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  1. Maybe if he wanted to be “believed” in he would have put in the same amount of work he apparently did this offseason get in such great shape. I mean it is ironic he is now “mad” cause people don’t believe in him, and decided to actually work hard in a contract year. By the way notice the beloved Austin Hooper on the comments stirring the pot. Glad we didn’t pay him
  2. Well considering Senate never even dressed on game day last season yeah, I’d say that a pretty safe bet. WTH
  3. I don’t get the logic. Why do people want every player that gets cut or wants a new home? Just ridiculous. You want to add someone get a veteran pass rusher or corner. Not another F-ing running back
  4. #1 I don’t understand half the shIIt people say these days and I’m only 34. #2 I feel like the uniforms looks good on everyone except Matt Ryan lol. His gear just looks baggy.
  5. Why would Philly want any of these guys lol I mean, yeah be great for us. They don't want any of these guys though
  6. Cause “the great Dan Quinn” was a complete failure
  7. Them boys at “touchdown wire” need to put down the dope.
  8. Everything isn’t a conspiracy people. we lost because they made more plays than we did. The end
  9. Have we not seen a lot of balls go right though Julios hands? I can think of a pretty big one in the end zone in Philly a few years ago.
  10. I thought she was a United States Census taker from Rhode Island
  11. Ehhhhhhh idk. Not a Charles Davis fan at all personally.
  12. Encourage by winning meaningless games when the playoff picture was already over. No, not at all. Doesn’t do it for me. that’s like when the Cubs had a player named Derek Lee years ago. Every Cubs fan thought he was great. Problem was he only got “hot” when the season was already over and the games no longer meant anything.
  13. 1) Tom Brady is good and motivated. 2) He has a ton of weapons 3) Their defense is up and coming 4) We aren’t good if you’re not worried, you going to be very surprised and disappointed come week 1 on MNF (if the leak is accurate of course)
  14. His job to lose. I don’t personally think he’s great by any means.
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