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  1. Welcome to brotherhood...
  2. Good riddance!!! Total liability!
  3. Right call poorly executed...again need plays to kill call and make opponents keep guessing
  4. Absolutely....again we dont need best they wont last long on our team....just someone looks at this meticulously and executes with passion.
  5. This should be enough to FIRE Keith Armstrong
  6. Mike Westhoff is elite special teams coach ..his track record whenever he goes stands out. It doesnt matter what personnell you give him but, you can almost be certain his unit will be in TOP 10
  7. Special teams is an integral and pivotal unit of todays fast paced NFL games. Ideal examples- teams this year who are **** good in ST are Saints & Patriots. ST units sets up your offense and defense in a field postion which actually can alter game changing results. Our defense / offense given the situation miraculously have got 6 wins....but, I kid you not folks and most of you may have higher football IQ than mine but, theres something deeply concerning for this area NOT to improve for soo long. Question = 1)whats taking soo long to fix? 2) Do they even recognize this a glaring issue. 3) whos going to take onus for this? 4) if other teams can do it why not us? 5) going forward, we HAVE to make our opponents earn every inch and give our team enough leverage to take advantge on opponents.
  8. Reminiscent of how we won vs Bears & Lions
  9. You are very weak in math ..and you continue to prove it.
  10. Sir, If you have any self respect & dignity left please resign. Otherwise, you will cost jobs of several players who are fighting above their skill set to get team a W And you Sir, a sacred cow of Arthur Blank are soo blatantly arrogant to make any changes for past year and half. How do you even sleep at night? When your unit performance is ranked dead last in NFL!!! You should be ashamed Sir!! Wish I could banish you in pit of misery for life!!! Sorry guys, I know we just got a WIN ....but man, this mans unit game after game selectively chooses to drag the teams morale down when we have leads.
  11. We are effin joke in NFL right now on special teams play....espcially punts and kick returns. Matt Bryant has been excellent.
  12. Keith Armstrong is a sacred cow of Arthur Blank...expect no changes. Hes never going to be accountable.
  13. Saints got the best special teams cordinator in business and we did Nothing in offseason when entire 2016 we were getting burnt and continue to implode in 2017. Keith Armstrong is a sacred bell cow.
  14. Do you think everyones Pete Carroll?