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  1. Wheres the pass rush coming from? Offense, no doubt will take off under Coach Smith. I have major apprehension on our defense.
  2. Sure unfortunately have also work to be done on side..🙈🙈
  3. Not taking anything away from Ryan hes still an all pro. But that doesn't undermine what Julio did which also made the entire team relevant and struck fears in eyes of opponents. Look at current roster now besides Grady Jarrett which player strikes fear while facing any opponents?
  4. Thanks ...I was looking for entire details on transactions including the financial side and value picks. This explains.
  5. We are talking about W.R godly talent and what challenges he brought for defenses every game.... don't talk to me as if I don't know football. He was the ONLY LEGIT threat Falcons had which struck fears in opponents. So go on with your narrative.....ill stick with mine.
  6. This is all I saying this man gave us EVERYTHING and beyond ...he deserved better.
  7. Julio yes sir got us single handedly to that stage. Now let's go back to NFC CHAMPIONSHIP game vs Packers. What part did you miss about Julios GODLY abilities to change the outcome it did.
  8. So how many of you are switching to Titans fan base or will be rooting for them ? Lmao!!!
  9. Guess we got exposed with our weaknesses of Cap space. Troffed!!!
  10. But he delivered in 2016 Superbowl run dont forget to watch the tape again. This man single handedly got us few mins close to Lombardi and all we needed was FG after that GODLY CATCH on sidelines. I think his heart was made up after that collapse...that he's done. Never saw the same Julio after consistently.
  11. I believe it was Ian Rappaport who had said that we have locked in 1st for sure because we got 2nd for Sanu.
  12. Most folks are just happy because he got trade to AFC ? OR is really happy for him knowing Falcons got fleeced overall in terms value we got back? Just simply your final assessment to this trade as an outsider.
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