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  1. That's inexcusable and he should never be compared to Diggs. Terrell has few more years to be labeled as Shut down Corner.
  2. We need to win consistently. Especially,beat top tier team when it matters matters the most.
  3. Remember when you bring Falcons in equation especially their defense vs a backup QB who has been in a league for a while. Things are not the same. Make no mistake ...Dolphins will give everything they got.
  4. Jacoby Brissett should be able to shred our DBs at will. Gaskin will be a huge problem from backfield.
  5. You obviously haven't been watching the same tape as we do. Stop watching highlights reels of some plays. Watch and study the game in totality. We've always lacked HIGH IQ personnel who dont understand the game at pivotal moments and fail to make adjustments to FINISH the game.
  6. No its not. Just please stop. We are not better than any of division opponents. We cannot play 4 quarters. We may win a quarter or few. Not in position to win the game. We have low IQ players who make dumb decisions and cost us the games. Ryan / Grady have kept us in most games...if it wasn't for their heroics on daily basis we would be the worst team in the NFL.
  7. Great win. Lets not forget this rookie QB played like trash!!
  8. Terrell almost gave it to them. Woo-hoo we beat the AFC team
  9. I would have gone for it on 4th down. Arthur Smith is way too conservative.
  10. This is the problem I've been mentioning over and over again We draft low IQ, mid level skilled players and this is the byproduct. You can't fix stupid.
  11. We all have seen this horror movie before. Stand by, for another epic show
  12. If I'm Ryan...I would slap that Lil punk Hall for dropping the ball and showing half *** effort! Comeon!
  13. Ouch!! I stood at 50 yard line at Superbowl 51 and saw the historic meltdown unfold infront of my eyes.
  14. Haven't been all demanding this for a decade now. No matter who the coach is or GM is. Same results. We have probably the weakest scouting department in NFL.
  15. Lol always is. Remember the Dallas game last year..where he failed to recover the ball late in 4th.
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