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  1. Is this thing on?

  2. is dealing with tornado damage.

  3. Me too Friar. I looked at the wall of shame and ended up reading all the funny anecdotes

  4. I don't know what we are capable of but we aren't done yet.
  5. I'd like to wait around and watch it roll over 2k but I got things to do and Rev may be out doing that life thing again.
  6. Do we still need this thread up here? I think it lends to the confusion that we are trying to raise money for reasons other than charity.
  7. Rev, when you get a chance... how many people have donated now?
  8. Yep me too. I have already used them all up again in this thread though.
  9. I wish I had more friends that were Falcons fans. Except for one, all of my friends and family are fans of either other teams or other sports (or not a fan of any sports). Unfortunately my one friend that is a Falcons fan is out of work and has been for almost a year now.
  10. I get it but there are still people who do not believe we landed men on the moon. Nothing will ever be enough for someone who is looking for a reason NOT to give. In addition, if you go too far the other way you run the risk of appearing less trustworthy. When someone tries to hard sell trustworthiness to me I immediately begin to question it. Independent verification doesn't go that far but IMO it should stop there.
  11. Agreed. I thought getting people to threaten me with violence was fun. This was better than that by a mile.