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  1. Alright Gents. I am back with a few pictures. Nothing fancy at all, just basic eats. I had to post something, this thread is slipping in the ranks, lol. I fried up some boneless chicken breasts that I cut up in slider sized pieces and soaked in pickle juice for a bit. Took them out, patted dry and seasoned witha spice rub I made up and let that dry brine the pieces for about 30 minutes. I then took that spice rub and added it to some AP flour along with some cornstarch. I then took buttermilk, 2 egg whites and some vodka and mixed that up. I dipped the chicken into the buttermilk mixture and then into the seasoned flour, wet hand dry hand style. That was placed on a wire rack for 30 minutes to set the crust. I then fried at 325 in a dutch oven. Once done, I built my sliders thusly : bibb lettuce, pickles, chicken, Mike's Hot Honey. Good stuff!
  2. I love the sound of that little motor I slapped a camera non my son's bumper a while back. His car sounds evil.
  3. It all starts innocently enough. I bought cheap action cams to begin with then began to upgrade and that lead to learning to use video editing software and do color correcting. It can be a fun hobby though! I haven't gotten a Hero 7 though and most likely won't but I do know it's a great camera. I have a Hero 6 and a Fusion and the Sony FDR-X3000 but I don;t plan on buying anymore anytime soon. I actually am looking to sell my drone but everybody wants to lowball the crap out of me on it, lol
  4. GoPros are cool but the GPS data and speed are always off. I gave up using my overlays, even with Dashware I couldn't sync 100%. Same with my Sony FDR-X3000. Very cool video though!
  5. I've been spending some time with the Nintendo Switch and I have to say that I am still impressed by it! I've been a video game junkie since the Atari 2600 (telling my age) and I still play them. Not NEARLY as much as I used to but it's cool to unwind with a game for a few minutes while sitting on the couch or lying in bed. It's got a massive library to be such a young console, a lot of the titles are ports from other systems that are quite frankly junk. There are many solid titles though. Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Donkey Kong Country are my faves so far. Max, the curse of the brotherhood is a surprising game, I like it way more than I though I would.
  6. Dang man! That's is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. So, here's a 360 view of the bathroom before the HGTV treatment and after. The before is a filthy mess! Counter view Before Counter view after (colors are messed up but you get the gist) Floor View before Floor view after
  8. Looking forward to the pics!
  9. LOL! I used to be hard headed as well but she has broken my will, lol. It took time but I eventually just said "**** it!" and now I just go with the flow. I should've done that a LOOOOONG time ago, hahaha It's a give and take really, she let's me waste money on stupid stuff like grills and smokers and motorcycles and drones and, I just realized I buy a bunch of stupid ****! LOL Maybe she's taking it easy on me after all???
  10. Thanks Dude! I was just the labor, my wife was the decorator, lol. She has become obsessed with the "Farmhouse" stuff. It has spilled over from the kitchen and living room into the bathroom but whatever, it makes her happy and that makes life easier on me in the long run.
  11. As for my bathroom project, I don't really have much in the way of before pics, but I have some during and after pics. So, for starters, the old vanity was imbedded in the dang tile and mortar so I had to bust it into pieces to remove it w/o damaging the tile. Afterwards I had to cut out the tile and mortar to square it up. Then backer board went down I couldn't find any tiles to match exactly so I just made an accent area out of it Tile laid then grouted (not dehazed in picture) Old shower valve New one Old Roman Tub Valve New one Bidet seat (love this thing, lol!) New vanity in, no plumbing hooked up yet Sign I made to put over the tub Various finished pics. Trim painted, grout redone, all plumbing hooked up. Paint and walls finished. New light fixtures. My wife made the little crate on the toilet, lol More pics New brushed nickel overflow drain cover and drain It's a huge difference over what we had. It was all very "blah". Cheap vanity with a white top. We have been needing this done for a while but like everything we do around here, it always takes longer than anticipated and costs more than expected. The good thing is, is that it's done. The bad thing is, she now is redirecting her attention to the laundry room. **** you HGTV!!!!! Chip and Joanna Gaines, I'm coming for you!
  12. Man, if I could afford a big *** garage, I'd build one in a heartbeat. I built a little shed (8x10) for yard equipment and it's not even big enough for that, lol. If I had it to do over, I'd make that sucker 20x30 with a slab floor, roll up door and windows. Oh well, maybe the next house I buy will already have one. Post pics of what you got going on, I'd love to see it!
  13. Very Cool! Having been twice, I can say it IS an awesome stadium! I didn't think that the GA Dome needed to be torn down, I thought it was fine UNTIL I went to the new digs. It is so much nicer than the old house.
  14. I guess I'll break the ice when the time is right and post some stuff. I keep saying to my wife that it's insane to remodel a house we want to move from. Maybe one of you guys will like what you see and want to buy it I am just about done with the bathroom. It's all down to the final touches now, a little decoration. I think it may even be done tomorrow or this weekend at the latest if all goes well.
  15. I was looking for this thread and it seems to have vanished like a fart in the wind. What a shame, there was a lot of cool stuff in there, a place to get ideas. I know Flip posted a good bit in there as did I and Mookie. I have been doing some stuff around the house since then and was going to post some of it but just like the "Ghosts, Bigfoot, Supernatural, Aliens" thread or whatever it was called, it seems to have been deleted. That thread had some good content too!