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  1. I heard it. Shock and Fricke were amazed he said that!
  2. Not when the video shows Ridley and Julio. There is no option C, Travis.
  3. By some of the replies, it seems people are thinking Megatron, not Ridley.
  4. My God ain't THAT the truth, lol
  5. I've been seeing you on here for the 10+ years I've been here and I've never NOT known that "SB" meant Bart. I thought it was common knowledge. Shows what I know!
  6. So, you think his screen name, The Legendary SB, refers to the legendary super bowl? LOL, that's funny.
  7. Am I the only one that sees it spinning in the other direction after the video stops?
  8. Yep. With Arthur singing it at the podium!
  9. I have had Netflix and Hulu for eons. Also have Fire TV since I am a Prime customer. I used Sling for about a year and a half and liked it but I didn't love it. I dropped Sling and went with Hulu Live TV (since I already had Hulu anyway) and I get all of the locals. I did lose some channels I had on Sling, most notably Comedy Central but other than that I still get History, A&E, Food Network, Fox SportSouth and as mentioned already, all locals. It's $39.99 a month which between paying for Sling (I was at $20.00, before the price hike) and Hulu basic I only spend about $5.00 more a month than if I still had Sling. Hulu is a LOT better for me. I also have DVR on Hulu but never use it.
  10. We're screwed anyway. Our D is in shambles. He played as good as can be played and we shat the bed.
  11. It must be. I think I jinx the team. This is going to blow your mind but I have NEVER been to a Falcons game where they have won. I have to be honest, I haven't been to many of them but they lose every time I go. I have been to 3-4 pre season games and they have lost all of those (no big deal) and I have been to 3-4 Saints games and they've lost all of those and I've been to a Chargers game that I was SURE they were going to win. Nope....lost that one too. I MUST be bad luck for the team so I promise you this. I am DONE paying to watch them lose. Today's bill was close to $600 for tix, Marta and food. Never again friends. I am and will remain a Falcon fan but from this point forward, it will be from my couch unless I get free tix from someone. I have a customer that is a season ticket holder and he has given me tickets, so I wouldn't pass them up but I just don't see dropping that kind of coin to have my heart broken again and again and again.
  12. LOL! That cracked me up. I'm not going to take a picture of a pizza box! Google it.
  13. Looks great man, I'm happy for you!
  14. Pressed the easy button my friend, had Mellow Mushroom delivered