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  1. Can't be lousier than Sark.
  2. Sabotaging is harsh words..... In my opinion, Matt Ryan would never ask anything outrageous that would break team apart. He knows that, but definitely its a concern how they all to a breakeven point and still manage to restructure other key players contracts and bring in new F.A.
  3. I fail to understand why he was not let go ....
  4. Ryan does not have a Super BOWL ring.....just cant see him in top 5. Brady Big Ben Rodgers Brees Wilson Top 5 over Matt Ryan - if Ryan can get in superbowl or loss. One can put him in TOP 5. Ryan had one stellar year....and could have been Superbowl MVP breaking Kurt Warners record but, it did not happen. That would put him over Rodgers & Wilson easily.
  5. Why are QBs highly paid in NFL? Over other postions...
  6. Lol! Big Ben is not my boy. Matt Ryan is highly talented and shall be next to Peyton Manning one day. No doubt! But, in all fairness to rapist Ben ...hes on his last leg of career and to compare Ryan with him now is not fair. Big Ben is a multiple 2 x superbowl champ of 3 appearances & future HOF. So I would not dare compare Ryan to Big Ben now. Ryan will be considered a top echelon and not elite till he wins Superbowl. Sadly, thats how most NFL players careers are reflected.
  7. That will be awesome! Hes such a class act!
  8. Love it!! Who's gonna be the game broadcasters?
  9. Trading is not an option.....he is tied to A.B hip!
  10. Chillax! Stop trippin ...I or nobody here suggests Matt Ryan should not get paid. The debate = how much is enough? Keeping core falcons unit intact? Or may be after accquiring F.A we falcons go all in and break the ceiling or restructure to a level where he doesnt feel disrespected.
  11. 34% we had runs in middle / Guard position Smh!!!
  12. In todays pass happy league....QB performance plays a PIVOTAL role in playoffs especially if hes team captain. No position makes more money in the NFL than quarterbacks. So in my opinion, QBs will always be judged by wins/losses in post season.
  13. So is Philips Rivers.... Predicament is how should Falcons pay him? & at what cost ...when we all are witnessing games being won in trenches and mediocre QBs like Keenum, Foles, Taylor, Bortles, Jared Goff get easily in to playoffs by just managing the games.
  14. I agree...dont have issue paying. But, argument here is how much is good enough? So that core of team remains united. Or, you go ALL IN on just one guy and hope he plays like Tom Brady....but, on other hand even if he did, we dont have play calling like Josh Macdaniels. Smh!!
  15. So our defense was not elite???!!! Lol! We had the best defense after Jags/Viqueens heading in to playoffs. We stopped Eagles at home @15pts which even Viqueens couldnt do... And accept the fact after watching the tape....of Eagles. FOLES was the reason they won Lombardi!! Because, Brady & Patriots had surgically carved up Eagles defense and were 2 plays away from putting a dagger in em.