talk bad about the "dorm fridge" smokers but they are not the best built smokers, fairly lightweight and their heating elements are not durable and for the most part under powered. Can they make good food? Yes but you can make better with a better built smoker. For your price point, I'll max out your budget and point you to the Smokin-It brand, model #3. I had one and JUST sold it about 2 weeks ago. It made really good BBQ but I am moving soon and needed to thin the herd. At any rate, a new one will cost you your full budget but it includes free shipping. It has room to hold a lot of food in a small footprint. It can hold an entire brisket (called a packer) without cutting the flat from the point. It is comparable to Cookshack and Smokin' Tex brand smokers but it's cheaper by a fair amount. It is built like a tank and WILL last a lifetime. It is made from stainless steel. It is also NSF rated which means it can be used in a commercial environment (restaurant) unlike the masterbuilt and similar big box store electric smokers. A little wood goes a long way. 2 oz for chicken and ribs, 5-6 oz for butts and briskets. You will NOT get a smoke ring from an electric smoker, regardless of what some will say. It can't do it since it smolders the wood. You have to have an actual FIRE to create the gasses needed to form a smoke ring. Pellet grills do it, stick burners do it, Kamados do it using lump and wood chunks. They all create smoke rings due to a fire being involved. Electric smokers make smoke but it's from smoldering wood, not burning wood. With that said, you can make a faux (fake) smoke ring by taking Morton's Tender Quick (curing salt) and rubbing on the meat and massaging it in (get your mind out of the gutter for a second, lol) and letting it sit for up to an hour on butts and briskets. Rinse thoroughly and then pat dry, then apply whatever rub you want and cook. The TQ basically uses a chemical reaction to make that pink ring using nitrites or nitrates (can't remember which and am too lazy to go to my pantry). The result is a passable smoke ring that gives BBQ that look everyone looks for. So in conclusion, Smokin-It #3 will do right by you and it's the easiest of the bunch to use. For an electric smoker, it's as good as it gets. Don't buy a thin metal and plastic dorm fridge smoker. Cry about the price once on the SI and be happy with it! Good luck to you and feel free to ask more questions if need be, I don't mind offering advice!
  12. Hmmmm....okay. What a first post this is. I'll play along, do you have any pics of this chicken? Or is it a ploy to sell more Char Broil - "The Big Easy" infrared cookers? I know all about TBE, I'd hardly call it a smoker.
  13. Back with some more grub for y'all. This time it's lasagna!
  14. Hmmmm....I think that would look good on back of the V-Max. If I can just convince my wife to let her *** hang out while strangers look at it, lol!
  15. Dennis may get a fair amount of points but hands them right back with the crazy turnovers. He wasn't ready to start imo.