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  1. Go to one of those voodoo shops in Aint'sville and buy some voodoo doll pins. Then, every time Petrino is doing some live TV thing, stick a few pins in strategic places and watch the poser dance.
  2. Can I get an Amen? 'specially to the TEAM part. Good to see a team full of athletes without the seemingly inevitable plethora of egos.
  3. 'Till these Falcons. They don't listen when the "experts" tell them they don't have a chance in ****. They've already proven how big their heart is.
  4. These guys have believed that they can do anything they want since the pre season, and they've gone out and proven it. If they believe they can win the Super Bowl, then they can. I believe and I could give a rodents posterior what the press thinks.
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