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  1. The best thing about this team is Grady Jarrett. Everything else questionable at best
  2. If you haven’t wanted this for the past 2 years idk what to Tell you. Those “momentum building” or as I like to call them pointless wins are for idiots You’re are either in the playoffs with a chance for a Super Bowl or you’re wasting your time
  3. I wanna hear it. I’ve been saying it since week 2
  4. Who knows. That’s why I don’t even look at these boards that often any more. Just not even worth it. I just want to move on from all of this. I want to look forward to watching this team again. Be excited. Falcons football is literally my favorite thing, and it has been nothing but a chore to sit through for 2 and a half years.
  5. I don’t know how some of the people around here get fooled by this charade. what does it take for you to realize none of the coaches we have are good? How many losing seasons we got to have? We win a game or 2 against terrible teams and half of you get a Chub and are willing to go forward with Raheem Morris?!?! Crazy
  6. I said 2 years ago on this very board that takk didn’t seem like he wanted to be here because he was constantly liking dallas Cowboys stuff on social media and people said that didn’t matter. I never wanted takk in the first place. bottom line is he was happy to get money. Then got lazy pretty quick. Put on a little weight. Got *****y. Often hurt. Not overly talented. Basically another horrible use of draft capital by Dimitroff. I’m so glad they’re both gone. And Dairy Quinn. What a joke he was. Hopefully they nail the GM and head coach pick. I still don’t get why
  7. Not for me. I’ll pass. I want a fresh start with a really good offensive mind.
  8. Regardless of the outcome, No I don’t want Raheem Morris coaching this team next season. There, I beat you to it today. 😏
  9. lol, he will never, ever be just a qb coach
  10. You could be right, but I don’t recall that.
  11. That’s who I took in my real time draft I do every year. Wasn’t even a thought
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