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  1. I think we need to invest heavy in offensive line early. I’d take two brand new guards round 1 and two. Things are so much easier for the Falcons when Ryan has time.
  2. Can we please stop trying to run the outside zone tonight? We are getting anialated by their front. We have our backup running back, they are missing at least 3 players out of their secondary and all we want to do is run outside zone? Dumb as helI gameplan
  3. When I was at the game in Arlington 2 years ago I asked my cowboys fan friend what the helI a train horn had to do with the cowboys and he didn’t know.
  4. The key to this game is how much Russel Wilson scrambles and how well we can contain him
  5. Ahhhhh I see. I just googled some of this stuff. Now it All makes sense. I live a long ways away and never knew any of that about Atlanta
  6. We don’t need a corner
  7. I just don’t understand what it means? What does a train horn have to do with the falcons? I’ll tell you what though it is loud as f*** in person. God dam
  8. Cute story. Wish he was more concerned with ripping russel wilson’s Head off his shoulders on a sack
  9. Ehhhhhh.... I think we have been better since he has been injured
  10. I would but I don’t have Internet
  11. He wasn’t good. Never was. Idk why people thought Hill was so great. He was basically Kerry Mier
  12. This sounds like a no brained. Needs to go to whatever the most safest helmet is. All players should. I don’t get why you wouldn’t
  13. Turf looked great in person. I agree though on tv it doesn’t look nice to me.
  14. Yes I agree. Wasn’t bad at all in there during the game.