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  1. I’ll never understand how people don’t see Quinn loves Ricardo Allen. And oh btw he is pretty good at football. Makes no sense
  2. What does (sic.) mean? Just curious
  3. 100% agree. I won’t watch anymore this weekend now that he’s out
  4. Just my personal belief, but I have ALWAYS thought the center and two guards are more important than the tackle positions. Especially for a guy like Matt Ryan. That what has made Brees so good for all those years. When they were good his middle of the line was good. When they sucked their line sucked.
  5. How Cody Ford was the pick at 31 I’ll never understand. Hope im wrong
  6. Some of you guys and your fascination of mediocre talent is illogical.
  7. Who could have seen such a thing coming? Awful signing in the first place. He was never good prior to the injury
  8. Shouldn’t have to make excuses, justifications, and arguments for a guy we traded up for in the first round 2 select. Better players were there. And NOBODY knows if NE would have picked him. That’s just speculation to make people feel better.
  9. It’s literally half the tape. He gets his hands ripped through then is running down the pass rusher. Looks Off balance a lot. In the NFL those men will just 1 arm throw him on his face when he gets off Balanced like that. He doesn’t technically lose because the ball comes out.
  10. I don’t get it. You got Cody Ford sitting right there and this guy is who you want? I was shocked. I am not sure this guy beats out Sambrailo in a fair competition. I’m sure they’ll force it because of the pick. He may get Matt Ryan killed. Him vs Von Miller? Can you even imagine that? My god Lindstrom is ok, but I wasn’t excited for him at 14. If you trade up and get him at 31 that makes more sense to me. People can sell this “everyone wanted these guys” crap all they want but it’s just talk. Nobody really knows. Time will tell. I hope to god I’m wrong, but I think we are in for a real disappointment. One that could set this franchise back for 4 years and waste Julio and Matt Ryan’s prime years. Good luck
  11. I don’t understand how people are excited by McGary? He looks like to me he is getting beat and out of position on over half the plays on this “highlight” tape. Fortunately for him the ball comes out quick. His short arms get ripped through on a number of those plays. You’re telling me that’s going to work on guys like Cam Jordan and better? I hope I’m wrong, but this guy doesn’t look good to me at all.
  12. I give it a D. Lindstrom is fine as a player. Not the value I was hoping for at 14. He will be a starter at guard for years, but to me if you’re taking a guard at 14 it better be zack Martin. I would have liked him a lot more at 31. McGary I’m not sold on. There were far better options. 2 big reaches. Hope I am wrong, but I was really disappointed
  13. Real funny till they come up and get a plug and play center.
  14. No way anyone could think that
  15. Zero percent chance he is the 1st round pick. Round 2 maybe, but I’d still doubt it
  16. He also has the packers taking a quarterback round 1. DJ isn’t good at his job. I’ll pass on a sting bean who’s scared to tackle
  17. Not a fan. My first rounder has to be ready to play now otherwise I’m out
  18. I’m not sold at all Grady will be here. I’ll believe it when he signs his deal. Front office can say they want him here for life. Doesn’t mean anything if he won’t sign i hope he is
  19. Love Nelson in the 4th. Don’t think he lasts that long. I’d take him earlier
  20. I’m excited to have Neal back. Allen as well. He is a lot more important than people realize
  21. Ed Oliver. Not close. Idk why people want Jonah williams. I don’t want anymore technicians. I want maulers
  22. Awful. That’s the last guy I want. If montez Sweat is on the board and we pass I’m throwing my f-ing tv out the window
  23. Getting Ready to hold out more thank likely