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  1. Gentlemen, can't we have a thread that doesn't discuss politics? Aren't there enough of those here already? Also, not to stir the pot but learn the difference between racism and bigotry. I love all my Falcon brothers and sisters but like true brothers and sisters, we argue. I get it, but let's talk about common ground things. Non political things. I could be wrong (not an uncommon occurrence mind you) but I'm fairly sure OP meant this to be a stress free zone. Thank you for your cooperation, lol! (or, have it and let me get my popcorn!)
  2. Seems reasonable
  3. That suit Tony gave him is badass!!
  4. Man, you know that ain't gonna happen
  5. Indeed I no longer have the Pit Barrel Cooker though. I sold it after less than 10 times using it. It's a cool cooker but I have much better so I let it go.
  6. Thanks for the reminder JP. I haven't done a mojo pork butt in a while now. I made Cuban sammiches with the last one. I marinated it and cooked over charcoal with a little applewood smoke. Came out killer! Sorry for all of the pictures, lol!
  7. Sorry for the bad news Sponge.
  8. She had a Honda Shadow 750 (cruiser) but didn't like the forward controls once she rode my V-Max that I had. I sold the Shadow and my Max and I got myself the FZ-10 and then got tired of riding by myself so I got her the Duke. I haven't picked it up yet and she's in Jamaica so it'll be a bit before we get to ride together.
  9. So I went and bought my wife one of these Now I have a riding buddy again! That's the only random/general discussion I have to contribute at the moment. I'll come up with something better next time, lol
  10. What about Hugh Douglass "The Mattress Preacher"? Is he getting a cut too?
  11. Katrina and Karma are almost the same word
  12. I didn't know Roddy White had a fat twin that was a Saints fan!
  13. Yep, that is indeed one of its meanings. Good one!
  14. That's where the term "Saved by the bell" comes from.
  15. Couches like chow? Mine like cheetos pretty good, maybe I'll feed'em some chow to see how they like it.