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  1. Katrina and Karma are almost the same word
  2. I didn't know Roddy White had a fat twin that was a Saints fan!
  3. Yep, that is indeed one of its meanings. Good one!
  4. That's where the term "Saved by the bell" comes from.
  5. Couches like chow? Mine like cheetos pretty good, maybe I'll feed'em some chow to see how they like it.
  6. Good to see y'all smoking! I am not smoking a **** thing this weekend. I have been sick as a dog also, for 8 days now. I am, however, making a big pot of Brunswick stew, been going for about 3 hours as I type this. Also I have a brisket point thawing out that I vacuum sealed the last time I smoked a brisket. That's going to make some Brisket Nachos later and my wife is also doing some wings. I can't taste anything so it really sucks! I just ate some Papa Johns Pepperoni and Jalapeno pizza for lunch. I couldn't taste it! **** cold!
  7. Also, don't click on enlarge image, lol. I didn't notice it in my screen grab until just now!
  8. @AF89, here you go bud.
  9. I've been in Atlanta my whole life and remember her always being on the news. She battled many demons over the years, sad to see her go.
  10. Oooh! I like this topic. I don't have much to add other than I certainly do believe in life beyond our planet but what do I know? I posted a thread what, 8-10 years ago now, about UFOs, Bigfoot and Ghosts? Maybe not that long but it was a while back nonetheless. This stuff fascinates me to no end. I'll be watching this thread to see where it goes! Good topic SpongeDad!
  11. So, I need to watch the news to know your opinion? Hmmm......there's so many stations, so many talking heads. I guess that means you have a very broad opinion? Not to derail this thread but I asked you a simple question and you dodged it. If you're going to post **** like that, own it and provide YOUR reason. Not trying to be a d!ck, but that was a lame reply. On second thought, no need to reply. I have my answer. Carry on gentlemen and please pardon the interruption to an otherwise stellar thread!
  12. What has he done, in your opinion, to deserve impeachment. Just curious.
  13. I've done this with Chicken. I call it "Pam Anderson" chicken, lol
  14. It's a big grill, here's a pic of it assembled next to my scooter for scale.
  15. BTW, I just ordered that Pitboss, lol! $321.00 after taxes. Ain't bad at all! ***EDIT*** Well, it turns out they sold it to me w/o having it in stock! Tried to pass off the cheaper Camp Chef instead. Really ticked me off. The lady said they overrode the computer to enter it in. I couldn't believe that they thought I'd just take it and not notice! I told her it would be like my buying a 10 speed online and showing up to the store to pick it up and them trying to send me off with a kids bike. So, that got refunded. The good news is that I found it at another Walmart for $260.00 out the door! I called and made sure they had it before ordering. The bad news is that I have to drive from one side of I-20 to the other, lol. Conyers to Lithia Springs. Oh well.