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  1. You put that game on closeout mode with beast mode at the wheel, He would have carried turner along with the ball on those drives to close it out. Instead turner was drunk at the wheel.
  2. I was lobbying for that so badly .........we would have won the superbowl, or worst case been there. I guarantee that with every ounce of backing my name has too it.
  3. If i were the coach, I would have had snelling starting. Rogers backing him up and turner on the bench. I think snelling is great and had triple the potential turner did
  4. Theres no running when your down 22 points in the 3rd quarter...............GO asonte, alford, trufant, and mcclain, ntm our wonderful safeties and OSI OSI OSI Then comes the battering ram S JAX to finish.............RIP TURNER, I am so grateful that your retired..........no offense , you were the training wheels holding us from the passing lane..............cannot wait to blow past everyone in the nfc.
  5. to be honest, I never thought that grimes was all that good. I think grimes displayed average decision making that was covered up by extreme athleticism. I never saw anything too spectacular except good closing speed and leaping ability to make up for being caught out of position. I think grimes was good, def above average but was def replaceable. i wasnt worried to lose him as at his age, and price, there is more to be had for way less allowing us to plug in talent in other areas necessary. Alford looks a litte raw, but trufant def seems to be ready to start day one. I think he will be
  6. Dude might have some of the better footwork for any corner i have seen lately. The only footwork i have seen that is better, and only slightly better, was revis prior to the injury and yet to be seen if it comes back. Cuts and stops on a dime..........I am pumped this guy can ball, flat out ball GOD BLESS TD
  7. We have a team that is continuously getting better, and we know we can score, so defending the pass is going to be huge. We need some special dbs, so nolan can run his scheme and knowing this, as well as understanding nolan has had a year to dissect and understand the team, i feel confident doing whatever it is they choose. Simply put, we have a bunch more picks to fill the rest of the needs and for whatever reason, nolan felt corner was the biggest one for an immediate impact stud player at this point. I must say, i like the pick. The bloodlines are there, and he should be very p
  8. Dis Boi iz so dum says everything and then some about your credentials to decide whats best for this PROFESSIONAL football team
  9. DT, DE and LB to be quite honest. Let them do battle, get depth and rock n roll to the superbowl. I am absolutely in love with our team this year,
  10. Dimitroff not only has us in position as the top team in the NFC for the past 5 years, but he has us in position to remain that way for the next 8 So anyone who talks **** about my man TD, go be a browns fan...............................TD is god
  11. I think the outdoor superbowl is BS, I can't believe that weather should impact the outcome of the most decisive game of the year. It could be raining and miserable even postponed. There are too many things that can affect the game negatively and I just don't think it wise. It really ticks me off because of course the year we will be in the big game, as a dome team, we will be the only team punished by playing outdoors in the first winter bowl. Unreal with that said, I also live an hour and a half from buffalo and I have been a die hard falcon fan since 1988. I will actually
  12. I think steven Jackson easily rushes for 125 yds per game and has 1799 yds rushing and 700 receiving and 31 tds because hes rushed for the numbers you guys are talking about every year injured or not on the worst team with no other offensive players and eleven defenders keyed in on him at all times. He also was behind alot so they had to pass all the time. Now that he is easily on the best offensive team in football bar none, I expect him to get in excellent shape, have a chip on his shoulder, and lift us falcons up to the promised land..............WE will now get to see how terrible
  13. I havent been as excited ever for a season. Now we will all get to see that I knew what i was talking about with turner. He was good at a couple things, terrible at a couple things, but the things he was terrible at cost us fire power for so long on offense, and become easy to defend against. In this NFL its all about beating a team many different ways, any way that they can't stop.. This makes us by far the most elite offense in football and if you dont believe it , better than the cowboys sb teams, better than chandler and TM and TM and JA, our offense is legendary now!!!!
  14. i have a feeling all of us are going to forget about abe very soon. Not in a bad way, but in a really good way...Great Signing, Im very confident this is the man right there
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