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  1. Never in my life have I seen any other team that cannot bring a qb down. I’d love to see the stats on when we have a qb and he escapes or makes a throw. It’s unreal. Now we are going to lose again to the Eagles backups.
  2. Good. Smith is an upgrade. Likes to hit people. Good special teams player. Ortiz wasn’t good.
  3. Can we just cut him? I mean seriously. He’s not good. Case closed
  4. Nah he has yelled at them before. And for good reason. That was a pathetic effort from the line. Something has to change or they have to get a lot better fast. That’s not going to cut it
  5. I hear the NFL is just going to suspend Zeke instead
  6. No. Has nothing to do with it. He just needs to stay healthy, and get pressures
  7. I’ll never understand how people don’t see Quinn loves Ricardo Allen. And oh btw he is pretty good at football. Makes no sense
  8. What does (sic.) mean? Just curious
  9. 100% agree. I won’t watch anymore this weekend now that he’s out
  10. Just my personal belief, but I have ALWAYS thought the center and two guards are more important than the tackle positions. Especially for a guy like Matt Ryan. That what has made Brees so good for all those years. When they were good his middle of the line was good. When they sucked their line sucked.
  11. How Cody Ford was the pick at 31 I’ll never understand. Hope im wrong
  12. Some of you guys and your fascination of mediocre talent is illogical.
  13. Who could have seen such a thing coming? Awful signing in the first place. He was never good prior to the injury
  14. Shouldn’t have to make excuses, justifications, and arguments for a guy we traded up for in the first round 2 select. Better players were there. And NOBODY knows if NE would have picked him. That’s just speculation to make people feel better.