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  1. Is this thing on?

  2. I agree except in the cases of truly outlandish threads about upcoming games and player performances. Sometimes those need to come back for us to laugh at the OP. This thread doesn't qualify.
  3. Humility? So I shouldn't bump this thread? http://life.atlantafalcons.com/topic/3854992-this-is-my-favorite-post-of-2009/ Good times were had by all.
  4. No one is happy with the situation this year. If it had been a normal offseason Snelling would have signed his 1 year deal months ago. Negotiations for FAs has only been open for 2 weeks. I am glad to see him come back but no one could have blamed him if he gave it at least another week.
  5. I don't think the weight in on JJ, I think it is on Edwards. Defense is the key to winning it all, JJ will hopefully grease the track in front of us a bit. I think the statement the draft made wasn't about a player as much as the organization. Rebuilding is over and they believe that this team was only a few pieces from a SB winning team.
  6. When you consider that all of the elite offenses without adequate defense were one and done last year I am 200 percent more focused on defense improvement than I am offense. With a young and developing QB defense is the key to going deep. Ask Peyton Manning how much good an explosive offense does when it is sitting on the bench year after year in the playoffs. More than anything we need the ability to put games away and that doesn't happen in a shoot-out. It happens when your defense gets your opponents off the field and your offense steps on their throat. You know, the thing that happened
  7. I will take 'questions I could have answered myself if I had spent 30 more seconds researching before hitting the new topic button' for a 1000, Alex.
  8. Having visited many other boards 3/4ths of all NFL fans seem to think they should get every toy on the market. The entire concept of tomorrow's stars come from today's rookies/young players is completely lost on most people.
  9. Most of that is bad luck or coincidence not irony. In this particular definition irony is like workers in a water bottling factory complaining about being thirsty. There has to be something to make the outcome divergent from the expected result. Irony would be sending back your wine because it has a fruit fly in it and being brought a glass that has a roach in it. You expect the situation to be resolved instead it is made worse. Irony would be vegetarians hosting a sausage fest. Dilfer assisting to develop a formula that makes a qb he doesn't respect look good is ironic though.
  10. Obviously the Saints were not as sold on their new center as their fans in here were posturing to be.
  11. Please never ever again try to explain what you think goes through the mind of an average poster. Thanks, in advance.
  12. Oh we care. We care a lot. Developing players into trade bait is an important part of long term success and cap control.
  13. Very obsessed. So what are you having for lunch today?
  14. Um, Ma'am, doesn't toodles mean bye as in you are leaving?
  15. That is NOT how it works. A player is only a bust if he is paid above his accomplishments. He is paid to be a project qb which is akin to buying an old lamp at a garage sale and hoping if you clean it up a little you will find a valuable antique but if it isn't you are only out the buck fifty you paid.
  16. Toodles? bwahahahahahahahahahaha Stupid saints fan toodling up the joint.
  17. I think I am done. It is like debating with a child who has his fingers in his ears shouting 'cam newton smart' over and over again so he doesn't have to face reality.
  18. And that is what I said. Even if I were a fan of the Eagles at some point it is too much. The last thing I would want is to be pre-ordained the dream team. That is like begging for a disappointing season. I just think any NFL fan would like to hear about the other teams in the league even if the majority of the coverage was about the dream team. lol.
  19. People have been physically injured and you blame it on being cocky? What is wrong with you? These are real people. So I guess if we have injuries we were cocky too?
  20. McMVP, I asked this question in another thread and wanted to get your input. When you are watching NFLN and they are going on and on about your offseason moves does it eventually get boring and repetitive to you too? I mean last week it was ridiculous. Does it get to the point where you wish they would talk about other teams more?
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