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  1. I never followed the story so I am only barely aware of the "scandal". Even if he was targeted unfairly I know he will not like having it on his legacy but even if he is mad it really has nothing to do with our game on Sunday. It is not like a win proves anything to anyone. If anything taking off 4 games at his age might have been a benefit this year.
  2. I think the whole revenge angle is just media nonsense. Brady leads a charmed life. If there are not already when he retires there will be streets and schools named after him. So he got caught and was suspended for 4 games. At his level that is about equivalent to your young sister hitting you with a pillow. If he spends any time dwelling on that he is practically begging for a real tragedy to occur.
  3. And why would anyone waste time being mad when we have so much to be happy about? We just buried two SB winning QBs. The Packers GAVE up in a championship with time left on the clock. Shoot I will still be celebrating that until 6:29 on Sunday. These haters won't find me among their audience. On the other hand I have been digging GMFB. I record it in the morning and watch chunks of it later. Schrager has been giving us a lot of love. They don't take themselves too seriously and even Nate picked the Pats to win he didn't seem like it was an agenda thing.
  4. The only thing I agree with is that 34 has been my number for several days now. I think the first team to hit 34 wins the game. The only way either team gets held to under 21 is to turn the ball over.
  5. Just to understand this you have to watch Skip because your cable contract is not over? Is your TV remote missing and you can't change the channel? He hates us. He always has. He always will. He makes his money making you mad and you watch him to support his efforts. You might as well write him a check.
  6. What would be the point now? They screwed him but there is nothing that can be done to unscrew him.
  7. And not to take away from anything but it is not like they win every year. 75 percent of the time Brady goes home at some point without a ring. I'd love to have the problem of winning it all 25 percent of the time we make a post season but it is not like we are facing down an army of unstoppable super men. I expect them to come to play hard and I expect us to come to play harder.
  8. I don't put too much stock into who their defense has faced since they have practiced against Brady all year. The thing is no one is expecting a low scoring defense grudge match. We already know their defense strategy will be to keep us from converting on 1st and 2nd downs and hope and pray to stop us on enough thirds to keep the game close.
  9. Skill won't get you anywhere if you have a losing mindset.
  10. If it is true we need to dunk that in Holy water immediately because it is unnatural and likely evil.
  11. I don't care how we are ranked. I know we are stockpiled with talent and we are very hard to stop. I also know, as far as motivation goes, we will be the number 1 motivated team on the field come Sunday. We have everything to play for and you have another stat and another pat on the back. Shoot even if you lose you will be right back in the conversation next year, Obviously you are welcome to post here but I think it is kind of sad as a fellow NFL fan to be trying to rain on the Falcons fan parade when you have so many SB wins and we have none. Kind of makes you come across as an insufferable glory hound, doesn't it?
  12. Congratz on your 31 likes. He still should have waited until after the SB so it wouldn't seem like he is forcing himself into the spotlight. It was an okay read but you can't mention his name here without THIS happening and it sucks. It will easily hit 12 pages or more of the same tired rhetoric because some here will never realize this debate will never be won no matter how many thousands of times it comes around.
  13. I knew we would have our fill against their defense that is why I purposely didn't mention them. The match-up I DID mention was their #3 offense against our defense through the first half. The second half doesn't really count because they started helping us win when they got desperate. Don't worry though. Your coaches are much smarter than you and they understand that overall stats are meaningless.
  14. None for the players. Sucks for the members of this mb though.
  15. It would have been better if he had waited until after the SB. We are days away and now we have this ridiculous thread with the same arguments, love, and hate that have been going on for 10 years and it sucks.
  16. Agreed. I will take a win no matter how it comes but I would love to have some icing on my cake and not have an asterisk due to some ref call or no call. If it is that close there will definitely be an asterisk. I can look past it because I know it is the nature of the game but I hate giving the trolls any more material.
  17. The Pats had a top ranked offense this year? This has to be a joke because they are never a top ranked offense. What is the next bit of obscure trivia that they usually do well in the post season? What is the name of your qb again? Tom Bradly? The Packers were the number 3 offense and the closest they got to scoring in the first half of the game was a missed fg attempt. By the time they started scoring they were actually doing us a favor by running out the clock.
  18. It is nice to see a scared Pats fan. I mean there is no other reason to be slumming on a never won a SB message board blathering about stats you hope will save you. The Falcons are playing in a SB for a reason and lately defense has been a part of the formula.
  19. He got his win behind a great defense. His brother did the same thing last year. I don't care how we win as long as we win. If winning means Sanu is throwing passes to Ryan sign me up.
  20. Can't blame Eli for being on a (then) smarter team. I have been saying for years that I would love to have a defense so good we barely need a qb.
  21. In the media narrative we are though. For most of the NFL fanbase we are too because we are not the name brand cola. We aren't coke or pepsi we are RC. The point is in addition to the skill when I look at "extra motivation" how can we not be the more motivated team? Shoot Brady was suspended for 4 games and he is STILL in the mvp discussion. Their crap really doesn't stink.
  22. Assuming they found a way to cheat each time if it were the deciding factor they would have more success. I think the scrutiny on them is at an all time high though. I don't think they can risk anything more.
  23. The gold standard, etc. It is a problem I would not mind having but as far as targets go they have the biggest and ours is all but non-existent. Most of the media will fall in line and crown them winners before the game. So who has the most hot sauce? Brady because of his small balls or the Falcons who will be constantly reminded for two weeks how we have fallen short against Brady and haven't even beat the Pats this century? Sure Ryan is in the MVP discussion but Brady has been there and done that twice (as I recall). We have everything to prove and they only have to prove they can do it once more than anyone else. Not to mention this team loves Blank and really wants to win him a Lombardi. So sure the media will give us more love than we are accustomed to but Brady and BB will get most of the Valentines chocolate and lots of paper trophies. Someone mentioned the Dirty Bird, I say we do the AB Dance and give him another reason to do it with us.
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