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  1. F. D LED !! I LOATHE HIM This is a real test of brotherhood now....get your popcorn ready!
  2. Demontae Kama-"kazee" = mark it!!
  3. 2019 LOL! OR NEVER!
  4. Ridley will hold the Lombardi!! Yes, I called it FIRST!!!
  5. Most shocking is 3 years still left in his contract all who are holding out have only 1 year left which is understandable. Julio is being a greedy mofo ready to cash out on sinking titanic! Im not a pessimist but with Lombardi being hosted in our backyard ......the goal of players should be working hard together and reaching the promised land. Arthur Blank had made it clear he wants Julio for life so did D.Q and most fans so why the eff hes not coming thru his end of the deal which we signed and agreed. It was a tacit understanding that, at some point in his contract some other WR may end up getting paid big effin deal! He would get paid more eventually but not this way.....
  6. F. D LED!!! And if Julio wont show up with Ryan @ mandatory mini camp with 3 years left in his contract....hes DEAD TO ME!!
  7. Use him in December and deep in playoffs... Use talented mr. Ripley!
  8. Wager? Vic is a big mean Kahuna ...moving in to his preferred full time pass rush job. He gets most sacks in NFL this year....there you go BOOOOOM!!!
  9. We reached Superbowl without one is indispensable unless you are Matt Ryan.
  10. Marvin hall is trash!! Was he the one responsible for butt interception in Nola game??
  11. Beastley and Takk xan be one of the best dynamic pass rush duos this year. Fingers crossed!! Cameron Jordan is coming for Matt Ryan....we have 2 big Kahunas after Drew Brees ....lets see how it unfolds.
  12. Both should be key contributors especially in playoffs !!
  13. **** happens.. .Murphys Law. Next man up! Thats why league needs to seriously consider D Q idea of expanding official roster limit for teams to withstand such inadvertent events
  14. Did yall forget Damontae Kazee?? Hes gonna shock most of the NFL....I saw him live in at Rams / Falcons game....he looked soo suave and confident!