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  1. Everyone hates a winner, sad but true. I don't see you AT ALL as the bragging type and those of us that's been on here for a while know what you're about, so you're good to post whatever you dam n well please I get it though. I've never been the jealous type. If people have done well, I applaud them. Nothing wrong with being rewarded for success but some people want you to apologize for having busted your *** and being able to have a few materialistic reminders of what you busted it for, lol. I have a few minor toys, nothing major. Now if I could just win that **** powerball! I'd have some ****
  2. The FZ is a wonderful machine. It's no longer called the FZ-10 though. For whatever reason, the rest of the world had the MT lineup while America had the FZs. We had the FZ-07, FZ-09, and FZ-10. They are now all called MTs. The FZ-10 was only made for one year in the U.S. in 2017, so it appears I have a collector's item, lol. FZ-07s and 09s have been around a bit. The FZ-10 replaced the FZ-01 (litre bike like the 10) Starting this year and from now on they'll all be called MT to match the rest of the globe and they now have a Quickshifter as standard equipment, I had to install mine aftermarket (using a genuine Yamaha part). The colors for 2017 were "Raven Matte Black" and "Armor Gray". The 2018's are "Team Yamaha Blue" which looks "Blurple" to me (not a fan) and "Matte Gray". I've seen the Matte Gray in person and it's very nice. The Gray bikes always get paired with the Hi-Viz wheels. You either love it or hate it, no in between really. I love the gray and yellow, looks sharp to me (obviously). If you want to know more about the bike, just ask. I know it inside and out.
  3. Not being paid to promote this stuff but for you guys that like to detail your cars, boats, motorcycles, whatever.......I can't recommend this product enough. Topcoat F11. I may have posted about it on here before. It's expensive, even when they run a sale, but it IS as advertised. It's phenomenal stuff. It's hard to tell from the pics of my bike as it's in the garage, but it makes it POP! You can use it on any and every surface. I used it my windscreen, the seat, the engine, the wheels, the fairings, ALL of it. That WRX could benefit from it even being new. Watch youtube vids about it, see what it's about. This bike's almost a year old, I've used it on it since day one. This bike looks better than it did on the showroom floor.
  4. Sweetwater no doubt
  5. I've always liked the WRXs, very cool cars!
  6. Cool, I'm glad you deciphered what I was trying to say. It appears I was in Leprechaun mode when I typed that, lol
  7. Alright gents, you're short changing me here. Let's see me pics! Drew, that FJR is one of my favorite bikes ever made, I'd love to have one someday.
  8. I know people think you're supposed to do that but hundreds of people see the tags when I'm driving so what's the point?
  9. Lol. Yeah, they're motorcycles. KTM Duke 390 is wife's. Mine is a Yamaha FZ-10.
  10. Many hobbies for me I suppose. Cooking/grilling/smoking is one. I've gotten into the drone thing recently, that's been fun. I recently bought a boat (needs some work, more than I thought actually but I'll not depress myself talking about that too much,lol). As for cars, I don't have anything "fun", my son does. He has a very nice 2016 Mustang GT that he's almost got paid off,he's put his touches on it and it's a really nice car. My wife and I have motorcycles as I have posted on here before. We like guns, both have conceal and carry permits and go to the firing range once in a blue moon. She's a better shot than I am. We have kayaks that don't get used but need to I like to make videos, I take camera and drone footage and make stupid little vids but it's fun. That's about all I can think of. Here's some pics of some of the toys. My son's Mustang My Scooter Both of them togehter The money pit My wife's scooter And of course, y'all already know about this stuff :P
  11. I've never been to any of the stops he's eaten at but would love to take a road trip and hit some of them up. I have a feeling that he's actually ran out of good places to go and now just has to fill time to make a show. You can read his face and tell when he really doesn't like something. It's way more frequent now than it used to be.
  12. Yep, ipad minis get used a lot for drones. I just had the kindle sitting around so I used it.
  13. I used my phone at first but was afraid that if I received a call it would boot me out of my flight app so I took my daughter's unused kindle fire and hacked it to where I could install google play store on it and downloaded the DJI app to it and now it's my dedicated controller screen. I like the bigger screen of it as well.
  14. Yep. I agree with this. I made 3 dozen chocolate chunk/chip cookies and 3 dozen WC Macadamia cookies from scratch today. I've eaten 2 of each but they're calling my name!