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  1. I agree we do get called for DPI all the time and NOW Quinn FINALLY can do something about it. It's a FAIR rule but application of it during entire game is just lame!
  2. Yes I agree 100% Its soo lame to implement this in the whole game...slows games down and only benefits Q.Bs Has to be under 2 minutes when actual game is on the line.
  3. You are right...the refree on field should have thrown the flag by making that judgment call and had Eagles challenged it ....they probably had a 50/50 shot at reversing it.
  4. When and the last time we won with a blown out? Just cant recollect our team putting teams away when they are in position.
  5. It has to be blatantly obvious and clear obstruction again this rule is in place to avoid what happened between Saints / Rams.
  6. In all fairness, it was not blatant upon review. I would have called it NO FOUL upon review.
  7. None of this is gonna change about that loser Stocker!!! Game after game he misses key assignments, has mental errors and it causes turnovers.
  8. Shame hes not used enough on wild cat plays or just on offense.
  9. Because of him we got that last TOUCHDOWN so I'm over and done crying over a dead horse. He himself admitted that's not how he wants the game to turnout but, also mention this was most cover 0 hes seen ever from any team. It's not that easy to adjust....Jim Schwartz and Doug Peterson are superbowl champions and if anyone here thought we were just gonna walk over them they are delusional.
  10. Not true ..Aaron Jones had a field day vs Vikings defense. Freeman is rusty he missed couple of wide open holes ....and his intial cut back burst is lost. Ito Smith in my opinion should be starting.
  11. Guys like Von Miller, Donald clip the throwing hand to disrupt the pass first because its extremely hard to bring a guy down like this with todays NFL rules. Nevertheless, it always happens with Falcons.....the famous Julian Edelman catch in superbowl which should have been either intercepted or deflected least for incompletion.
  12. And nobody in media seems to highlight this
  13. Playing too conservative....this is what Philly wants and D.Q again getting outcoached as of now.
  14. How are our secondaries better over theirs? Ertz, Jeffrey, Jackson = 3 players can burn them at will. If theres no pressure from defensive front....its gonna be a loooong night.