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  1. This draft if about QB/RB and one of a kind generation talent = Pitts.
  2. we won't find any...everyone knows we dont need a QB! We are better of with Pitts
  3. Lions are willing to trade down that messes up our chances. Plus the price to move up that high at #4 is too high. I say screw the Dolphins and take Pitts.
  4. I would rather trade down on 4th Get more value picks and pickup either top 2 Rbs , LBs
  5. We want picks....will trade down with best value offer.
  6. Dolphins now have basically turned their former LT Laremy Tunsil who they traded to Houston into four first-round picks and a third-round pick.
  7. Agree...this is all fake news. No one drafts TE this high. And my educated guess this they trade down ...and pickup elite R.B. We need a solid RB who can move chains at will.
  8. Hes trash...will serve as reserve. Simply cap saving signing.
  9. Because they get "targeted" with a "purpose/motive" and thats why its labeled. Fact, that why it actually happened is important for masses to know and get to the root cause of the issue and spread awareness. I dont see it as mislabeling or spreading more division.
  10. I would be flabbergasted if they didn't trade down and add more depth on RB and Defense.
  11. need to now worry about C Position after Mack's departure. Most critical spot after QB on offense.
  12. We cant afford him. Just got under cap. With Davidson restructured contract we got TE LEE SMITH. But, I definitely believe we need a veteran presence at C position. Or else, Ryan is going to regress.
  13. they made a great move by letting him walk away and create some cap room
  14. Agree. Mack had regressed big time...especially in the run game.
  15. #3 is most concerning I really don't like this current state. First thing, they should have done was to address their lofty contracts.
  16. We are TRADING DOWN and will try to pick best players available to fill glaring holes at RB, DB, OLINE positions. Bringing in a young QB is not solving any problems. Tom Brady and Bucs just showed the blue print. We still have Julio and Ryan's contracts to be restructured so we can get some veteran F.A and try to WIN NOW. This is going to be about getting VALUE IN DRAFT not necessarily the best pick at #4
  17. Point is the leadership made lot of bad decisions right after supebowl meltdown. And in the end, onus is on Mr.Blank as well. He has to set the right culture and hire people who have WIN NOW MODE mindset.
  18. f*** cowboys. And DQ can keep embracing the suck!! We are over it....
  19. It all started with Beasley and Freeman. They still kept playing them inspite of their consistent dip in production and lack of commitment. Thats sets a wrong tone to others who are performing and are undervalued. Above all, it doesn't entice anyone in free agency to come to a team who have accepted "mediocrity" This is an onus on ex GM DIMITROFF AND ex coach Dan Quinn. Just failed on player development and gave special treatments to sacred cows year after year.
  20. Top heavy Falcons are a pyramid scheme based. Will never succeed in my opinion with this approach. Terry and Arthur have said all the right things. Now let's see if they can execute.
  21. Concerned with Keanu Neal. We lack depth at that position and its playing a pivotal role in pass happy league.
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