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  1. Murphys law.....I very well understand. With 99.8% probability to win Superbowl in late 3rd quarter. Our 2016 team blew it. You know what they must be mentally going through right now? Just imagine....the mindset they have to step in this year is to win ALL games. Consider ALL games as playoffs games. Is it hard??!! Sure it is, was anyone able to do it in recent past ? we have the TALENT & DEPTH to do it....ABSOLUTELY!! SO WHY NOT US?!
  2. I diasagree on Beasleys projection. With addition of Poe, Crawford, Takk , rise of Jarrett , Clayborn & healthy Trufant...will make Beasley even more lethal!! I expect Beasley to be TOP 3 in his respective category.
  3. Warriors 2.0
  4. Theres a big diff between 10-6 & 12-4 So just, keepit simple here.....tell me ONE team in our division who can STOP our offense? I KNOW for fact we have better defense then Saints & Panthers ...same as Bucs. But, not worst. We split with Bucs and dominate our division & NFC yet again this year. Ill take any wager!!!
  5. Carolina lost 2 offensive linemen and Cam ia coming off a surgery....****** think they can own us with Christian Mccaffery whos gonna get wallowed up our they all can choke on a crow with cholula spicy sauce!!
  6. I just 500 on Falcons. Lets just cut right through this....look at all roster depth in NFC or matter of fact NFL. Barring Patriots & may be Bucs no other team has soo much talent across the board. Oline, Dline, Special Teams, WRs , TE, RBS & QBs....our biggest advantage is youth getting plenty of experience in big games and play time in absence of key personnel like Trufant, Tamme , Spoon & Clayborn. Now majority of roster is intact, with plethora of new skilled talent on roster. Anything less than Lombardi will be a dissapointment for us this year.
  7. Patriots should not have been in O.T. They should have been buried after Julios epic catch. That GAME SET. MATCH!! And, Matt Ryan and offense should have found a way to effin RUN, RUN & RUN & let the best kicker in NFL golden boot do his duty! I know Matt Ryan in hindsight now thinks he should have taken over playcalling and that's why this hire of Sarkisian dude makes sense. Sark is gonna be a game manager not operator. Matt Ryan now can single handedly run the entire reportoire of our offense. Especially, when the game is on the line. He doesnt need someone like Sark or Quinn.
  8. Yes, atleast protect the ball & thats what Brady did in entire second half. Brady vs other QBs ......he makes plays at absolutely pivotal moments in game. He did the same thing to Manning & elite Broncos defense when they were up over 21 points and he shredded them to pieces. Our defense was dead last in red zone & pass . It caught up at very bad moment. Back to back 2 point conversions allowed in freakin S.B??!!! Not acceptable!!! I more transfixed on our defense this year then offense.....and offense its effin time to Matt Ryan to audible atleast 50% of the game at his will.
  9. Only option he should have is to throw the ball away after breakdown in oline NOT look for completion. Again, I am not expert but, I was at the game right behind Falcons bench....I saw that look on his face after Patriots went and scored and brought the game to 20-28. The demons of NFCS 2012 vs 49ers game where we were up by 17 points and gave that game away also were flashing right infront of my eyes. I am hoping, this year defense takes over when its TIME to effim shut your opponents away.
  10. I meant stats wise...yes, but, he did take a sack where he could have thrown the ball away. He has ample of opportunities to take over playcalling change it up at line of scrimmage after Julios epic catch. I am no way suggesting it was Ryans fault or he was not better for most parts. But, in the end you have to give credit to Brady when its deserved .... I cant recollecthow many QBs would have actually have the temperament to lead a come back and have epic PASSING clinic when you are down by 25points. We collectively effed up but, if you had to zero in to 1 or 2 plays it comes down to 3rd &1 sack by Hightower and Offense inability to run the clock down take a FG with the BEST kicker in NFL to close the game.
  11. It was 3rd and 1 .....why PASS??????!!!!! it was not like we were trailing by double digits.
  12. Exactly, I remember a game in 2014 where Manning & Broncos went to Foxboro and were up by I think 21or 23 pts. Identical situation, what did Patriots do....? They made the same comeback and won the game 34-31. Patriots had the DNA to only focus on finishing games strong. All they need is just 1 **** quarter to comeback and put a dagger on your heart. They save all their energy till opponentsare gassed out or are mentally "too cocky&complacent" I thought Quinn would be able to dissect this having first jand experience with Seahawks choke job in Superbowl. But anyway, this one will hurt forever!!!
  13. Can someone please explain on that 3rd & 1 stupid pass play call where Ryan got sacked. Why the eff Patrick Dimarco not used to block Hightower knowing Freeman sucks everytime in pass blocks. And, why would you effin NOT run the ball on 3rd & 1 ????
  14. Freeman & Shanny bailed Patriots out. And, sorry Brady was better because, he could Take over the game & FINISH it and lifted Lombardi. Matt Ryan was no doubt, great on paper then ang S.B QB but, he should have taken over the playcalling under 3 mins after Julios epic catch. No excuses!! And, Freeman ...out of all people should just STFU for rest of the yearand simply learn how to PASS BLOCK & FOCUS ON HIS RUNNING GAME.