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  1. That was Luke Kuechly who got mauled!
  2. Hellooo....ITO SMITH! Helloooo....Vic Beasley!
  3. That too!
  4. Probably? Hes done mate!! DONE!!!
  5. EMBRACE & SUCK!!!
  6. Hes hard hitter for real...hes undersized at the moment. But, you can be rest assured hes gonna be a lethal weapon.
  7. Ryan shoukd have taken pay cut.
  8. You are fake news!
  9. Ask Marquise Lee....
  10. Diamond is made out of rough...and I have the eye to detect a precious diamond which gets cut from a rough. Kazee will be a pro bowler within 2 years ....mark this thread!
  11. Upcoming game vs Saints will be HUUGE! Beasley and Riley HAVE to make their presence felt and create turonvers.
  12. He set the tone in entire effin league.... thats very important! I can bet you hes got Saints attention.....and I dare Breesy to throw his best man Thomas up in middle to see what KamaKazee does to him! If Neal was hard hitter.....Kazee is at even higher level!
  13. Just say it TRUFANT IS ****!!!
  14. Aint sweatin we got TRUFANT!!! LMAO!!
  15. They have had solid defense....and now they have offensive firepower. To outpace Breesy in Metrodome aint a fluke! Bucs are legit.