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  1. The order you talk of is the Washington/New York Axis. The elites within the beltway bubble will do anything to hold onto their power. That is why a real American such as Sarah Palin their greatest threat and why they will do anything to stop her.
  2. Hey Mugboat this thread is not about trying to get all techinal with the X's and O's !!!! We are simply here to talk about the total smackdown and domination that we are going to level on the Dolphins in Week 1. This thread is about a Huge Fish Fry with 75.000 people in Attendence, and on the Menu is white meat Dolphin !!!!!!!!!!
  4. I cant believe you people are actually Falcon Fans, you should go to the eagles message board, their is a dog fighter up their that yall can buddy up with..................................
  5. Where the **** have you been the last 10 years, oh yeah I know you have been on these message boards because you do not have a life outside of that. We stopped numberous attacks, 1.) We stopped a 9/11 style attack out of LAX. 2.) We stopped a homicide bomber in Washington state who came in form Canada 3.) We stopped a group of Black muslims form bombing the Sears tower in Chicago 4.) Stopped a group of Muslims form attacking Fort Dix outside of New York 5.) Stopped the Shoe Bomber who planned to blow up a plane of Americans over the Atlantic Ocean 6.) Stopped a Dirty Bomber and held him in co
  6. The Democrats also brought forth many false violations that the Palins had to hire lawyers and defense teams to fight, each and every one was disproved and didnt even go to court, but it was costing the state, ie the Taxpayers of Alaska too much Money, and the Democrats were hellbent to make it impossible for Sarah to focus on her job as Gov, because they were attacking her family on a daily basis, now as a private citizen, I DARE THEM TO ATTACK HER, the Comedy goons can do what they do, because they are worms and are lower than dirt, but I DARE THE DEMOCRATS TO KEEP ATTACKING HER !!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. It is clear you are ill-informed or just downright stupid, or you would know that She quit Nothing, she is moving on to bigger and better things..........You liberal goons cannot have it both ways, you cannot insult and attempt to ruin her for being Alaska's gov, and then when she leaves the Job, call her a quitter to boot. I Guess Obama is a quitter too because he never even had a real job outside of Commuity Organizating the unions and inner-city ( dependent on the government) African Americans. But lets clear up one very important fact, Democratic operatives were dropped into Alaska to dig
  8. You are right hammerhead 100% but this trainwreck is America's trainwreck, We attempted to prevent it, but we lost the election thanks to Acorn and the underhanded tatics of the national media, and now we must act to save the future for our kids and grandkids or they will not grow up in the same America we did. I want him to keep pushing healthcare because everyday he does, he becomes more and more of a failure and a bigger and bigger trainwreck, I WANT HIM TO FAIL............I right with you Rush.........Because when he fails........AMERCIA WINS !!!!!!!!!
  9. These people have to insult Sarah Palin's small town nearly everything they speak of her, that proves my point, when they insult and downgrade her town, they do so to every single American Small town and that is why Sarah Palin is a huge threat to the media and their democratic allies, she is a small town American, extactly the type of person we need running Washington instead of a elite multi-racial, silver-spoon commie big government socialist who understands nothing about what it means to be a American.
  10. They are a lot of preverts and wacked out people on this forum, all they think about is queers and racial stuff...........................
  11. I am one of 52 million people who did not vote for him so we bear none of the blame where he taking this country, we are the base that are going to restore things and limit his damage to only 4 years in office. I will never under any conditions consider him the president, to do so would be to take a major dump on my American heritage and culture and my value system. The man is for Abortion on demand, even the killing of alive babies who do not die during the abortion. The man grovels and bows at the sight of muslims everywhere. The man believes that getting out of debt means more spending and
  12. It is the Liberals and their allies in the Homosexual mafia and the crooked left wing that hates everything America stands for, I would have liked to see the Bush CIA touture the Liberal ringleaders instead of the Terrorist murderous thugs, pull out a toenail or two, or waterboard Michael Moore's fat sorry ***, and see what info we could gather out of that, **** we might have even found out what hole OBL has slithered into. Even better, we should have put a grasshopper in a small room with a spinelss, coward liberal and watch them cringe in fear..............
  13. No is he not and never will be My President. I am not a clueless follower ready to jump off a bridge because somebody in the government says to go jump off a bridge. You need to take a deep long look inside yourself before you find yourself marching lockstep as one of Obama's brownshirts.
  14. The media and all liberals everywhere are frightened to death of Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh. They are the sum of all liberal fears because they are the ones that can roll back every single dangerous thing that Obama is doing today. Sarah Palin is going to run for President, Will she get the Nomination ??? Only time will tell but I can promise you this, the media and their allies on the left wing will do everything in their power to totally crush her because she is the one person today that can stop the radical leftist agenda from overtaking our nation and dooming us to a thousand years of S
  15. Mindless Bush haters have to come in here and jump on this like a sobbering dog on a bone dont they ....??? Nevermind the fact that this thing that they elected, has bankrupted our nation, cut our defenses and got us buried deeper in a unwinnable conflict in the most barren and void country on the face of the Earth, Afganistan. That this double headed monster that now holds office is way over his head, and clueless on how to be a leader, he falls back into instant campaign mode everytime he is pressured and without a telepromter, he is utterly lost, Bush might have mingled words but at least
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