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  1. Waiting for over a decade for DEFENSE to show up when it matters. We got Breesy, Brady, Teddy 2x who have always given us hard time. Add Wilson, Rodgers & Patrick Mahomes. Just cant catch a break... 8-8 at best. 6-10 at worst.
  2. I'm not worried. I'm effin livid. This means we have to keep hearing about Superbowl 51 beat down by Brady. Have to see him 2x not looking forward to it.....actually their roster is the best so far in entire NFC ...must admit.
  3. No chance we make it out of this division? Teddy Bridgewater Tom Brady Breesy/Swiss Knife/Winston Was 2016 Superbowl our only window?
  4. We need pass rush guys...want every single pick to be on defensive side. Need a dog outhere man! Need to make Brady and Breesy lives miserable
  5. Lombardis are won in trenches. This franchise never cared to pay real attention to the glaring weaknesses we have had on DL. We let our edge rusher go and then we dont replace him to help out Takk or Grady??!!! Wtf!! We need a defensive linemen ....another wasted pick and wasted year.
  6. Unreal....why did we win those late games. We needed a game changer on defense and this guy was somone who could fill in any spot as needed. Hard to find such talent .....hoping we get decent value in draft.
  7. Jonathan Taylor > Freeman, Ollison, Hill combined. Go get him Troff!
  8. Hes gonna be our TJ Watt.....he will be top 5 sack leaders next year.
  9. Game has changed... No one player can do it all. QB position has been redefined in a pass happy league. Either you invest heavily in trenches or draft a hybrid QB like Mahomes, Watson, Lamar....to keep chains moving.
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