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  1. Unreal....why did we win those late games. We needed a game changer on defense and this guy was somone who could fill in any spot as needed. Hard to find such talent .....hoping we get decent value in draft.
  2. Jonathan Taylor > Freeman, Ollison, Hill combined. Go get him Troff!
  3. Dmitiroff = what's that?
  4. Hes gonna be our TJ Watt.....he will be top 5 sack leaders next year.
  5. Absolutely agree! But, ofcourse we will be Troffed on draft day
  6. Game has changed... No one player can do it all. QB position has been redefined in a pass happy league. Either you invest heavily in trenches or draft a hybrid QB like Mahomes, Watson, keep chains moving.
  7. Takk
  8. Kyle misfortune was a blown coverage on 3rd and 15th. Byt had he just freakin ran the ball and got 1st downs....he would be fine
  9. What Kyle Shanahan will have to explain: The 49ers had 14 plays with a lead in the 2nd-half tonight and had Jimmy Garoppolo dropback to pass on 9 of them. That's actually a higher dropback percentage in those situations than the Falcons had in Super Bowl LI
  10. They played Saints on road...who were on fire offensively. And no one can tell me Mahomes is better than how Brees played that game surgically ripping apart 49ers. But, 49ers still found a way to win....that shows that GRIT.
  11. Preseason brah...not regular season. I know they didn't play all season in regular...but, fact is 49ers defense is better than Chiefs coming in to this game. If they can beat Wilson , Rodgers, Brees.....they can beat Mahomes.
  12. 49ers allowed 15pts average overall. Scored 30pts offense Enough said! Let the games begin
  13. Kill shot! This is superbowl effin way 49ers Defense let his get that TD.
  14. Exactly, people forget that Chiefs relevancy is based on Mahomes survival....if Mahomes is irrelevant down goes Chiefs On other hand, Jimmy G can have another 100 yards or less passing game and still win this game with running game , defense & special teams.
  15. You are entitled to your opinion and I am with mine. We can agree to disagree.... Have a peaceful life ahead.