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  1. Point is the leadership made lot of bad decisions right after supebowl meltdown. And in the end, onus is on Mr.Blank as well. He has to set the right culture and hire people who have WIN NOW MODE mindset.
  2. f*** cowboys. And DQ can keep embracing the suck!! We are over it....
  3. It all started with Beasley and Freeman. They still kept playing them inspite of their consistent dip in production and lack of commitment. Thats sets a wrong tone to others who are performing and are undervalued. Above all, it doesn't entice anyone in free agency to come to a team who have accepted "mediocrity" This is an onus on ex GM DIMITROFF AND ex coach Dan Quinn. Just failed on player development and gave special treatments to sacred cows year after year.
  4. Top heavy Falcons are a pyramid scheme based. Will never succeed in my opinion with this approach. Terry and Arthur have said all the right things. Now let's see if they can execute.
  5. Concerned with Keanu Neal. We lack depth at that position and its playing a pivotal role in pass happy league.
  6. We are definitely not close to being in Superbowl. Trenches lack depth. No pass rush. Weak secondary. Thin at safety. Top heavy with contracts...difficult to get aggressive in F.A. Draft picks are not going to carry us deep in playoffs. Plus, aging Centre (Mack) and WR (Julio) We shall make the playoffs. Doubt go beyond first or second round. Bottom line, it comes to Matt Ryan and offense to STOP BRADY 3 X IN A YEAR. Can Matt Ryan do it ? Who's I believe 0-8 vs Brady.
  7. Julio is like Larry Fitz/ Calvin Johnson Hes gonna be Falcons for life. Even if he plays 50% of games he's gonna make others around him better. But, I agree at what cost $? Tough decisions for new coach and G.M
  8. take a pay cut So we can sign Peterson and JJ WATT. And then build trenches.
  9. Have Julio and Matt restructure their contracts. Bring him HOME SMITH!!
  10. Brady will still carve that corner. With strong OL atleast Matt Ryan has a shot to outscore him or hold the lead.
  11. Above my pay grade. Will let Arthur Smith justify his new position. I'll meanwhile, embrace the suck! & watch Brady in his 10th superbowl.
  12. Reminds me of TJ Watt...high motor, relentless and full of GRIT.
  13. Why are they playing like Falcons. Run the **** ball. ....take short 5-15 yards. You don't need big chunk yards
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