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  1. Agree. 900 yards 10 TDs Biggest thing to me is helps with short yardage goal to go situations.
  2. Lol, so basically he’s going to have a historic season. MJD should try Earth sometime, He may like it.
  3. Pretty sure we aren’t supposed to be doing anything “hand-in-Hand” these days
  4. I’ve said before IF (he won’t be) Wirfs was there at 16 I would Have no problem taking him. the rest of the draft needs to be defensive heavy.
  5. He’s ok. I’ve seen every game he’s ever played. I wouldn’t mind him late. BUT if we are getting Iowa players in the mid rounds give me Michael Ojemudia at corner. He is also a very good player that I’d be really happy about in the middle rounds. Honestly I’d take them both and not because I’m from Iowa and a Hawkeye fan. I couldn’t care less about that.
  6. No. I wouldn’t. Not this year. Unless someone I really liked fell late in the draft. Too many other holes that we need to fill with draft picks. If you wanted to draft a stud running back (which I did) we shouldn’t have signed Gurley. That is done now. 1 year rental on Gurley. He is going to be what he is. Ride him as long as he can go. ollison and Ito as backups.
  7. Wait.... people actually exist that don’t believe Tom Brady is going to seriously elevate the Succs this year? That’s just blind stupidity
  8. I think it’s Very close. Queen got a lot better at the end of the year. I like them both quite a bit. If I had to make the pick I would go Murray.
  9. Hahaha so exciting
  10. 6 qb’s round 1 top 15 picks? Come on man
  11. Hahahaha good call. My bedroom tv is only a 50in and it’s 14 years old. Maybe I’ll throw that one out so I can just get new bigger one.
  12. People.... Chaisson is not going to freaking be there. You’re dreaming. He will be long gone. Fast athletic pass rushers get way over drafted. only way we are getting him is to trade up. And if we do that I’m throwing my tv out in the street.
  13. I would be not happy. This draft gives us 1 starter. We could do far better than this. So many better players to be had in round 2. Sad part is this is totally something I could see them doing.