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  1. The head coach literally says it in plain English and people still don’t believe it. Must be one of those famous “conspiracies”
  2. “Issue with the cap” again…. Man that’s weird. Heard from all the experts around here all off season it was fake. Where are these people at now?
  3. Doubtful. I believe Mayfield will have every opportunity to win it by the time the regular season starts.
  4. Kinda feels like a hot fart, but it could be something more. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  5. No. This team isn’t ready to compete with Tampa Bay. We have never beat Brady. The Buccs are the best or 2nd best team in the league. A few levels above us. Everyone just thinks we can beat the Saints all of a sudden because brees is gone. How’d that work out last year when we got beat by Taysom Hill twice? They are still a good team. Panthers aren’t just a gimmie either despite all the homerism. Anything can happen in theory, but I don’t expect it. I see about 7 wins because of the easier schedule. Not what I want, just the reality of the situation. You don’t have to
  6. Well that that sucks. That was money well spent
  7. I had so many people on here running their mouth to me. Just because I said the cap is a mess and the Falcons had to clear space and move on from players. I would comment on people’s off-season that had lists a mile long of people free agents the Falcons would sign. Told them none of that was going to happen. But I was wrong and clueless??? They’d be tagging their little buddies to the post to come to their rescue. Funny how that works. No they all silent. Just “shocked” Julio got traded. Welcome to reality Falcons fans.
  8. I heard all off season money and cap situation was “fake” 🤷🏼‍♂️ where are those people at these days?
  9. “On this team” You can elevate him because the team around him is awful. He is what he is. Fast, above average NFL linebacker. “Dean Pees” again. That’s the new go to around here. Whole new scheme, whole new philosophy. It’s not some magic fix. It takes time. Players acquisitions.
  10. It’s just brutal to watch/listen to. I feel like the coverage of this team is pathetic. Why can’t they stream some more stuff on the website. Like show us the 1 on 1 drills at Training camp or something. Actually I’d pay to watch that. These 30 second clips that we get are worthless. Just really disappointing.
  11. That is true. I’m speaking of my opinion and what I see. I don’t really give a F*** about what PFF says.
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