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  1. I agree....but thats the narrative I wanna run to convince myself and get out of pit of misery lol! Ofcourse, its not rigged...or else, how would we blow a 28pt lead ? How would Jake Matthews be called on back to back holding calls?
  2. I honestly feel this **** is rigged ...they want Patriots / Saints in Superbowl in atlanta. Can you freakin imagine our mental state??!!
  3. Its been 0-7 dont you think it was not talked about it before?
  4. Rams are 0-8 with this crew! OMFG!! RIGGED FOR SURE!!
  5. %1%24s
  6. I believe now that has to be a strong consideration or pay up Beasley.
  7. He doesn't have mental capacity to understand this...thats why hes in this situation. God speed!
  8. None of us know if it will or not. Hope it does. But, what does D.Q now do in draft? Knowing how vulnerable this spot is.
  9. He needs himself morr than anyone. There goes our draft priorities....this has to be a concern heading in to draft.
  10. Retire well Coach Smith! Yes, never liked the soft approach but, never doubted your unwavering passion to make this team great. My first coach as Falcons Fan....nothing but respect.
  11. I ask Rams D better than Eagles D overall? Yes, at the moment. Eagles had them right where they wanted. It was well devised ....and that last drive was a nail in coffin! Rams are more hungrier than Saints. Saints cockiness is going to cost them.
  12. Yes, and it was very disrespectful and a low class act by Aints. In the end, Im not surprised....but, Im glad world is noticing and now they put bounty on their heads.
  13. Im 100% certain. Rams will shut them down with their defense.
  14. Im here in L.A for while now...and know some of Rams front office personnel who live in my community.... All I will say, they are FIRED UP, they have not forgotten their last meetings especially, sideline antics by Sean Peyton..... They are locked in film room for over 2 days....analyzing Saints.
  15. Rams defense will shut this game down. Goff has Gurley/Anderson to keep offense balanced. He just needs to be a game manager. Let Donald/Suh - Wade Phillips do their job. Brees under pressure plays like ****! We ALL know that....we almost beat them 2x with our mash unit had it not been for stupid turnovers.