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  1. #1 Him passing on Aaron Donald. I know we needed a LT, but Donald was the best college player I’ve ever watched. I thought it was obvious he should have been the pick. That could have changed the trajectory of this team completely. Matthews has been fine, but he isn’t even on the same planet as a talent. #2 His complete inability to scout and draft offensive lineman. #3 His complete failure to draft Offensive lineman and commit to the offensive line.
  2. I mean it seems that way. However we never play good at NYG Washington will beat us NYJ we should win easy At Miami won’t be easy.
  3. No, I just wanted to hear those people’s thoughts. Everyone loves to run their mouth on here these days and tag all their butt buddies. Just checking to see the temperature on how things are going so far?
  4. I didn’t expect him to do anything. But I was told by people on this board multiple times that Peas would have this defense fixed, and we would be so much better. I pointed out many times how we didn’t have much talent. I pointed out when he was so good with Baltimore they had a roster full of HOF’ers. But I was still wrong.
  5. I just feel like we look so god dam slow and plodding.
  6. That’s a good point, very true. But it is what it is. Our defense is basically the same as always, our “plays” are when the other qb makes a bad throw.
  7. https://twitter.com/mikerothstein/status/1439752601944215557?s=21 Falcons now have the worst scoring defense in their history in the first two games. Wondering where the Dean Peas will fix this defense magically people are hiding at tonight?
  8. Yeah we always play well at the New York Giants… what could possibly go wrong 🤷🏼‍♂️
  9. This team is horrible. Last year I predicted 5-11. This year I said 6-11. But honestly I don’t think we get that far.
  10. He’s right. I have been advocating to completely tear this team down and rebuild it the right way for 2 years. This is the result we are going to get until Ryan is gone. We hit on a young qb, and we actually learn how to draft a couple F-ing lineman. Our choices are you go through a rebuild like Miami did and it sucks for a few years, but then gets exciting. Or you do what we are doing and try to put bandaids on everything and it sucks anyways with no hope for the future. Why we didn’t hire a GM/coach that wanted to rebuild is beyond me. Not to mention wouldn’t this have been the perfect time for all this with Tampa Bay set up the way they are for the next couple years? I mean NOBODY will say that out loud, but it’s reality.
  11. Keith Smith dazzled in the passing game
  12. Problem is we never actually rebuild. We try bandaids. Which never has worked.
  13. I was told that Dean peas would fix this defense magically. Turns out you may need actual talent.
  14. ****, they barely have talent. Let alone depth 😂
  15. I hate everything this guy does. Just stupid acting in general.
  16. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is just to hear a coach speak. Not constant kissing @ss and nonsense. I never listened to Quinn pressers because I couldn’t stomach his style of speaking. This is so much better in my opinion. Direct, and to the point. Side note: of course some idiot had to throw in a Julio question. Smith just needs to say he’s not responding to any more questions about him. He didn’t want to play here anymore. Time to move on.
  17. I don’t now, nor ever did I consider him to be a good player. So no
  18. I haven’t heard anything. What are they saying about him?
  19. I’d be shocked if you’ve watched more games than me.
  20. Yes. Grady only true difference maker. deion is above average. Aj is above average could be more.
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