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  1. We need to dump out Shelby. But his contract probably won't allow it to make sense. He isn't going to do anything
  2. So.... he doesn't know the weight ?
  3. As I've said before I watch every cowboys game unless they play when we do. He is just a guy
  4. No. Why can't people see how good Freeman is?
  5. So did I. I still took Aaron Donald in that draft
  6. I am not a fan of you picks personally. I liked Bowser. You like Hall way more than me. And I hated siragusa. But I always Draft along with the falcons. I do it a little different than you. I just pick where we pick. I don't make any trades beyond that. I have all the drafts on poster boards going back like 6 years. Had 10 years deep but 4 years got ruined when my friends basement flooded. It is always very interesting to look back. The picks I made this year were... 1) Taco Charlton 75) Desmond King 136) Jake Butt 149) Caleb Brantley 156) Issac Asiata 174) Bucky Hodges Didn't realize Brantley was in so much trouble. And I think Desmond King is a lot better than the rest of the NFL. Two TE's because I really like Butt and Hodges was BPA for me at the time.
  7. No. Time to move on
  8. Is that accurate? So that means Deion Jones is faster than Julio too? Julio was 4.39 wasn't he?
  9. I didn't like any part of it. Hated trading up for McKinley. Thought he was a mid 2nd round guy. Plus he is hurt. Which I hate. We played in the super bowl last year. Rookies have a hard time contributing. Not being available for OTA's or Training Camp basically has proven to be a nail in the coffin for guys. Hope I am wrong, but I just don't see it. I think he can be good but it's gonna take some time. Has to learn to use his hands. I would have stayed put. Took taco or Malik McDowell. I would have personally took McDowell. Beasely Jarret Poe McDowell across the front would have been nasty. Then I would have picked Dan Feeny who would have fell in our laps round 2. And got two day 1 starters.
  10. Won't even make the team. Can't block and can barely catch. I don't get any of it
  11. I think McDowell would play end for us. I just envision Beasely Jarrett Poe McDowell lined up across the line. Good luck with that Desmond Kind would have been the top corner if he ran faster. That's why he is going to play FS in the NFL. He led the country in interceptions his junior year. Mom made him go back to school for his senior year. Probably cost him a lot of money.
  12. We are moving up I think. Don't want to unless it's Barnett.
  13. Wormley is a DE/DT just depends on the scheme. He is disruptive. I really like taco. Every time during the season (before I watched tape that I would turn on Michigan he was sacking the qb) I think a lot of people are overrating Fournette. I think he is going to be a major boom or bust. Part of me thinks he will have and Eddie Lacy career. Be pretty good, gain weight and be gone. I really like Engram as well. McCafferey is going to be a stud. Love him. If he goes to an NFC south team that's going to suck bad for us. Trust me I think one of the most underrated guys in this draft is Malik McDowell. When he is on he reminds me of Calais Campbell. I hope we either trade up a bit for Barnett or stay put and take McDowell. I think DQ can keep him motivated. Another unnderrated big time is Desmond King. He is a stud. I've seen every game he is ever played. He will be a steal in this draft. Hopefully to us round 2. Also severely underrated for me is Juju. He looks to me like Anquan Boldin, that plays with Steve smith type fire.
  14. This what you think or want? If we give up picks to go get Harris I'm going to be so pissed. If he falls in our lap at 31 then whatever. Still don't like it. But I don't want to move up for him. If we move up it better be for Barnett