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  1. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/08/03/source-no-broken-wrist-for-hageman/
  2. Look at the contributors already from the 2011 draft. Rd 1, Pick 6 (6) Jones, Julio WR Rd 3, Pick 27 (91) Dent, Akeem LB Rd 5, Pick 14 (145) Rodgers, Jacquizz RB Rd 6, Pick 27 (192) Bosher, Matt K Rd 7, Pick 7 (210) Jackson, Andrew OL Rd 7, Pick 27 (230) Matthews, Cliff DL Julio, will be elite for the next 10 years. Akeem, is already a ST stud. Quizz, might be the steal of this draft. time will tell but I like what I see. Bosher, Is turning it around. true, there was no where to go but up from earlier this year, but I like what I see. The 7 round picks will have to be judged in the next 2-3 years. This might be TD's best draft since 2008...time will tell...but i like what i see.
  3. And just so you WHINERS on this thread know. That was a female dog and that thing you fart out of fan base!
  4. Sometimes...make that most of the time...this board is just stoopid. Yes, I said STOOPID. There is a video up right now with Archer interviewing TD in which TD says a team was trying to trade up to the Falcons spot. TD didn't want to and pulled the trigger on Dent. AFTER the Falcons chose Dent the team that wanted to trade up to the Falcons spot texted TD and said "You just picked the guy we were trying to trade up for"! Bunch of sad *** WHINERS on this board. 3 winning seasons in a row. A team on the rise. ***** *** fan base.
  5. The fact that you stated we gave up 5 picks to get Julio tells me you are a little confused. We gave up 4 picks. The "5th" pick was our 27 which we traded for a 6. Otherwise, you are correct. Time will tell. IMHO, I think this was a good move. Would feel a little better about it if we had AJ but I'll ride on the school yard with Julio all day.
  6. That "overview" loses all credibility when it calls him undersized at linebacker. Dude is 6'1 240+. Doesn't sound undersized to me. I don't think TD drafted a guy in the 3rd that he expects to be a ST player only. He'll be a nice 2 down backer and a beast on ST.
  7. We've been wanting "respect" blah blah blah. I just want some Aint *** on Monday. I am confused by one thing though. We all watched the Blitz, Sports Center, etc... and couldn't believe that the Falcons got no air time after clinching a spot and busting up Seattle. We gave the excuse that we aren't "sexy" etc. But from a business standpoint..wouldn't ESPN want to push the Falcons this week more than any? They are playing on MNF this week. On ESPN. I guess MNF gets viewers no matter what. That's the only explanation. Besides the fact that the talent has to live in Bristol, Ct. That would wear on any institution after awhile.
  8. Your not missing anything. I made a mistake. It was the old man Harper not Porter.
  9. He has gotten into their heads. Monday can't get here fast enough.
  10. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/rapid-reports/team/NO Roman Harper on Falcons WR Roddy White: "He's definitely put up some good numbers. ... The biggest thing is that when we have a call, we need to execute the call. If we're going to take this guy out, we need to take him out. If we get the chance, we need to knock him out. I can't wait till we beat these fools on Monday. I hate everything about the aint's.
  11. I never said he agreed. I said he was rolling around in the gutter with a wh0re.
  12. Which means you shouldn't have been the first person to post a reply and bump it. SMH
  13. Actually I do like him. Like him partly because he doesn't typically roll around in the flamebait.
  14. Not sure if the "ok" is because I didn't leave a link to what I was talking about therefore leading to some confusion. If so, I am commenting on a Pat Yasinkas NFC South blog on espn. Not going to link to it. easy enough to find.
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