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  1. We went in with ZERO game plan, ZERO in game or half time adjustments. So fundamentally flawed is #brotherhood
  2. Alford has no business playing in NFL. And Trucant just has to just hold on to the ball.
  3. Boys are comparable to Skins?!! You kidding so?
  4. What happ last week?
  5. Ummhh! Gregg Williams is not an unfamiliar face to Falcons
  6. Must win game. Falcons 34 - 28 Cowboys.
  7. Stop Elliott. Bench Alford. Run the effin ball! And, feed the monsters Julio / Ridley
  8. I accept it I was wrong. Not sure what made me show up Rodgers was 3-0 vs Seahags. But, still I will not bet against Rodgers except when he plays Ryan. He has and shown time again how lethal he can be. Last night, he couldnt..but thats more on coaching for abandoning the run when they had been successful using Jones.
  9. Cheese heads!!! Smh!!
  10. When you effin RUN good things happen... Seahags ran the ball for 170 yards + Game. Set. MATCH!!
  11. Hes 3-0 vs Hawks. Ill never bet against Rodgers except when he faces Matt Ryan.
  12. Aaron Godgers any day ON MARS!
  13. How are we going to win vs Dallas with this sweese cheese defense and Elliott & Amari Cooper coming in this time?!!
  14. Patriots have the smallest front office / scouting dept in ENTIRE NFL. They have CONSISTENCY, DISCIPLINE & TOTAL CLARITY from TOP management - week in, week out with ONE GOAL in mind which is RAISE LOMBARDI. They ONE MESSAGE = DO YOUR JOB. They dont have fancy lip talks after or during practice weeks....they talk less and show actions when it matters. They have HIGH I.Q personnel who can work and build average joe off streets and make him an ALL STAR! We on other hand, have ALL STARS on roster but, we just dont know how to use them. Ive accepted MEDIOCRITY and agreed we are finesse dome team with mid tier NFL rating. Most Falcons Fans at this point really dont have any is what it is. Enjoy the ride!