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  1. Olive Garden it is. Thanks everyone for the well thought out answers but there can be only one winner.
  2. I am having my brother in law make up some panels for the drink machine, so I can get rid of those Chargers panels, lol. I know somebody would ask so ..........
  3. I have not finished the game room makeover quite yet but it's close enough to share the progress. Here's a few pictures as it was before I started changing it up. Now, where I have it thus far One of my favorite things is this neon sign This has been there for years but I like it so I left it as is I plan on refelting the pool table red soon as well. I still need to get my wife's exercise stuff out of there and into the back part of the "theater". I used to have the basement in order but it has become a basement again, serving as a catch all for everybody's crap. At least I'll have time to work on it, staying shut in when not at work, lol
  4. NM, I got it handled.
  5. I am wanting to have some panels made for an old Skybox Vending machine that I bought. Falcons themed most likely or maybe even with an arcade theme. It looks like the current ones are on melamine or whatever it's called (plastic so that light can shine through). Here's an example :
  6. I've been redecorating my game room, as I mentioned in Flip's Home Improvement thread. The whole thing was started due to me ordering this, lol It finally came in from Greece. After disinfecting the box and the mini cab, I washed my hands and sanitized them and put the switch in the cab to try it out. It's like playing it handheld without having to hold it. I use the Pro Controller and it's actually pretty nifty!
  7. Is that a good thing? LOL I'm reading the Urban Dictionary definition of Raymundo and can't decide if being called that is a compliment or an insult
  8. It's VERY unorganized right now but here's where I am at with it. I'll post more pics this weekend when I can. I have cooking equipment on the floor, my wife has exercise equipment all around and some random green trunk under the pool table, lol
  9. I have been out of town visiting my daughter and had a crap ton of boxes delivered while I was gone. Luckily my son brought them in for me. The only issue is, is that I should've had him take them down to the basement. Instead, he piles them up by the front door like a prick so my wife can see what I've been up to, lol! I added some speakers and a sub to the cabinet as it only used the tv sound (weak!). I also hung the dart board and framed some prints I ordered. I still have to assemble the foosball table and hand some lights. I will hopefully get it all done by this weekend. I'll post pics. It should be cool!
  10. I am in the middle of doing a little "makeover" to my game room. I have a busted *** arcade cabinet down there that runs MAME (multi arcade machine emulator) on a PC that has been non working for a loooooong time. I have been wanting to fix it and went down the other day to swap out video cards because I thought that was the issue. Nope! It has something up with it, it may even be the old CRT monitor has pooped the bed. That began me looking at a totally new cabinet, which I ran by the boss (my wife) and she said to go get it. So....I did. That on its own is something as this cab is literally 1000x better than my old one, it looks professionally built as opposed to the old one looking like someone's first and last attempt at building an arcade cabinet. I bought it used off of CL years ago and gussied it up a bit but it still sucked, lol. Now I am back to turning the "game room" portion of the basement back into a game room. I have ordered some signage and such, an arcade stool for the cabinet, a dart board and will be measuring to see if a Foosball table will work in there. Most of this extra stuff has been done without the boss knowing, lol. She'll be alright. I'll post some before and after pics once I have it set up. Should be cool!
  11. I don't eat like that often, rarely actually. I stay in fair shape, my job is demanding. I am not petite by any means though. I imagine I could beat most of y'all arm wrestling, lol. I cook stuff and eat very little of what I cook usually. The stuff I post typically is done for gatherings. Sometimes it's just for the family though. Same Patti, she has been making desserts for a while now. She didn't come over and personally make this for me, although that would've been AWESOME, lol. Bought it at Walmart for $8
  12. Sunday. A day to eat like a fool and not give a ****! Wife made one of my breakfast faves, French Toast and sausage. She makes it from scratch and it's the best thing ever! Not eggy at all unlike most French toast. The secret is to leave out the whites, yolks only. I seasoned with Mad Hunky "Hot Whang!" rub and then I smoked, then deep fried wings for lunch. My wife eats hers plain. The others got tossed in either Chipotle BBQ sauce that I make and classic Buffalo sauces. Then, for dinner, my son had brought home some luxurious braised beef short ribs with a Demi Glace that takes 3 days to make! My wife whipped up some mashed potatoes and asparagus to go with it Lastly, for dessert, we had an apple and peach cobbler. Courtesy of Miss Patti LaBelle I have eaten enough today to feed a small army. Cooking and feeding someone is one of the best ways to show someone you love them. My wife and son must REALLY love me, lol
  13. It really all depends on what you want to do. Do you want a smoker and ONLY a smoker or do you want something that smokes and grills/bakes as well? If you've got the grill portion covered and just want a dedicated smoker then it becomes a question of how involved you want to be with the smoking. If you want a "set it and forget it" type of cooker, then go electric. You can get a decent electric smoker fairly cheap. Masterbuilt comes to mind. If you want something that will last your lifetime, then try the Smokin-It brand of electric smokers. I had a Smoikin-It #3 for a while and really liked it. If you want something more versatile, you can get a Kamado. The Akorn is a great Kamado to learn on and will last you for many years as long as you keep it out of the elements. A pellet grill is also a good cooker to get. Set it and forget it convenience, grills, bakes and smokes. The Pit Boss line is affordable and you can get them in an upright smoker only design or as a grill style that does everything. Some people complain about the lack of smoke flavor but it's not that it's lacking, it's just mild. For me, great for chicken and ribs. Another option is the Pit Barrel Cooker. It's a drum style smoker and is cool to cook on, has meat hooks to hang the meat and cook it, also has a regular grill grate too. I had one of those as well. I've cooked on just about anything you can think of and would be happy to help in any way I can. If you have more questions, just ask!
  14. To repay my wife for making me that Detroit style pizza, I grilled up some Rib Eyes. Served with Cajun Shrimp, pan roasted potatoes and onions, sauteed shrooms and toasted garlic bread. Seared one under a 1500 degree broiler and the other over a 1000 degree open flame. Not bad, not bad at all!