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  1. He wasn’t great here. Why would people be standing in line to hire him?
  2. None. That’s why Oliver was picked last season
  3. I’d cut all of them. Save the kickers if you must.
  4. Good start. Schraeder, Brooks Reed, Fusco, Beasley need to be next
  5. Really like the direction you went. Haven’t had a chance to dive in just yet and decide exactly what offensive lineman I want round 1. Nice job.
  6. Not nearly enough offensive line help for me. I'd be shocked if Risner is there round 2. Wouldn't be shocked if he is a first rounder
  7. What I notice and have noticed for a long time is this franchise has no freaking idea how to scout or draft offensive lineman. This is the first year I thought Matthews was really good. Just average before. Schroeder was a lucky UDFA. Where is the guard picks in the 2nd/3rd rounds? Thats why we are in this mess.
  8. LOL... or go depending on who your asking
  9. Sounds not good. Hope he gets the help he needs
  10. He literally played 90% of the snaps.... not sure what’s happening in this post
  11. Barely played? Must have been watching a different team. Oh by the way he tied the league lead in interceptions
  12. The answer is Kazee and it’s not close. Hooper did get better though
  13. More soft zone..... yes!